Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, its the time of the year again. X'mas went past in a snap, 31st followin suit, and CNY will soon drop by. A season of festivals, and lesser work. Not a really great piece of news, especially after spendin bombs on presents and when the miserable pay is not sufficient to recoup. Worse if you have no basic salary like me..

But guess if i can't win them, i'll join them =P

Christmas Eve wasn't that bad. It wasn't way fun either. Just a little gathering with 4 'hard to meet up' pals playin mahjong and havin pizzas. After all, Calvin spent most of his time in aussie and we're all really glad to have him back once in awhile. Only drawback was me winnin only 50 cents. 50 CENTS! What a waste of effort, but it definitely beats losin ahahah!

Went home before the countdown, got stuck in the rain so i spent my evenin at SunPlaza instead. Other than gettin stared at for killin time in the arcade, its also surprisingly crowded for such a place when 12MN was drawin near. Apparently some couples actually prefer shootin their 25th Dec away? Contradictin for me, since i was out to avoid all crowds..

Was busy clearin smses from my dear pals after gettin home, while watchin some new movies i grabbed from Bryan. Before i knew it, the countdown was over. A few noisy calls with loud background, 'HOHOHO-in' and 'MERRY X'MAS' away, thats how Christmas fell in place..

Nothin spectacular, but i'm pleased its yet another year end. Did some decent soul searchin, am glad with the past events throughout the year. Accomplished 50% of my plans for 2008, nothin regrettable, i had a good time. Extremely contented to have met Ray, Jeff, and a few other pals i've missed out over the years. Fate has a way of playin its hands =]

2009 will be full of tides,
Things are gonna be rough,
Time to prepare my resolutions for the next 365days.

May all you beloved souls and your love ones had a memorable 2008. Times are harsh, with the global economy fallin like a slide. But that only illustrates the added need for us to brace ourselves and be resilient against the crunch. Let us all surf more bravely and united against the waves, and pave way for a better, wonderful 2009..

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


Friday, December 19, 2008

19th December 2008.

This is the date my cute little niece arrive to the world.
Her presence today has already brought so much smiles to each of us.
I believe she will grow up to be a wonderful lady thats gonna make a difference.

Beloved biao jie and biao jie fu, congrats!

How many of you read self-enrichment books? I have seen friends and strangers alike indulgin themselves with such collection of stories from successful people highlightin their career highs and lows. It is truly intriguing to learn how they manage themselves in different scenarios and what habits they practised. Personally i have scanned through quite a few along the years. Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki (if he counts), Farrah Gray (latest addition), and my most respected MM Lee KY. You name them.

But i realised most people have a big misunderstandin between self-enrichment and self-cultivation.

I remember my legendary basketball idol once said:
"I have missed more than nine thousand shots in my career. I have lost almost three hundred games. On twenty-six occasions, I have been entrusted to take the game-winnin shots, and i missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And thats precisely why, i succeed."

A true inspirin speech from Michael Jordan, but not the main essence i wanted to underline.

How many of you enjoys watchin and learnin someone else's shots? You take great pain analysin every angle, goin in awe whenever they throw a basket. But the funny part is, why aren't you practisin?

There is yet another sayin from the famous Bruce Lee:
"Knowin is not enough, you need to apply it. Willin is not enough, you need to do it."

So i prompt to all who enjoys self-enrichment.
Don't just read, put the wise words to good use.
Practisin is the key.

Believe me, self-cultivation is the route i've been walkin. I have yet master every single aspect nor apply all the knowledge thats kept in my brain nor am successful enough to be convincin. But the fact i have achieved some minor results that not all could, have shown myself of the improvements i had made. I will continue to explore the very gist that shall contribute to a change in my life.

Ahaha, enough of dreary talks!

Was watchin 星光大道. I had a favorite for each season i saw. S1 was 林侑嘉, s2 was 赖铭伟. After watchin s3 today, undoubtly the person who caught my heart is 徐佳萤!

Not only is she sweeet lookin and talented in song writin, her personality really caught me off the hook. Her funny dance moves gave me a fun time too. And i find it really sweeet watchin the below clip..

They had composed a duet together earlier in the competition, perhaps that was when 李伯恩 fell in love with her. Well, if i was him, i'll fall in love too i guess. Ahaha!

X'mas drawin nearer!
But i'm well prepared!
At least the gifts are =P


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.
Your playin small does not serve the world.
There is nothin enlightened about shrinkin so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Written by Marianne Williamson back in 1992.

I'm no devoted follower of God,
But those words are true.
Who are we not to be?


Saturday, December 13, 2008

It was over the papers for days.

Today, i finally set eyes on the original video itself. Its leadin cast, Mr Craig Ewert, has brought much commotion in his homeland. Its content documented the travel of the Motor Neurone disease sufferer from Britian to Switzerland, and moments of him and his lovin wife..

Before he completes his life journey via assisted suicide.

"If i go through with it and i die, which i must at some point. If i don't go through with it, my choice is essentially to suffer, and to inflict sufferin on my family, and then die.."

It really breaks my heart seein the old couple confessin their love for one last time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You can spend your whole life building,
Something from nothing.
One storm can come and blow it all away,
Build it anyway.

You can chase a dream,
That seems so out of reach.
And you know it might not ever come your way,
Dream it anyway.

Nice song isn't it?

Mr R got my head spinnin really hard today. Brought me 2 scenarios, and i took the whole car trip to come up with decisions. But we ended up havin totally opposite solutions, which made me seriously doubt if mine is the best way..

Lets seee what kind of answers you peeps will harbour?

Scenario A
A friend recently confessed to you. This person has almost all the quality you look for in a perfect partner. You are currently single, and you know the future will be really blissful should you two get together. But this friend of yours, is actually attached, but is tired of the current partner..

What will you do?

Scenario B
You have been attached with your partner for years. Your partner still loves you deeply, but you are gradually feelin the pinch. No longer were you in love, merely spendin each passin day out of responsibility. One day, this friend you have been on close terms with, confessed. This person is someone you will want to be with if you are single..

What will you do again?

On second thought, i am absolutely ashamed of my own answers right now. Mr R showed me calibre of what a gentleman should really possess. Though traditional, it was those conservative thinkin period that true love ever exist. These days youngsters ditch each other too easily. For fun, for fame, for money..

I have clearly seen how selfish i really was in love.
Only considerate towards my own future.
Feelin the guilt..

Ought to change.

Well, its time for magic shows again!
Cyril is truly amazin!

This is a must watch!

