Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Right or Wrong?

How many ultra billion times have we heard or been asked the above. It appears that every human being has its own definition of whats good and whats bad. But seriously, who is to judge?

For example, a r.s turned sour.

From the gf's side of the story, the bf treated her badly, and she is considerin a break up. This new guy came into the picture, treated her very well, and she kinda grew affections for him..

Is she right?

From the bf's side of the story, the gf did nothin to spice up the r.s, only grumbled at how borin he is. But she failed to notice how deep his love for her is, and am willin to sacrifise everythin for her. When he heard of this new guy, his heart tored into a million pieces..

Is he wrong?

In such situations, we as humans usually take side with one of them, and loath at the other party. That is due to our own definition of right or wrong. For eg, Mr A may be hurt in a r.s far too many times, and may think that breakin up for another guy is dead WRONG. But on the other hand, Miss B may perhaps regret missin the chance of bein with another guy and carried on with life with her current uncarin bf, and feel that fightin for her own happiness is RIGHT..

So, whats my take?

I think, we really shouldn't jump to conclusions. In fact, to me, there are NO right or wrong. Like i said again, who is to judge? Only a person who failed to understand another person's point of view, will take side. Unfortunately, this is what happened to most of us..

Do not misunderstand.

Acceptin a person's point of view doesn't necessary mean we should view at the same angle. It only meant that i understand his/her reasons and situation, but my reason still stand. You see, everyone has their reasons for havin their point of views. In a way, everyone is not wrong..

One ought to learn to be open and be able to think in other's shoe, thus learnin the ability to accept other people's views. Instead of rejectin their thoughts, which usually end up in conflicts and quarrels..

Seriously, i don't even know if i'm makin sense to you till now.

But either way, the above is just a theory that will never be able to put into practise. No one in this world is patient enough, carin enough, generous enough, to accept everyone else..

Conclusion, to you, i may just be typin a whole chunck of rubbish.

But yaa, do open up and spare a thought for others more often.
Think in their shoe.
You will find acceptin way much easier.

Anyway, more duper smart animals!

And this is really a KICK ASS magic trick..


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How true is fortune tellin?

Tried a few times with some 'masters'. Heard the good, the bad, and the really lame and funnies. Even got molested by a gay once. Apparently none turned out to hold the answers i seek..

Today, i met a 88 years old gramps with character. Not only was he humorous in his hokkien style, he also has the charm and wasn't afraid of offendin his visitors. I could see the respect in all my aunt's eyes. Personally, i was in awe too. Not only because this shifu is stayin in 2 x detached houses combined..

His predictions and fortune tellin are accurate.

The stuff he mentioned bout my biao jie fu, biao mei and biao di are really true. Will not go into details, but as my 1st time visitin him, he did give me a really deep impression. After leavin the place, my aunts told me they have been visitin him since ages ago. He predicted my fav uncle to pass away before a certain date, and it actually happened. All these years, my aunts have been rather loyal to his fortune tellin, and i believe there is bound to be a reason..

I personally enquired regardin my career. Well, lets just say i hope the prediction will come true. Ofcos, the baseline of success is still definitely hardwork. I will look forward to the future, 2010..

Let me continue with the vids again.

I love magic tricks too!

Thats all folks!

Hope my cousy Nelson, Jasmine and Xinni had a fun time at hk!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today, my mom made an important decision.
She finally decided to divorce my father.

Don't be surprise. One will usually advice not to break up the family, especially since the marriage had already been almost 35 years. But the fact all of us actually support the idea shows how incorrigible he actually is..

Now i'll have to work hard for a house mommy and i can stay together after the seperation..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With great power, comes great responsibility.
So, where is my power?

I recalled when i was still a CSO in StarHub. Workin with really great friends everyday, ktv and supper trips every other night. Carefree. Stressless. Happy. Those were the days. Now everythin seems so strangly unfamiliar..

The day i was told my bro got into deep debts, it was never the same again.

Apparently, i gave the situation a very thorough thought. I tendered my resignation soon after. Assumin that he can't solve his problem in near future(which he still hasn't), takin care of my father and mom (and maybe him) will solely be my responsibility..

Things got worse after he got married.

It was a joyous occasion, for many. I am happy for him too, that they were finally able to settle down, that my sis-in-law is willin to stay by his side even though he is in deep shit. But, i still strongly believe that if a man is incapable, he shouldn't drag someone else in. How can a person ever let his love ones suffer with him..

It was a wake up call for me.

After accessin the situation, i knew i won't be gettin anywhere with a salary. Yet, businesses were still rather foreign to me back then. I was unsure of the first step, nor do i have the funds and ideas to initiate. Thus, when opportunity came knockin at my door, i accepted the OCBC job offer my cousy recommended. It was a chance to earn my capital..

