Saturday, October 31, 2009

There she was, hugging me from behind..

As i turned my head and met hers, it was a scene that lasted. Angelic face, a faint smile, her eyes fading downwards like she's eyeing a bite on my neck..

"Thank you.."

She must had starred from behind for awhile. There i was, in formal clothing, sitting on a stool washing bowls and plates. Her mom was the owner of a hawker stall, and while her two daughters were busy serving and taking orders, i thought i could help by doing the dishes..

"益荣, 放住啦, 哪里好意思!"

Her mom yelled in frenzy. Slightly plump, her frail hair and wrinkled face seemed to be hiding a story. Though somewhat boorish and rough, i knew her mom fancied me to a certain degree. I was so deeply in love with her daughter, and it was obvious she had already given me her consent..

That very night, as i stood beside her bed, watching her sleep, she held my hand.

"Love you dear.."

I gave her a kiss goodnight..


This was when my alarm rang this morning..

It's torturing..
Either let it come true..
Or stop making me wake up from these..

Here, i wanna repost a video.

Maison Ikkoku.
Watched 10 years ago.
One of the most beautiful stories ever..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The ancient Mayans prophesized a full eclipse in 2009, and it happened. Now, next on the Mayans' list, they suggested a meteor shower or sorts, which signifies the end of civilization. Will it come true as well?

Well, if they are right again, this is how its gonna be like..

Three years is but a short time.
If everything is coming to an abrupt end,
What will you do?

Assuming the catastrophe will definitely occur, it is very depressing for me indeed. 29 years old at most, sanguinely successful with career i hope, perhaps having found the love of my life, the ideas of marriage still far off our minds, which literally means i won't be experiencing the joy of a groom, or the pride of a father..

And i can't be with my partner, till we grow old..

Speaking of which, i just saw 'UP' today.

Such a beautiful story.
Carl and Ellie.
I kinda envy..

And it just irks me even more, utterly infuriated, at how marriages, or even relationships, begin and end these days. I have friends who got into BGRs, for no good reasons, when love is not even present. I have people around me jump into marriages, only to lament months later, laughed and drunk themselves silly..

Sometimes its really funny,
With mixed feelings,
Seeing how people mess up their own life..


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ten things i should have or have not done..

1 ~
Inin. Though she's the one i loved the most, i didn't give her my best, often taking her for granted, and this had became my biggest regret. If only i would persevere right till the end, and not being the first to surrender from our love triangle..

2 ~
I rejected my childhood buddy Qiwei's invitation to Taekwando when we were younger. We could have been good partners, and i could keep my fitness and focus at my peak. It was during poly years, and i thought we were too old to start new. But alas, i should have guessed. It's never too old..

3 ~
There was a night of regret, with a person i couldn't even recall the name. We had fun at the park, at her aunt's place. I left after the shower. I must have shattered her heart completely..

4 ~
Wished i were more mature and self-conscious during my poly years. Three years down the drain achieving nothing but a waste of time. Could have held more part time jobs and complete my Japanese language. Could have done something better to my hair..

5 ~
I still remember the childhood life where me and three sisters play everyday. They're my wonderful neighbours, for a short period. When they shifted away during my primary school days, i was too young to realize. The day they moved, was the day we all lost contact..

6 ~
Shouldn't have taken the $10k loan. Or rather, shouldn't have spent it on worthless reasons and people, and i could have invested the amount for a good return. Its too late..

7 ~
If given a chance to open a steamboat place again, i will definitely personally check the lease. I'm sorry to Ray, that a simple mistake of mine, cost us both $20k..

8 ~
I felt i owe an apology to my poly classmates. We were all so close before, had so much fun. Genting. Hong Kong. But i disappeared, after graduation. When i finally overcame the breakups during army, it was already too late. We had became strangers again..

9 ~
Thinking back, my teachers used to claim i have a knack for arts and music. It's a pity, that i'd long put down my brushes, and gave away my electronic keyboard..

10 ~
The saddest feeling which immerse me right now, is the fact that i'm yet successful with my career, and my mom has to carry on working even though she's already 55..


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Does she know..?

听了, 好痛..

Can't help reminiscing the past..
like what 苏永康 sang..

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mid Autumn.

Amidst a handful of blissful weddings, lie deaths and falling leaves. Contrastingly, I witnessed three weddings and three funerals in the month of September. There were joy of old pals tying the knot, and the bitterness having acquaintances parting our world..

Such irony.

The Chinese believe in Yin and Yang. It is said all entities are represented by two extremes. When there is good, there will be bad. When there is hope, so will there be despair. The rich and the poor, and the list goes on..

I've seen my fair share of extremes at work. The quiet, and the loud speaker. The patient, and the backstabber. The smiling, and the disgruntled sob. The experienced, and the incompetent. The laborer, and the politician. The innocent, and the evil schemer..

Earning just nine dollars an hour, averaging two days a week, it sure seems a little over?

And of course, in relationships, the famous SNAG and MCP. The dangerous and the settler. The high demander and the low self esteem. The falling in love, and the broken heart..

I wish her all the best.

Moving on, the latest book I borrowed is called 'Gold Trading Boot Camp'. At just page eleven, I am already intrigued by the writer's unique experiences at the trading house. Forty-four chapters later, or three hundred odd pages, I believe and expect to see beyond my own cramped world..

If you're interested in trading (commodities, stocks, bonds, etc), reading charts, analyzing trends, anticipating booms, do grab it at your nearest libraries.

Not posting any clip tonight.
Go take a look at the Full Moon.
Happy Lantern + MoonCake Festival Everyone.