He's changin everythin again..

Cyril on ice!

I think this is his trademark move..

One day i gonna learn all these neat tricks.
One day =P


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I have been so busy!

Pardon my lack of updates (if you are a frequent reader), time hasn't been merciful on me of late. Other than slackin workin on my job in the day, i have been busy with cousys and pals. For those who have been wonderin bout my job scope these days, it's really simple..


Yet it is rather different from most sales positions, for i command no basic pay. So how do i earn? Commission is not exactly the correct term in this case, i prefer the word Profit Sharin..

For example, i approached Company A.

Obviously Miraculously, they do require products we are offerin. In this case, they are interested in Product X, which Supplier B sells us at S$0.30 per piece. What i will do is, mark up the price to S$0.40 per piece, and sells back to Company A!

The usual quantity is at least a few thousand pieces per transaction,
So do the maths yourself?
Nevertheless, this is just an example.

Sad to say, i am not earnin much yet. Due to my laziness inexperiences, my 1st step is rather slow and unsteady. However, every new faces i get to meet will definitely boost my expenses confidence, and i will pick up the trade without a choice eventually..

Enough of career talk, lets proceed to magic shows! Gosh, i've been so hooked to cyril these days xD

Cyril changed clothes in split seconds -.-"

HE CHANGED HIS FOOD!! (the lady is sweeet *shy*)

Even at golfin..

Will post the rest up another day.

Xmas is comin soon, don't forget the presents guys? Most importantly, have a really great December!! (i'm lovin this month already)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Right or Wrong?

How many ultra billion times have we heard or been asked the above. It appears that every human being has its own definition of whats good and whats bad. But seriously, who is to judge?

For example, a r.s turned sour.

From the gf's side of the story, the bf treated her badly, and she is considerin a break up. This new guy came into the picture, treated her very well, and she kinda grew affections for him..

Is she right?

From the bf's side of the story, the gf did nothin to spice up the r.s, only grumbled at how borin he is. But she failed to notice how deep his love for her is, and am willin to sacrifise everythin for her. When he heard of this new guy, his heart tored into a million pieces..

Is he wrong?

In such situations, we as humans usually take side with one of them, and loath at the other party. That is due to our own definition of right or wrong. For eg, Mr A may be hurt in a r.s far too many times, and may think that breakin up for another guy is dead WRONG. But on the other hand, Miss B may perhaps regret missin the chance of bein with another guy and carried on with life with her current uncarin bf, and feel that fightin for her own happiness is RIGHT..

So, whats my take?

I think, we really shouldn't jump to conclusions. In fact, to me, there are NO right or wrong. Like i said again, who is to judge? Only a person who failed to understand another person's point of view, will take side. Unfortunately, this is what happened to most of us..

Do not misunderstand.

Acceptin a person's point of view doesn't necessary mean we should view at the same angle. It only meant that i understand his/her reasons and situation, but my reason still stand. You see, everyone has their reasons for havin their point of views. In a way, everyone is not wrong..

One ought to learn to be open and be able to think in other's shoe, thus learnin the ability to accept other people's views. Instead of rejectin their thoughts, which usually end up in conflicts and quarrels..

Seriously, i don't even know if i'm makin sense to you till now.

But either way, the above is just a theory that will never be able to put into practise. No one in this world is patient enough, carin enough, generous enough, to accept everyone else..

Conclusion, to you, i may just be typin a whole chunck of rubbish.

But yaa, do open up and spare a thought for others more often.
Think in their shoe.
You will find acceptin way much easier.

Anyway, more duper smart animals!

And this is really a KICK ASS magic trick..


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How true is fortune tellin?

Tried a few times with some 'masters'. Heard the good, the bad, and the really lame and funnies. Even got molested by a gay once. Apparently none turned out to hold the answers i seek..

Today, i met a 88 years old gramps with character. Not only was he humorous in his hokkien style, he also has the charm and wasn't afraid of offendin his visitors. I could see the respect in all my aunt's eyes. Personally, i was in awe too. Not only because this shifu is stayin in 2 x detached houses combined..

His predictions and fortune tellin are accurate.

The stuff he mentioned bout my biao jie fu, biao mei and biao di are really true. Will not go into details, but as my 1st time visitin him, he did give me a really deep impression. After leavin the place, my aunts told me they have been visitin him since ages ago. He predicted my fav uncle to pass away before a certain date, and it actually happened. All these years, my aunts have been rather loyal to his fortune tellin, and i believe there is bound to be a reason..

I personally enquired regardin my career. Well, lets just say i hope the prediction will come true. Ofcos, the baseline of success is still definitely hardwork. I will look forward to the future, 2010..

Let me continue with the vids again.

I love magic tricks too!

Thats all folks!

Hope my cousy Nelson, Jasmine and Xinni had a fun time at hk!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today, my mom made an important decision.
She finally decided to divorce my father.

Don't be surprise. One will usually advice not to break up the family, especially since the marriage had already been almost 35 years. But the fact all of us actually support the idea shows how incorrigible he actually is..

Now i'll have to work hard for a house mommy and i can stay together after the seperation..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With great power, comes great responsibility.
So, where is my power?

I recalled when i was still a CSO in StarHub. Workin with really great friends everyday, ktv and supper trips every other night. Carefree. Stressless. Happy. Those were the days. Now everythin seems so strangly unfamiliar..

The day i was told my bro got into deep debts, it was never the same again.

Apparently, i gave the situation a very thorough thought. I tendered my resignation soon after. Assumin that he can't solve his problem in near future(which he still hasn't), takin care of my father and mom (and maybe him) will solely be my responsibility..

Things got worse after he got married.

It was a joyous occasion, for many. I am happy for him too, that they were finally able to settle down, that my sis-in-law is willin to stay by his side even though he is in deep shit. But, i still strongly believe that if a man is incapable, he shouldn't drag someone else in. How can a person ever let his love ones suffer with him..

It was a wake up call for me.

After accessin the situation, i knew i won't be gettin anywhere with a salary. Yet, businesses were still rather foreign to me back then. I was unsure of the first step, nor do i have the funds and ideas to initiate. Thus, when opportunity came knockin at my door, i accepted the OCBC job offer my cousy recommended. It was a chance to earn my capital..

Months passed and i managed to collect a sum. When things got worse at my department, i left again, seekin other routes. I was with my 3rd ex gf then, but she wasn't really supportive, rather i took up a job instead. She didn't really understand the stress i was in, i was actually prepared to let her go should i eventually fail. Then, it was like heaven had plans for me. I went for army reservist, and met Ray again..

