Monday, October 30, 2006

I just wanna ask one question..

There are some friends you're eager to meet up. Yet they can tell you they're too busy, its hard to promise?

1 week 7 days.
5 days workin 8 hours.
2 days free.

Is it really that difficult to spare 2 hours for a meal?

I'm really very dissappointed..

I treated them as friends.. Did they?

I told myself..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've given some serious thoughts while workin hard not to fall asleep in office..

The TOP 10 individuals i wanna sing Ktv with right now:

1. 吴小姐! Its so difficult to get you out! =/
2. MissTan! Always wanted to hear her sing!
3. JingWen, but i doubt she can..
4. Nelson, my cousin whom i haven seen for months since he's botak..
5. Alicia, my dear friend, haven seen for months too..
6. Keng, kinda miss the crazy 80+ song list LOL.
7. Janice, wow how long was it since our last K with Nelson?
8. Gelynn, wow even longer since we last sung?
9. Michael, he says he sings like 曹格 -.-"
10. Silvia and co, i promised a treat after her papers. =]

Its really very obvious.. That i really have nothin better to do.. Lol..

Last night was J's birthday..

And we had a crazy time! That included all the cake throwin, eggs smashin, flour pourin, bwahhahahahha! But ya, not forgettin the police chasin, I.C copyin, area cleanin, Zzz..

But what matter most is the birthday girl really enjoyed herself! =D

We actually ambushed @ her workplace in the beginning. Everyone acted to be 'busy' or 'had plans' when she ask some of us out for supper (she didn't jio me though..). So disappointedly someone thought she was going to be alone for the night. But hey when the lift door opened, there was this very nice birthday cake right in front of her! And everyone was singing Happy Birthday haha. The smile of her face at that moment, really unforgetable..

After the surprise we made our way to 1 of the HDB blocks near to her place and started our showdown hehe..

Anyway by the time i reached home it was already 5am. So after i took a bath and bummed around for awhile, off i went for work. Correct, right now 'm typin in the office yawnin away..

What i really need now is a nice warm cup of fragrant aromatic COFFEE..


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Even Xx is headin Melbourne for good..
End of 2007..
Though happy for her..
But why must everyone be leavin me..
I'm typin away in my office right now..

Recently things have been too crazy for me to ignore. Too much to type. And i couldn't be bothered. Just that my mood have been too low for me to do anything. Everything seem so meaningless and pointless till the fact i don't even feel like headin out with my colleauges anymore..

I even bashed up someone badly few days back.. But he truefully deserves it.. For what he had done to my friend..

No matter how much i can remember bout what Charis told me, i still can't make my days happy. I keep tellin people to takecare and cheerup, but i can't even pass my own stage. There's just nothin for me to be happy bout. I felt that i've really let Charis down..

What have happened to me? Because of what happened in the past, have i changed so much? Where was the cheerful me durin poly years? Where was the happy go lucky Alan that used to be surrounded by so many friends? Were all those nothin but illusions?

For every one i have told my past to, other than those 'wow' reactions who mentioned the word 'dramatic', which few can really feel the pain i went through durin the ordeal? Who can really understand the aftermath i have gone through all those years durin my army life? For those whom i told bout me bein a Pes A clerk, how many truely understand the reason behind?

How many in this world truely understood me? MinMin? Jacq? Inin doesn't understood me at all durin our time together, though i was really happy with her. Even mom doesn't understand me well though we've gone through thick and thin for 23years. So who's next?

I'm not broodin over my past..
I'm just sad at the fact..
I've changed so much..
And nobody understands me anymore..
I'm full of moodswings and temper nowadays..
Stay away..

Maybe i'll just stop whinin soon..


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recently uploaded ALOT of photos to my friendster.

Free go take a look lor.

Nan de i will take pics.. haha`


Friday, October 13, 2006

Was @ Woodlands Partyworld with my colleauge Keng.

Non stop 4 hours of singin yellin shoutin rappin laughin wadeva you name it. Imagine 80 over songs in our list within the 1st hour waitin to be sung, and we only managed to clear till 30+ ejectin halfway throughout each and every song. Had a crazy fun time!

Watchin 天国的嫁衣 made me think alot.

1st of all, 王心凌 wasn't as detestable as i had imagined. The role she played really understands other people's heart very well. Obviously such a person doesn't really exist in our world, but yup dramas always make people imagine bout perfect things. "If only...bla bla bla", i'm so sick of hearin it..