Months passed and i managed to collect a sum. When things got worse at my department, i left again, seekin other routes. I was with my 3rd ex gf then, but she wasn't really supportive, rather i took up a job instead. She didn't really understand the stress i was in, i was actually prepared to let her go should i eventually fail. Then, it was like heaven had plans for me. I went for army reservist, and met Ray again..

Ray and i actually went different units after our vocation trainin durin army. We were rather nice friends, until days passed and we didn't hear from each other anymore. Meetin him years later was quite a comfort. He became a really nice gentleman, a carin friend, and a smart businessman. It was then plans of our steamboat cafe were born..

Though it was closed down months into business, at least we tried. Bein my virgin business, i was really sad to let it go, especially when it was doomed by stupid legal problems. I still have customers ringin my mobile for reservations these days. But, it was the closure of the shop that i came to learn, everythin happens for a reason. Now, i'm with Ray in his packagin business, and may be venturin into another area soon..

All these while i gave up the idea of bein a salaryman, 3k will never be sufficient for the family, even if i am prepared not to get married in future. Venturin whole heartedly into businesses, all for the sake of the 3 of them. It begun with me not havin a choice, but i'm glad i made the decision. I get to learn many trades. I get to see more of the world..

Although i am still very slack in kick startin my performances, i believe this is more or less the route i will follow till the end. I will never give up, and shall ever seek motivation in improvin my life. Not forgettin repayin Ray for his teachin and care. For always bein there for me..

Lets pray my new possible venture may shed light.

Enough of career talk, ahaha. Ever watched 舞林大道? I didn't think it was nice, until i saw these 2 dances. Really creative! The little kid in the second clip is really good too. Enjoy!

Had a nice talk with my biao di just now. Somehow, we are facin a similar problem. The responsibilities of takin care of our families, had fallen on our shoulders..


Friday, November 07, 2008

I had never been disappointed as much.

It ended really badly, entirely different from the future i thought i could foresee. Things turned so out of hand, i actually regretted gettin into a r.s for the first time. It shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have met her too..

My 3rd ex girlfriend.

When we first crossed path in May last year, she didn't give me a really deep impression. Didn't notice her existence at all, until the moment i heard her laugh. And believe me, it is LAUGH OUT LOUD literally. I can hear her so clearly way across the office..

Even after knowin she has a 5yo son, i fell in love. We got together a month later, and workin became so much happier. She loved me alot back then, even after i quitted the job months later. Everythin was really smooth and blissful, until the day i had family problems again..

I moved in to stay with her afterwards.

But instead of feelin joyous like newly wed couples, she didn't welcome me with love. Stayin under her roof, she made me felt like a refugee. In fact, i have a few other places to go back then, but i wanted to wake up and see her each mornin. A really bad mistake..

It was stayin together that revealed her true self. Gone was the image of her bein independent, she didn't even take care of the house nor her son well. When i first stepped in, the house was exactly like a dump, everythin was everywhere. And her son only came to stay when she's not tired. Ended up i'm the one cleanin up the place, cookin dinner, teachin the kid spellin..

I'm not sayin she's at fault for those.
She is who she is.
Just not the kind of wife i'll love to live with..

Months later, i actually got used to it. But somehow, she became busier each night. From a person with totally no friends, she started hangin out with her classmates. It was supposed to be good, since i had always advised her to befriend more people and not to be alone. But it became the same reason that doomed our r.s..

Soon, i caught her two timin me.

My heart shattered. I cried that night. Packed up my stuff and i moved home. That night, i vowed never to bother bout her again. The next day, she called. I moved back with her once more..

But it wasn't long before i caught her again.

That was the last straw. That day i moved into my steamboat cafe, before headin back home again after the shop was winded up due to legal issues. Till today, i have no idea how she is doin, and i'm totally not interested. Never was i so disappointed before. Never had i ever regretted so much. It was really rubbish..

13 months of my feelins, wasted, just like that.

A song to end this stupid post.
五月天 - 超人


Monday, November 03, 2008

Life is a travel.

When you think everythin is set in your favor, Fate puts many curves in your path. You halt and hesitate at every corner, just as the goin gets rough. Even one small twist can bring an entirely different place, or reduce the journey by half..

But at least you get to choose each turn as a consolation, and that determines your destination.

I believe everyone has their own destiny. For my passed-away grandpa, it is grandma. For my useless father, it is my beloved mom. As for me, it will definitely be somebody. I will cry for her, laugh for her, live for her. And in a hundred years, i will lay next to her, till the end of time..

I dunno who yet,
But yaa,

I love watchin or readin sad stories. They always remind me how fragile life can be, or how simple and easy love actually is. And perhaps thats how i have grown to appreciate my past and life..

Let me share with you 3 really meaningful thai commercials.

My Girl

Marry Me


Are you sheddin a tear yet?

They say in the center of a typhoon, there's no rain or wind, only tranquility. I say in the centre of my universe, there will be no regrets or hurt, only love..