Ray and i actually went different units after our vocation trainin durin army. We were rather nice friends, until days passed and we didn't hear from each other anymore. Meetin him years later was quite a comfort. He became a really nice gentleman, a carin friend, and a smart businessman. It was then plans of our steamboat cafe were born..

Though it was closed down months into business, at least we tried. Bein my virgin business, i was really sad to let it go, especially when it was doomed by stupid legal problems. I still have customers ringin my mobile for reservations these days. But, it was the closure of the shop that i came to learn, everythin happens for a reason. Now, i'm with Ray in his packagin business, and may be venturin into another area soon..

All these while i gave up the idea of bein a salaryman, 3k will never be sufficient for the family, even if i am prepared not to get married in future. Venturin whole heartedly into businesses, all for the sake of the 3 of them. It begun with me not havin a choice, but i'm glad i made the decision. I get to learn many trades. I get to see more of the world..

Although i am still very slack in kick startin my performances, i believe this is more or less the route i will follow till the end. I will never give up, and shall ever seek motivation in improvin my life. Not forgettin repayin Ray for his teachin and care. For always bein there for me..

Lets pray my new possible venture may shed light.

Enough of career talk, ahaha. Ever watched 舞林大道? I didn't think it was nice, until i saw these 2 dances. Really creative! The little kid in the second clip is really good too. Enjoy!

Had a nice talk with my biao di just now. Somehow, we are facin a similar problem. The responsibilities of takin care of our families, had fallen on our shoulders..


Friday, November 07, 2008

I had never been disappointed as much.

It ended really badly, entirely different from the future i thought i could foresee. Things turned so out of hand, i actually regretted gettin into a r.s for the first time. It shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have met her too..

My 3rd ex girlfriend.

When we first crossed path in May last year, she didn't give me a really deep impression. Didn't notice her existence at all, until the moment i heard her laugh. And believe me, it is LAUGH OUT LOUD literally. I can hear her so clearly way across the office..

Even after knowin she has a 5yo son, i fell in love. We got together a month later, and workin became so much happier. She loved me alot back then, even after i quitted the job months later. Everythin was really smooth and blissful, until the day i had family problems again..

I moved in to stay with her afterwards.

But instead of feelin joyous like newly wed couples, she didn't welcome me with love. Stayin under her roof, she made me felt like a refugee. In fact, i have a few other places to go back then, but i wanted to wake up and see her each mornin. A really bad mistake..

It was stayin together that revealed her true self. Gone was the image of her bein independent, she didn't even take care of the house nor her son well. When i first stepped in, the house was exactly like a dump, everythin was everywhere. And her son only came to stay when she's not tired. Ended up i'm the one cleanin up the place, cookin dinner, teachin the kid spellin..

I'm not sayin she's at fault for those.
She is who she is.
Just not the kind of wife i'll love to live with..

Months later, i actually got used to it. But somehow, she became busier each night. From a person with totally no friends, she started hangin out with her classmates. It was supposed to be good, since i had always advised her to befriend more people and not to be alone. But it became the same reason that doomed our r.s..

Soon, i caught her two timin me.

My heart shattered. I cried that night. Packed up my stuff and i moved home. That night, i vowed never to bother bout her again. The next day, she called. I moved back with her once more..

But it wasn't long before i caught her again.

That was the last straw. That day i moved into my steamboat cafe, before headin back home again after the shop was winded up due to legal issues. Till today, i have no idea how she is doin, and i'm totally not interested. Never was i so disappointed before. Never had i ever regretted so much. It was really rubbish..

13 months of my feelins, wasted, just like that.

A song to end this stupid post.
五月天 - 超人


Monday, November 03, 2008

Life is a travel.

When you think everythin is set in your favor, Fate puts many curves in your path. You halt and hesitate at every corner, just as the goin gets rough. Even one small twist can bring an entirely different place, or reduce the journey by half..

But at least you get to choose each turn as a consolation, and that determines your destination.

I believe everyone has their own destiny. For my passed-away grandpa, it is grandma. For my useless father, it is my beloved mom. As for me, it will definitely be somebody. I will cry for her, laugh for her, live for her. And in a hundred years, i will lay next to her, till the end of time..

I dunno who yet,
But yaa,

I love watchin or readin sad stories. They always remind me how fragile life can be, or how simple and easy love actually is. And perhaps thats how i have grown to appreciate my past and life..

Let me share with you 3 really meaningful thai commercials.

My Girl

Marry Me


Are you sheddin a tear yet?

They say in the center of a typhoon, there's no rain or wind, only tranquility. I say in the centre of my universe, there will be no regrets or hurt, only love..


Friday, October 31, 2008

Sittin right here in my room, lookin around.

I saw this hand print she left on the wall. The shirts she picked still hangin in my closet, same goes for those boxers she bought. Starrin at the very bed she once slept so innocently on, i still can't accept the fact 3 months have already passed. Time is really merciless..

Nah, i'm not missin her. Just amused at the fact i once assumed she loved me more than anyone else. A year and months ago, i could have easily given my best to someone else. Just because i thought she and her son needed me more..

I'm not regrettin.
I stepped in and gave my best.
I loved her more than anyone else..

But guess thats not enough after all.

Today, i had ktv with Ray. It was fun tryin many new songs with him. Sang a few really emo ones too, and got my thoughts spinnin. Let me share a few..

吳克群 - 不屑紀念
(不屑 kinda means 'bui gian' in hokkien)

范逸臣 - 忘了爱
(the lyrics totally sang what i've once been through..)

施文斌 - 忘不了
(i can still rem the 1st breakup 5 years ago..)

My heart seems to beat weaker with each passin day.

The thought of fallin deeply is becomin really foreign. It frightens more than it incites me these days. Years after years, time after time, my heart broken into billion pieces. Have i grown afraid of love?

I really should, lookin at how most people abuse and mistreat it nowadays.

I mean, what is the chance of meetin someone who still believes in givin her very best, for better or for worse, in sickness or in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, till death do us part?

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return."

Fate hasn't came knockin at my doorsteps yet,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats with horror movies?

I have absolutely no idea why people around me dig such thrills. 8 bucks for a 2 hours session of high blood pressure and scare-the-shit-out-of-myself thoughts, is it really worth? Not forgettin the usual crappy plot we see at the end of the story. And the aftermath of watchin friends not darin to go toilet or take the lift alone is really lolable..

