Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sorry ah..

Haven't been updatin for quite long. Didn't have the feelin. Goin through a kinda rocky period..

Yup i've tendered from StarHub, my last day were 10th Jan. Its been almost 20days and yet i'm still slackin at home. Can't brin myself to find the next job, keep givin myself silly excuses like 'CNY is comin' and 'still have savins to last me few months' etc. Useless me..

So what have i been doin?

Nothin much. Been stayin home nursin my ulcers. I've been really very heaty nowadays, even pimples came. Perhaps thats part of the reason why i'm stayin home lol. The weather too, i rather stay home than get wet..

Been workin out! Started my 100 pushups and 250 situps per day. Dumb bells too, tryin to get into shape again. May i get back my figure durin poly days *hopefully* ^^"

Nothin much to update i'm still the same old me. New song for you. Its called 好心好报.