Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I was down the past few days with serious flu. Skipped a few days of work. Am glad to be back to health..

Seen some interestin sights these days.

There is this old couple who will always visit STC on every race day. While the husband goes around buyin bets and watchin the races in excitement, the wife will be seated at her usual seat, tied. Yes, and i mean with nylon strings, unmovable..

Cruel, isn't it?
I believe that will be most people's first impression.

As i observed along the days, i had a good find. Whenever each race is over, he will be by her side. Feedin her food, wipin her mouth, talkin and smilin to her. And the old lady will just stare blindly into space..

I believe she is senile.
And her husband is always around.
Takin care of her till the end of their lives..

A case of unconditional true love.

It may mean nothin to you, but comparin them to the rest of the uncles who came bettin on horses behind their wives' back, i applaud him way more. Lookin at each and every punter spendin their life and family's money away, i can imagine broken families and huge debts..

Such a pitiful sight.

Worse witnessin the quality of love deterioratin. True love will die along with my parents' generation. And lawyers will be profitin way more from divorce cases than doctors with flus..

I'm seriously prone to flu.
I jog, i swim, i do workouts.
That leaves one remainin factor..

I need home brew soup.