Why people like to see gore and ghost so much? Wait till they experienced things themselves, they won't enjoy it anymore..

If you truly are a horror fan,
I dare you to visit this site.
At least survive the photograph session yaa?

A peek at a few shows i enjoyed.

P.S. I Love You

A Walk To Remember

Landen : Exactly, its like you're readin my mind!
Jamie : Great, erm, maybe you could read mine? -.-"


The Family Man

Second chances.

What if everyone gets to have a glimpse too? What if i get to have a glimpse? Its not like i'm not enjoyin every moment of my current life, but there were just so many choices. Phew, i really can't imagine..

I wish i can go back to the day i did the most wrong in my entire 25 years of bein alive.

May my dearest cousys Jessie, Jasmine, Jocelyn and Nelson get well sooon.
May Ray do way better than what he had already achieved.
May YongTang has a safetrip back from Vietnam in 4 days' time.
May Alicia and us have so much fun with ktv this comin thurs.
May Jingwen be well and healthy from her work.
May every single one of you, my dearest pals who have accompanied me through days of fun and misery, be well, and definitely HAPPY.
May more truth and meaning be shown in my life.



Friday, October 24, 2008











Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have you ever felt this miserable?

Lyin on your bed, your head ticks away. Body sweats, but nose can't help sneezin. You wanna talk, but no voice nor breath to do so. You are hungry, but climbin out of bed is the last thing you wish to do. Worst of all, you pray there is someone beside to care for you, to touch your forehead and say "Everythin will be alright". But when you look around, you see no one else..

That was me, yesterday.

But i managed to get out of bed just now, to make a delivery. Head still hurts, nose still blocked, throat still sore, but i guess things are alot better right now. Can't always rely on friends for help, though i know Ray will 100% settle the delivery for me if i say i'm unwell. Rather die halfway there than troublin him anymore..

Am startin to feel effects from the economy downturn.

It is very obvious some major companies disappeared from sg. Those big clients either closed down or moved out of the island. Since i have not put 100% effort into the company, i am not feelin the pinch yet. But with lesser demands and slower trade goin around the world, it will soon boil down from retail to supplier, manufacturer, and even raw materials..

The almost 40k lost from the cafe cannot come at a worse time for Ray and i.

But i came to believe everythin happens for a reason. One incident links to another, this is how life unfolds. With decisions, we determine and alter our life. We control our future..

We write our own life story.

Somethin to share from Laosu.
Somethin touchin, and somewhat incredible.
Somethin that tells me, life can be so much more wonderful..

I was already very amazed she can play the piano when she's only 5yo, and BLIND. But when i hear her sing at the very last part while playin, i can't help but feel a shiver down my spine. Tears almost came, a sudden surge of sadness..

Here's another clip of her, with Connie Talbot, the child prodigy from American Idol.

Watchin them, i can't help but feel the future is alot brighter..

I had a dream that night after Starbucks,
Woke up smilin.
No matter will it be my future or remain a dream,
I'll seriously work towards it.

I think i have just found my direction.

I really love Utada's Sakura Drops,
Can't help bitchin bout it again,
Since its literally singin out my thoughts..

"Doushite onaji you na panchi nando mo kuracchaun da"
Why have i suffered, the same blows such countless times?

"Sore demo mata tatakaun darou"
But even so, i'll probably fight again?

Especially this chorus part.

"Koi wo shite"
Fallin in Love,

"Subete sasage"
Givin it my everythin,

"Negau koto wa kore ga sagoi no HEARTBREAK"
Wishin this is the last HEARTBREAK..


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its the rainy season again.

Sittin at Starbucks, watchin umbrellas sway in motion. Under each privacy for two, their faces reveal beautiful smiles. Against the loud droplets they whisper, utterin nothin but happiness i believe..

Its the season for love as well.

It must be the exam period too. Packed with books and lecture notes, everybody's muggin. Seems like i'm the only stress-less soul around. Must be a really weird culture, for students to flood the chains seekin a socket for their laptops. Doubt you'll see this scene anywhere else..

Time flies, Xmas drawin near.
Its gonna be fun this year.
Cause i'm single..

I remember grillin chicken chop and fryin chips for her last year. My 3rd ex, she had the pleasure of my cookin. Didn't feel she enjoyed though, no words of appreciation were muttered. Only commented the sauce was too salty..

I should try bakin a whole chicken this year, for someone else.

Have i already revealed how much i love Utada Hikaru's songs? Let me bitch more ahaha. I fell in love with hikki when i was only 16. Her lyrics and music accompanied me through the years, both ups and downs. She is indispensible from my life..

Let me share a few favorite songs.

Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro
(as usual, i'm really impressed with her lyrics)

Sakura Drops
(and her live singin can be so mesmerisin)

(she looks so sweeet when she's givin in her best)

First Love
(and the best song a 15yo can ever write)

If i'm ever given a wish from a genie,
Forget the riches and the fame,
I just wanna befriend her..


The flu is killin me nowadays. Sneezin away in the middle of Starbucks, with many pairs of eyes set upon me. I should make a move soon, head for a really hot and heart warmin dinner. May the flu be gone soon..


Friday, October 17, 2008

Does your heart still goes 'doki-doki'?

How long has it been,
Since you had this sizzlin hot fever?
Do your heart still skip a beat,
Face to face with the person you love?

Still remember?
The blush, when both 1st held hands.
The comfy, durin the 1st hug.
The nervousness, with the 1st kiss.
The love, on the 1st night..

For couples, its so important to find back the feelin of 'fallin in love' again, ya know?

How often have i heard words like,
'No more feelins'
'Our love died'
'There is no meanin anymore'

How many couples ended up strangers like that,
Such tragic..

Heart your SO once more,
Shower them a little more love?
It doesn't harm givin them a little kiss,
And whisperin 'I Love You' straight from your heart..

At least do your part, ya know?
One day, they'll appreciate.
Even if its too late..

Chanced upon the song playin now on this blog, 心跳.
Reminded me of the above post i wrote on flowerpod.

Laosu asked some questions recently,
And i'm still thinkin of an exact answer.
But generally i guess it is when we think of them,
Yet our hearts no longer harbour any sadness,
Especially after listenin to the 3 songs below..

They are my all time favorite, X-Japan.

Endless Rain

Forever Love


I pray i can meet someone i'll go so crazily over with,
I think i'm ready for love once more.
I hope she'll confess to me how madly she hearts me too,
Someone i'll be so willin to die for..


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What kind of shows catch your eyes?

Its no secret what my favorites are. Pals who are close know i have a sick fetish. I totally dig sad stories. Best if its duper tears jerkin..

Tonight, let me intro a few.

01 - 1 Litre of Tears

Just like the title suggest, a drama with lotsa cryin. This happy school girl, Aya, was leadin such a beautiful life. Until one day, illness struck. Imagine the day you realised that you'll slowly not bein able to walk with ease, not bein able to talk properly, not bein able to move, in just a few years time? Until the day you die? Can you actually feel the pain and helplessness she felt..

This show is really meaningful and it teaches alot bout life.
It is a must watch.
Especially when it is a true life story..

02 - Cryin Out Love in the Center of the World

"No temperature.."
"No weight.."
"Ashes that will be blown with the slightest wind.."
"This is, Aki.."
"Someone I have ever ever loved....."

That is the drama version.
Need me to explain more?
The short 57 seconds showed everythin.

Below will be the movie verion.

Hmmm, time for some korean ones too.
I personally dread their draggy dramas.
But if they can pack the whole idea into 2hrs, why not? xD

03 - Windstruck

I still remember catchin this movie with Inin. I didn't even know whats the synopsis like before watchin, but it turned out to be my all time favorite. We hugged endlessly after the show, you bet we cherished and loved each other so much more..

It is still by far the sweetest and saddest korean movie i ever saw.
None came close, except..

04 - A Moment to Remember

I believe the trailer explained everythin.

Hmmm, you love animals?
I seriously do.
Especially doggies..

05 - 10 Promises to My Dog

Love your dog.
10 years may just be a fraction of our time.
But, they loved and cared for us their whole life..

I have a really bad habit.

I love puttin myself in other's shoes, to feel the way they felt, to imagine the pain they went through. Yes, you bet i teared loads. I'm not ashamed to admit my face was never dry watchin all the 5 shows above..

Thats all for tonight.
Will share more next time.
Hope you peeps will enjoy.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Heard of Jay's latest album?

Let me share this particular song that really caught me.
(Not sure if this is the actual mtv)

周杰伦 - 说好的幸福呢

As we know, Jay has too many meaningful songs.
I personally have a favorite.
And that is..

周杰伦 - 黑色幽默

A short post today.
I promise the next will be really nice.
Since it will be bout my favorite (emo) movies..


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seriously, what is love?

This has been the 83953923th time i've actually asked myself. Ever since i first bled for it ages ago, the counter has been tickin. But never once i had a confident answer..

It always changes after each long chapter.

In the past, i used to think i am a lucky chap. Met some really wonderful girls, and each always so happy and smiley with me. But i was young, i was inmature. I drew blood from the very entity they called 'love'. Until the day i saw Min, until she taught me whats tears and pain..

Love is bout how much both wanted each other.

Thats what i thought. But i soon learnt the fact that no matter how much both can love one another, things may still end. My heart went dead..

Meetin Inin years later gave me hope. She showed me life can be so warm again. Then i thought, she was everythin i wanted. I still think i'm right, she is. A sweeet girl i can be at ease with, so natural, so happy. We spent everyday together, we had no conflicts in opinions, we kept no secrets..

Love is bout findin the right person.

But again, theory proven wrong. Her ex came, and she loved both of us. Ended up me givin up for her happiness. So much bout havin the right person..

When i met the 3rd (she dreads me tellin people our story), i seriously loved her loads. I cared for her, i pampered her, i spoilt her. Did so much crap i never thought i would, more than anyone else in my life. Cos i was already so tired, so sick of endin and startin again. I thought i can keep the love alive. I thought..

Love is bout lovin and acceptin the way she is.

Even her 5yo son. Haha, needless to say, turned out to be the ugliest r.s i ever had. It became my biggest regret. Hate myself for bein silly and givin in all the time. Ended up me lovin her son more than she loved me..

2 months ago, i actually met the 4th. Rena, a really sweeet, fun lovin girl. We fell in love in the funniest way. We had similarities, and most importantly, we know what each other is thinkin..

Love is bout havin someone who understands you.

How did it end? Its just a few entries back, take a peep if you would. Status differences, which includes different lifestyle and habits. We're like the richest girl with the poorest guy, got together at the wrong timin too..

So seriously, what exactly is love?

Prior to the post regardin 吴小姐 sayin "aiyo...u chg gf like chg underwear lor", does it still seem the same? I DO NOT FALL IN LOVE EASILY. So wheneva other acquintances who told me that after seein/hearin things on the surface, i'll usually ask them to eat shit and die. Ok, maybe not. But not as though they understand me at all..

As for 吴小姐, she's an important friend of 8 years.
But apparently we were busy in our life..

Feelins play a major role for me. In fact, it is all that counts. Its not like all my ex gfs were drop dead gorgeous. They're just like everyone else. Min was plump, Inin looked sweeet though, 3rd bagged with makeup, and Rena like a school girl, with class. I even had a crush on someone years older, who is short and plump, an ex-colleague. Just tryin to prove my point..

Maybe some people will start tellin me,
"Don't think too much, wait till it comes!"

But so what? Imagine the day when feelins really strike. Do i even have the confidence again? Will she be the right person? Will we last?

Or, will she even love me..?

Jewel - Foolish Games

A song to end this emo post.

You took your coat off and stood in the rain
You were always crazy like that
I watched from my window
Always felt I was outside looking in on you
You were always the mysterious one with dark eyes and careless hair
You were fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care
Then you stood in my doorway, with nothing to say
Besides some comment on the weather
Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see
This is my heart bleeding before you, this is me down on my knees
These foolish games are tearing me apart
Your thoughtless words are breaking my heart
You're breaking my heart
You were always brilliant in morning
Smoking your cigarettes and talking over coffee
You philosophies on art, Baroque moved you
You loved Mozart and you'd speak of your loved ones
As I clumsily strummed my guitar
Excuse me, think I've mistaken you for somebody else
Somebody who gave a damn, somebody more like myself
These foolish games are tearing me apart
You're tearing me, tearing me, tearing me apart
Your thoughtless words are breaking my heart
You're breaking my heart
You took off your coat and stood in the rain
You were always crazy like that


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its been drizzlin these days..

Do you love it? You can't head out without gettin wet, be it your hair, your face, or your shoe. You can't jog, can't swim, nor can you play ball too. But hey, i love rain. Lookin out of the window, at the tiny droplets comin down from the sky, it gives me peace. Starin at people runnin across the streets tryin to avoid gettin wet, always makes me smile. When we were kids we even played in the rain, but i guess not kids these days..

