Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a crazy Saturday night.

It was supposed to be a peaceful steamboat and drinkin session, but something went wrong in the midst and the birthday boy was drunk-ed in a record breaker of thirty minutes..

All it took was a bottle of red wine and waterfall.

I had my fair share of guilt makin life miserable for this poor chap, but i believe everything was paid off. Draggin him to the toilet four times and holdin the plastic bag for another four times wasn't funny, though the pub girls were laughin away. Ended up i was the one who drank his excess red wine anyway..

God knows how many times he actually spat on my hands yesterday.

A very big thanks for the rest of the group for makin such a wonderful night. Had it been the same night but with different crowd, it definitely wouldn't have been as fun.

Happy 26 dude!

Well, i was home around five in the mornin. Didn't really sleep well due to the throbbin headache. Woke up around nine, snacked abit for my empty tummy, and went back to sleep. But then i had a really sweet dream on the second attempt. It was a nice under-the-umbrella walk for the two of us..

The weather was rainin when i woke up.

I saw this clip at Jacq's blog.
Thought i would share.
It's lovin..

I am beginnin to desire for something else.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Had my fortune told last night.

The session was done with 紫微斗数, a readin based on mathematical calculations and astronomy, which housed an old history since the dynasties. A readin fit for a king only. Definitely better than poker cards, don't you think?

For a brief description, 紫微斗数 consists of a chart with 12 different chambers, or 宫. They are the 命(life), 兄弟(siblings), 夫妻(marriage), 子女(child), 财帛(wealth), 疾病(health), 迁移(travel), 仆役(friendship), 官禄(career), 田宅(home), 福德(mental or spiritual), and 父母(parents). In these 12 chambers, dependin on the date and time (usually referred by chinese as 生辰八字), various stars will reside in the different chambers. This truly indicates that each person will have their own unique path in life.

The fortune teller is an elegant lady who spent much time explainin each sign to me. Personally, i have always been intrigued by the chinese methods of fortune tellin (eg. 姓名学, 风水), so 紫微斗数 wasn't really foreign. Through her translation of each stars and their purposes, i can tell she is indeed a professional. I really like the way she touched on negative issues WITHOUT any hesitation.

So, as curious as you might be, what did she tell me?

The 紫微 star fell on my 命宫, which means that the main star resided in my main chamber. It was said that most emperors have their 紫微 in their 命宫 as well. Isn't that a wonderful thing? Well, i was mistaken in the beginnin too. With 紫微 in my 命宫, it only means i think like an emperor. Still thinkin it is good? She carried on sayin i cannot be under anyone's authority, always havin the tendency to break free. Like how i always grumble about useless bosses and rather take the riskier entrepreneur route?

How true..

She mentioned i am a believer of late marriage(bingo), will have 桃花运(too many female friends) from 33 to 52. I will be such a great lover to my wife, however things may turn bad dependin on how i manage my 桃花. I think she's goin around the bush that i'll be a really attractive man as i'm older. HAHA.

As for wealth, it is said that i will have plenty. BUT, ample earned, ample spent. It isn't such a bad factor, she assured me, sayin they are definitely not through gamblin or wastin. The money will be well spent. Fine..

She did warn my 22-31 period will be very tedious, thanks to an evil star. When things are comfy, the pillars will fall. Bingo again. All these years, just when i thought i found the right job or earned the right salary, something will happen and take it all away. Like my OCBC job, my cafe, even my personal life. Well, time to work even harder :)

Speakin of evil stars, the infamous 3 in 紫微斗数(七杀 破军 贪狼 aka known as 杀破狼), didn't threaten my life at all. For some good reasons, the arrangement of the GOOD stars in my chart averted their unholy powers, some even tamed and turned positive instead. Such a relief..

Last but not least, she said i am a very friendly person, well liked by everyone. However, there will be some little people who simply loves to stab me in the back. Bingo for the last time. How many betrayals had i been dealt with ever since?

There are alot more details, but shall spare those non curious ones.

Below is a vid my friend posted in facebook.
Let me share with you all.
Pretty thought provokin, if you get what i mean.

I seriously prefer to get stabbed right in front.
Especially when best buddies turn ugly.
Allow me to beat the crap out of him.

Since i'll most probably die of cancer after 62, if lucky.
(PS: my wife may leave before me.)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Why do boys and girls, fall in love?

Do they see something in each other's eyes?
Is it the thrill and adrenaline being together?
Or because of the very same air both draw upon?

There is no universal answer to my question. Or at least, that is my conclusion. But the crisis of couples breakin up and askin me the same old question over and over again, is somewhat exasperatin..

Why did it die?

Love is born from an individual's desire of one's companionship. What kindles the emotion truly depends on different mentalities. Some yearn for excitement, few look towards the future, and the rest, lust. But the truth is, we never much know or really consider our own requirements. Most of the time, we are lured into attraction. When (s)he stands right before us, we know..

And so i would say,
a relationship is formed,
usually in a manner of folly.

"So how do i fall in love?", you may ask.

Long have i pondered over the same query a million times. There was always this same variable from the various love equations i once tried to solve. It is always the same raison d'être why my heart beats.

How do we get to meet,
With such nostalgic feelins,
Out of the many billion others in our world?

The very same truth, avertin my beliefs from strayin, adorin her every vibe, and cherishin every moment the miracle of life endow us upon.

But the irony is, i have yet met my true 6.8 billionth soul.


Saturday was a massacre.

Out of the thousands of flesh i need to cleave aside for a path to walk, none was rewardin. Seems that the 'most successful' IT fair at suntec was nothin but a gag. I do agree they have the latest and cheapest wares, but it was more about the crowd that puts me off. I'm glad that either there ain't no terrorists or no able ones targettin sg. Such a good spot..

The crowd.

Other than loudmouths yellin prices away in the fair, you get to see huge men bangin everyone in their way. There were wimps who let their gfs pave the path as well. Not forgettin the funniest scene of everybody pushin each other to get on the escalator. Best part is, you need not worry about brochures and catalogs. They were all over the floor.

Such wonderful sights.
And they say sg is a clean and wonderful place.

Eventually, