Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Haven't been in the pink of health recently..

Especially after the recent Sentosa trip. Did night shift the day before, went to the beach straight and had a whole day of fun. If you think i'm crazy, i went for night shift straight after dinner again! Woohoo imagine 48 hours straight without sleep, and a whole day of sweatin and tannin. I was like coolin down my red hot skin in the aircon office the whole night, dozin off every now and then..

Flu and fever came soon after. As i'm typin right now, i'm coughin in my office still. Last night was pretty miserable, tossed and turned in my bed, feverish and throat itchin the whole night. Didn't sleep well at all..

Took doc's med before i came to work, who knows i'm allergic to the stupid runny nose tablets, and my face swell like a pighead! My eyes became blood shot (as usual) and my face was like so hideous. Apparently i'm scarin everyone @ StarHub Haw Par, i seriously hope they won't recognise who i am..

Hate to be sick. Especially without someone by my side. Hope i'll get well soon, so the activities will come soon again..

I wanna go 4 ma lu pray pray..
Have been down on happiness and luck..


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I hurted someone real bad recently..

P, she's been a very special friend of mine for 6 years. Seein her grow up from a sec school little girl to a mature and pretty undergrad, its a kind of fate that brings us together in the first place. She's kind caring and understanding, the kind of sweet girl who deserves a really nice guy. Not me..

Perhaps i treasure our friendship more than anything else, i broke her heart. We really had a great time together, but i simply couldn't commit. The feelin just isn't right. I have made things clear, and hopefully we'll both stop bein so confused anymore..

There's this girl on my mind..

J, though she aren't the exact reason why i didn't accept my friend, but i have fallen deep for this girl. She didn't really gave me a very good 1st impression, but funny how i find out she's actually the one i seek. We just seem to click emotionally, sharin the same kind of feelin towards things. I can feel it whenever she's down or sad, even if she puts on a smile for disguise..

She's in love with her boy.. Though the guy didn't treat her good, she's still so nice towards him, always givin in.. But i'm very sure there'll be a point when she couldn't take it anymore and burst.. I'm not expectin anything.. But when that day comes.. I wish i have the means to look over her and take care of her.. Dote on her the way she have always yearn for.. Even as a friend..

Seein her happy is enough for me.. I guess..


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Went to The Picturehouse today!

Met up with Phyllis after work, had a stroll around and shared some hotdog and nachos before we headed for 龙虎门..

Other than a typical plot, borin draggy scenes, unsatisfactory ending, its not that bad? Its rather funny sometimes, and omgosh they have nice handphones! Kinda touching when the (sexy) lady died in place of Donnie Yen and he's lying there helplessly looking at her. The floor breaking apart and falling into the water part is very silly though..

What amused me most bout this show is Nicholas doing a ankle smash w/o stuntman! Oh my was rather amazed he's so flexible. The fighting at the beginning were great, my blood boiling watching the moves. Donnie Yen too! I love his moves since a long time ago la =D

There were also some sudden scenes la. Phyllis was excited at 1 of the scenes, she hit me instinctly in my tummy. Good reaction huh..

The ending.. Speechless.. Last boss just die like that.. And abit sian Nicholas and Shawn abit extra.. And Donnie single-handledly finish off the boss.. I accidently laughed out when he mentioned the skill Donnie used was 降龙十八掌.. can't they be more creative..

After the show we went to shop abit. Bought this Adidas black polo tee for 45 bucks. Not sure to be happy or to regret. Mixed feelings. I kinda like it. She mentioned i look nice on it too. Oh well..

Goner do some OT tomorrow 0800-2300. Aug 9th goner be double pay too. Hope i'll get almost 5k paycheck on my next payday. Weeeee..


Friday, August 04, 2006

Sorry bout the lack of entries recently..

Have been busy with work and flu. Seems like my body is breakin down soon with the frequent changes of workin shifts. Oh my am i really gettin old? Used to be countless sleepless nights before i can really feel the kick, and nowadays its like half a day and i'm damn dozin off already? Oh gosh..

Bein down with flu brings back lotsa memories. How someone will insanely rush back to my place in the middle of school and show me that worried face. How she will change wet towels for me and stayed with me the whole day. Same when she was down with fever and insisted on comin to my place, ended up changin wet towels for her the whole night through till i dozed off. Those are my wonderful memories for keepin.. =]

Realised there isn't anyone who will be worried anymore.. Needless to say changin wet towels..

Have not been in the best of moods. No particular reason, just feelin down. Yeah, the moody quiet me is back. Back to my old cosy shell once again..