But i love rain the most, is because when the droplets come and your face gets wet, it doesn't matter if you're sad. You can cry all you want, tears and rain, they look the same..

Who knows,
There may be this day,
You'll see me walkin in the rain again.

When i 1st saw 孙燕姿, it was durin poly year 1, when she was havin a autography session at bukit panjang plaza for her 1st album. That day, her singin captivated me. I was so surprised realisin she is a local much later. Till this day, i still love listenin to her songs..


And my fav of all, 眼泪成诗.

I took back basketball lately. God knows how crazy i was with it durin the school days! Practicin as early as 7am, till class started at 12pm, and playin with friends afterwards till lights off. All the night games durin poly years too, with PeiLai and QiWei etc. Gosh, how much i've missed those days..

But no matter how much i played, i'm still 172 since sec 2.

Been playin much recently, gettin back the feel i used to have. But neither am i as fast nor jump as high, guess my belly plays a big part ahaha. Even sprained my left 1st finger and pinkie, and they have yet to recover after so long. Argh, i'm feelin the age..

Time to show some kick ass actions!

Cool aren't they xD

Enough for today.
Shall pen more emo shit next time.
Let me end with a nice piano piece introduced by Sarally.

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Like the current song in my blog?

I can't help but repeatin it. Many thanks to my cousy Min-Gal for sendin me, its her 23rd bday yest! Same goes for Nel, 23rd today, who always get teased for comin out a day later. May them find meaningful paths down their life yaa. They are a pair of beloved cousys always..

I've been dreamin quite alot recently.

There were 3 parts of it last night. First of all, i dreamt of 2 poly friends HuiLing and JiaRui, bout them gettin ROM on the same day. Quite funny because the date is weird, and i'm not really on great terms with JiaRui already, even though we used to be buddies. Its rather disappointin how things turned out to be..

I was joggin down ECP with a beautiful doggie named Shawnie too! Maybe i'll really name my 1st doggie with the same name in future. That'll be so funny..

The weirdest of all, i was carryin two babies. They are my sons. Whats funny is i have no intention of gettin married in real life at all? Anyway there was this scene i let my aunt carry one of them, and he kept cryin. Then i rem sayin "乖, 让婆婆抱.."

I still can't figure out what it means.

I've been slackin pretty much recently. Met alot of new friends, been to alot of great places. Ever tried dinin at a outskirt of a airport, watchin both private planes and flies flyin all over the place? Well, we tried the buffalo wings there at only level two and it was already damn spicy. To think i could actually take chilli well? Imagine they offer up to level thirty..

Its called the Sunset Grill and Bar if i'm not wrong, near Seletar Airport. Try googlin bout it, should have info. No photos to show, unfortunately =]

Let me share some songs i've been learnin to sing lately.

动力火车 - 第二次分手

蕭敬騰 - 原諒我

Last but not least, a song introduced by 吴小姐.
光良 - 右手边

Havin the cravin for cyclin and singin these days!
Will be meetin Kaili this fri for ktv xD
Yet another nice oct baby hehe.

Hope someone can accompany me for cyclin too, since she's cravin for it as well. But she will never know nor willin to hang out with me, i guess. Its gonna be a dream..


Friday, October 03, 2008

My laptop is invaded by spyware!

Gosh. For a person who doesn't appreciate anti-virus software, i seldom gets inflicted by virus and spywares. But no matter how hard i practise, funny files still get installed in my system without me knowin. Screw those virus/spyware makers..

Well, at least my lappy is on the verge of recovery, shall not overwork it these days =P


A silly pic taken days back. Was at bowlin with friends, at east coast, LATE NIGHT. Notice i looked so sheepish? Ahaha, was just playin with friend's iPhone camera, i rarely camwhore anyway. And i noticed..


No wonder i used to get check for IDs while buyin cancer sticks for friends, or even TOTO. Tsk, my clubin days too, but those were in the past ahaha. Kinda weird, but i guess its goood to look young!

Just hope i don't act like one ahaha xD

Noticed this group of peeps who love singin. Remember the vid from Cathy i posted previously? I realised they always play together, the strummers, the beatbox, and Lydia Paek too!

Oh Lydia, simply heart her singin..
She's so random too..
Love it when she burps LOL!

Let me share this freestyle singin they had.

She's really gifted, such a great group of friends too.
Try checkin out many other vids yaa?
Search for 'Lydia Paek' =]

Another of her vid, can't hear enough!

I love music!


Monday, September 29, 2008

"aiyo...u chg gf like chg underwear lor"




Friday, September 26, 2008

Cathy Nguyen.

Chance upon her vid in youtube, and god knows how much i love to hear her sing! Scanned through every single singin vids of hers, none failed to impress me. Furthermore, she sang my favorite song..

Sweeet girls who play and sing like her doesn't exist in my life anymore. The guitar, the songs, the voice. You bet if anyone is ever gonna sing to me like that again, i vow to god i'll love her my whole life..

And Min was the only person in my life,
Ever to strum her guitar and sing to me,
All in the name of love..

Love is really one of the most difficult subject to score in life. In fact, seein how passin rate hits record low with each newer generation, it scares me sometimes. As usual, many are only good in theories, but when it comes to practical, nobody make it. Worse still, its pair work..

Anyway, if you guys are wonderin, i'm fine.

I love the song on my blog. Shared with me by Carlsson, she was bein really sweeet, her bf is really such a lucky chap! Fio too, a simple carin sms touched my heart, not forgettin the time she brought her bf and colleagues to my cafe for support. Last but not least, Jeannie, someone willin to sms me from overseas, when we didn't even set our eyes on each other before. Really wonderful friend..

Let me share the lyrics:

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remaind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

[Chorus: X2]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She just initiated the break up..

Is it good or bad..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do dreams come true?

I dream alot at night. Sometimes they can be so real, i'll wake up in tears, smiles or sweat. A few of them occur in real life, when i can suddenly recall this exact scene happenin somewhere else, deja vu. The rest are usually so vague i won't remember the very next mornin..

Recently i had one i wish it'll really come true.

Other than catchin up with old friends whom have gone missin, i met 2 person i really wanted to see. One was Rachael, someone i have known for years, but never had the chance of meetin in person. We chatted and laughed so much, somethin we never did in real life..

And Jeannie too.

Dreamt that she came all the way to Singapore, just to visit me from her school holidays in China! Seriously, i was really touched (in the dream) and was so happy bout it. We went Sentosa and ECP, did lotsa shoppin, had lotsa food. It was a really sweet dream, but i didn't dare to tell her bout it..