2ndly, the love and r/s in this show is kinda common in real life. For eg, 明道 is the perfect guy, treatin 王心凌 as good as you can imagine. However she simply couldn't feel anythin for him, and God knows why she fell in love with the 'Rich Man' (can't be bothered with his name, heard he's a SG model). So end up 明道 kept helpin 王心凌 with her r/s with 'Rich Man', while sufferin all the pain of givin away his own sweet love, alone. And the r/s between 王心凌 and 'Rich Man' is foreva on the rocks..

Doesn't the situation sounds awfully familiar? 99% of you peeps must have friends or whoever sufferin from the same story. If you're under the 1% group then either you're lucky or you're just not that sociable haha..

Anyway enough of the show. I'm startin to get tired of the plot, though i'll love to watch more of 王心凌. She's really damn sweet (her character in the show) and i just can't help but notice her expressions and body languages lol..

你最想沟通的人.. 和你沟通不了..
你最想见的人.. 却见不到..
Its really very disheartenin..


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How will you feel when a good friend cries in front of you?

Will you be shocked, not knowin what to do?

Will you laugh and smile, act like a clown?

Or will you be embarrassed, because everyone's lookin at you two?

For me, its none of the above..

When i saw tears comin down KaiLi's cheeks just now, my heart cracked..

Sometimes, you just have the urge to kill every single bastard livin in this world..

If only God is takin a rest and i'm Alan Almighty, i'll definitely save my poor friend from all these stupid heartbreaks..

Irritating arrogant customers..
Entertainin a friend's temper..
And seein KaiLi's tears..

Yet another stupid day..


Sunday, October 08, 2006

This is one of the nice songs i've been listenin to.

歌手:江美琪 / 光良



眼角的泪 它给过谁
伤透了心 也无所谓

如果说爱 已不可为
那我宁愿 藏心里面



Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a misty and moonless 中秋节..

I can still remember the full moon 2 years ago. Was @ Chinese Garden with inin as it was the holdin Disney theme lantern exhibition. Supposed to bring Ryan (her nephew) along, but ended up with just the two of us. We had already broke up by then, just fulfilling the very last promise we made together..

Yesterday was quite a mess. Supposed to visit Chinese Garden lantern exhibition with YanPing in the evenin, but seems like her new job is full of challenges, she was flooded with OT. Wanted to wait for her after work, at least we can have a peep at the full moon together. But she chose to give up..

As YanPing informed me the night before she couldn't make it for 中秋节, i had decided to join my colleagues for Sentosa. The problem is i was workin till 1am the day before, and i joined Michael for supper and beer and had a great heart chat. By the time i was home it was already 4am plus. As much as i intended to stay awake and meet Jean at 8am, by the time i realised what was going on, the sun was shinin on my butt! When i look at my hp, wow it was 2pm. Apparently i dozed off while sittin on my bed..

Met JiaWen @ PS around 4pm, we agreed to have Haagen Dazs! But to our disappointment there weren't any of its restaurant in town. We went Far East Plaza instead, searchin for this very nice Tinkerbell neckie she mentioned. But again we were disappointed! Walked round and round on the 2nd and 3rd floor enterin each and every accessory shop, there wasn't any Tinkerbell at all..

Junction 8 was our next destination because of this cosy Haagen Dazs restaurant we recalled. We had Fondue! Wonderin what it is? Hmmm let me try to explain.. 3 scoops of coffee, 3 scoops of raspberry, 4 scoops of chocolate, 4 scoops of peanuts, 3 choco love letters, 2 choco cookies, few pieces of cheese cake, lotsa stawberry apple and banana fruits, and a big tub of belgian hot chocolate. SINFUL! Thats the only word i can use to describe..

World Trade Centre is a good show. Though it may not be compared to the exact disaster happened on 9/11 5 years ago, but the story brought on screen was heart wrenchin enough. Imagine only 20 person were dug out throughout the whole ordeal. The rest were lost foreva, remained only in the memories of their love ones..

There was this part of the show i was really deeply touched. When Nicholas Cage was dyin, buried under tons of rubbles, memories of his wife went through his mind. When he was finally rescued from hell, the moment he saw his wife at the hospital, he broke into tears. He told her 1 sentence. ""

It was hazy the whole day. Night was worse, couldn't see a thing in the sky. Even the beautiful full moon went missing. What a great way to spend 中秋节..


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Been listenin to 张信哲's new album.
There are a few songs, 越听越好听.
Below is a song, may not sound superbly nice, but i just feel so attached to the lyrics.

张信哲 - 你应该飞的





Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm down with flu..

How i wish there's someone willin to cook me porridge.. Then i can stay in bed while she attends to my evey need.. Havin her by my side i'll be so happy.. Won't even mind havin flu for many many days..

Wow.. If she cook soup for me.. Even better..

Dreamin away..