I'm so shy, bet she'll literally LOL.

Dreamt of 'her' too. She seemed so much older, came fetchin me with her car. Some ppl say dream is a reflection of what our heart yearns for. But her takin care of me, financially? Is this what i really want..?

Over my dead body.

Am startin to feel the drift between us. Though it has only been a few days, there was no honeymoon. Every call and meetin up feels so stressful. Really feel like givin up already..

We simply aren't suitable for each other.

Am pickin up work steadily nowadays. Won't be long before i go full fledge on the business, hopin to see results asap. Always happy to see the quotations and orders comin in. Finally findin back my mood, its bout time..

Before i go, let me share a vid as usual.

陳偉聯-I Love You

Really applause for his bravery. Without a pair of proper eyes, he dares to step out into gray areas, where other blind people couldn't. Many others would have been so much more depressed..

No, i'm not sympathisin with him.
Most normal people don't even have the balls.
I truly admire people with determination and backbone.

May all of us find our own reasons of bein happy, our own meanins in life, and our own source of warmth in this chillin world.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Love was never easy.

The differences between 2 person can usually determine the outcome right at the start of any relationships. They are the main killers, as it takes more than just 'Love' to overcome any missin links in between. Compromisin is a nicer word of sayin 'i give in' after series of debates, and the relationship shall go on as long one side is still willin..

Nowadays, i am havin problems even with food.

Just imagine, a guy like me who doesn't even own credit cards and am so satisfied with just a $3 bowl of nice bak-cho-mee, is datin a girl who has nothin but branded items and is used to dinin exquisite meals all the time, each easily sum up to $150 per person?

Needless to compare our spendin habits.

I HATE spendin other ppl's money, been pretty much on my own since young. So, its either i splash all my savings on our dates, or she's willin to sacrifice her taste buds at really cheap places..

Friends told me she should care and understand my situation, its not a big deal eatin at Swensons or even Sushi Tei. But i can understand, if i am to be brought up like her with all the best things in life since young, i may end up pretty the same. I really don't want her to suffer with me..

Why can't i just earn more?
Why can't i have lesser troubles?
Why can't i lead a better life..

Anntonii recently showed me a really nice song.
Same singer of the song <100种生活> i posted before.
Ought to share with you peeps.

盧廣仲 - 寂寞考

Really nerdy looks.
But the songs he wrote, fabulous.
Shall listen to them till i fall asleep tonight.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

My life is a drama?

True. Past showed nothin but hardships and sorrow. My closer pals, they know. Unlike some who were born with a silver spoon, i had a hard time earnin mine. Perhaps i'll take a little time elaboratin my story..

To put it simple, my father didn't care bout the family. Not a single cent he gave since i was in primary. So poor mommy worked so hard for 10 odd years, just to raise me up. She had sacrifised so much for me, i really love her to bits, and i think i really suck..

Till today i'm still unable to give my mom a better life.

I have to work part time durin school days. Pocket money for Primary school was 50cents and Secondary was 2bucks, hardly enough to save for any leisure. Thus, nothin was bought when young. Poly was 10bucks, and that included 3 meals a day. Money earned from work went to school stuff and personal leisure. I don't even have my own clothes, always have to wear my bro's. Ever remembered my hongkong trip with polymates durin year 2. I didn't want to go at all, can't afford, but friend's dad sponsored everythin. Till today i am still so grateful..

Oh ya, not forgettin bro too. 7 years older, he got into serious trouble 2 years ago. So deep into debts, all he did was borrowin from the family. That includes my auntie and his then gf. He also transferred mom's hard earned savings into his own. I even took a loan. Yet the only thing he blamed on was his luck..

Till today, he's still no better.

With a father who doesn't care bout the family, rather splurge all his cash into the fallin stock market and once claimed he'll bring his money into his grave, and a brother who dragged everyone close into trouble, always blamin his luck but never strivin hard enough, whose debts will never be cleared at this rate, i realised how stressful my future is..

Ever told my mom, if i am to fail in life, takin back only a miserable 3k per month, i won't get married. Rather have a quality life with my mom supportin just the 2 of us, than worryin bout money for house, car, wife, kids, studies, insurance, wadeva..

Rather suffer alone.

Though the cafe was closed down due to legal issues with my leasor, my partner and i made a lost of bout 35grand still. We didn't bring the old couple to court due to the fact they possess no valuable assets. Even if we win the case, should they go bankrupt, we'll even have to fork out our own legal fees. Not advisable at all..

Agreed to help my partner out with his packagin biz. He did ask me before we even started the cafe, but i insisted on openin first. So i am really guilty of the failed venture, draggin him down with me. But even though he trusted me, i still lack the drive. I know i can take a really huge step out by growin and nurturin his company, and that will bring him lotsa profits, considered me repayin him for all the care and help he had showered me with. But still..

I ought to be slapped awake.

Shall share 2 piano vids that i really like.
Both originally from S.E.N.S.
But i really enjoy this lady playin as well.

She's really good.
Full of feelins.


Friday, September 12, 2008

How time flies?

It was as though yesterday that she was still loud and sporty with black hair. But now? Hair full of white, she walks with clutches. Yes, exactly 60 years older than me, my only grand parent left in this world..

It was grandma's bday days back.

I am actually totally disgusted with relatives from my father's side. Back stabbin, ill mouthin, even fought between siblings for my passed away gramps' money. I guess it shows, the way my father is, so does his family. But i still heart my grandma lotsa?

She's such a poor soul, you know?
Puttin myself in her shoe, seein my children behaved like that,
I would have cried to my death..

We had a little celebration, just my family and her. Took her to a little restaurant, had her favorite food. My father was reluctant to order sharkfin for her though, it cost 80bucks, but mom called for it nonetheless. Yup, as usual, my mom was made to foot half the bill because of that..

That got me wonderin, if grandma is my mommy's mom, or his?

Even funnier, my bro talked alot that night. He whispered to me sayin "Oh man, father is makin mom pay again". But deep within i thought, isn't him the same? Shall not comment much bout how he treats his wife and our mom..

Such a funny family i have.

Regardin 'someone' i mentioned in my previous post, she explained. The 'bf' was just a ruse to trigger me, for i was the undecidin party who can't make up my bloody mind. She loves me, she said. Yet now, i am still very undecided. We have just too much differences..

But it will be a fairytale, should it come true.

Here i shall introduce a favorite song of mine.
From Utada Hikaru.
Final Distance.

We can start sooner,
Yapari (i knew it, in the end),
I wannt be with you..

Perhaps, it sang my heart..

Slept only 4 hours last night.
Brain is almost dead.
Shall catch my wink.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How absurd can things be?

Just a night ago, someone claimed her love for me.
Lesser than 12 hours later, she had another he.
So much for a future called 'we'..

Recalled there's this song.
I find it nice.
Sang my heart.

So what exactly happened? Happened that i was havin a silly dream? A dream that got me wonderin? Wonderin if there is really a future? A future that consists of 2 person from 2 totally different world?

But ya, nothin matters now.
Back to the same old me.
For i have awaken.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

If Fate is an entity, she's really impish.

A personal definition of Fate is, it bein the chance of things to happen. Whether we grasp the moment or let it go, its another story. While things can be as shitty as the headline and its article, Fate really brings pleasant surprises too..

Like how i met my 1st twin friends?

I have no idea what i have done to deserve.
2 absolutely sweet & lovely ladies.
Their existence alone bring warmth.
Needless to explain more.

If there's ever this day i can walk alongside, you bet the guys are gonna hate me for life ahaha.

Enough of walkin in this chillin world.
Let me show somethin that will bring a smile for the day.


A short clip by Pixar, bein shown before the movie Wall-E. And yaa, you bet Wall-E is so much better. A really cute approach to romance too. Saw it in bangkok, and i don't mind catchin once more. I mean, if 10 bucks can buy a joyous 100mins of life, why not? *winks*

The fact i'm awake now typin away is really disbelievin. A moment ago i was still noddin away, after a tirin sat swim and late lunch. Partly thanks to the smses i guess. And not forgettin, the msn chats =]

Have a big Q for you all.

Does status differences strike fear in you? For example, crushin on a sweeet little daughter of 1 of the richest men on the island. You will realise, unless miracles do occur, but for a mere peasant to become a duke? At most i can work real hard and provide a comfortable life at best. But to attain riches like her father?

It is not impossible.
Yet it is not assured.
Furthermore, yaa, it takes 2 hands to clap.
Maybe i'm just someone else in her heart..

But, well, just a crush.
I've already been so teared apart.
I need love, not fun.
See how things go..

Anyway, a song to wrap things up.

Mika Nakashima. I love her vocals.
There were other better songs, but let me show this 1st.

Until next time, yaa?


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I truly apologise..

To both my beloved friend,
To their families,
To all my secondary schoolmates..

I have absolutely no idea how this place was found. The fact my words were bein made used irks me. Thoughts from my heart turned headlines, it hurts..

I sincerely pray the authors will stop.
Allow my friends to go in peace.
Let us all tide through this tough time.
I'll pray for their good deeds..

I mean, com'on, just put yourself in our shoes..

Tomorrow will be a difficult day.
Sendin a friend off on her journey.
I'll miss..

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cherish and Appreciate..
Everyone and Everything..

Just 2 posts ago, i mentioned how i dread deaths..
Yet currently, i have 2 wakes to attend..

Nicole Mok and Lin Mei Yan.
Both sweet and beautiful ladies.
Both are my secondary schoolmates.
Both from the same class.
Both met with car accidents on Friday night..
Both left us on 290808..

Nicole passed on in US. Her body will be flown back on Monday. We will be attendin her wake on Tuesday evenin, Singapore Casket, Ruby room..

As for Mei Yan, we will be headin down tonight. She passed on with her bf, car smashed into a tree at very fast speed. It was really very tragic. It came on the papers. This will be the link to the news..

But i was thinkin, at least they left together, havin each other for company. I really can't imagine the situation, if only 1 of them survived........

So, perhaps, it was a blessin in disguise.
They loved each other right till the end of their time..

There are no words to describe my feelins right now.
I'll let this song do the job..


Friday, August 29, 2008

Had ktv the other day!

It has been really long. Visited the latest Partyworld @ Liang Court. Pretty room, beautiful spot lights, and big LCD tv for searchin songs. Really sang our lungs out!

1 of my fav songs,
张智成 - 很想你

But parkin @ Liang Court is really expensive, almost 10 bucks for a few hours. Doubt will frequent, unless i have cravin for japanese food or the double scoop Gelato ice cream i had back then =P

Speakin of music vids, i was reminded of a song from many years back. It was durin poly years when i 1st saw it. Was pretty embarrassed back then, i nearly cried in class!

Yaa, its that sad.
An mtv from Kiss.

I have always wondered if the lady took care of the guy in the end. I think she will, for they were in love. Its his eyes that she has anyway. I would have done the same..

Seriously, not much mood to blog recently. Must be the bangkok trip, still in holidayin mood. Or perhaps, i just don't have the feel anymore, stayin in this room..

Shall blog again when i'm emo.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mandai Crematorium..

A place we won't wanna be? Each time we step into that forsaken place, cries will be heard, tears will be dropped. We'll all lose someone precious..

Joe flew back days back for his dad's funeral. I cancelled my mornin appointment to join him in the wake. Not much words exchanged, his heart was weary. Just a few pat on his back, hopin everythin is ok. And the heavy rain, it wasn't pleasin..

Quiet it was at the crematorium, till the furnace door opened. As the wooden coffin made its way, cries were loud. Even a stranger who had never seen the person journeyin to the neither world, dropped a few tears. I earnestly bowed. It wasn't an easy sight..

Life is just so friggin fragile?

Not only that we may just pass on anytime in our life, but the aftermath, bringin so much sorrows to everyone else. Though we all have to resign to Fate, when we need to go, we need to go. But, it just aren't somethin pleasant..

So, shouldn't we Cherish even more? Our families, our friends, our love. Nothin can be said when its all too late. Shouldn't we work harder with our goals, our dreams, and our life? Rather than whinin bout hardship, problems, and over a stupid worthless guy?

Someone just told me she's tired of livin last night. Asked her to take a visit at the hospital. HOW MANY TERMINALLY ILLED PATIENTS WOULD LOVE TO SWITCH PLACE? I mean, they are not even given a chance? I am damn sure they are ALL SO WILLING to exchange their short lives for our insignificant problems. Yet, someone as healthy as her, wished to end her sufferins? Give me a break..

Buck up ya.
Aren't we all fightin hard for our own happiness..

I will love to enjoy every moment i have,
With someone i truly love.

I dedicate yet another fav song of mine,
From yet another fav movie,
To everyone else readin my blog now.

Do turn on the volume loud.

Have a nice weekend everyone.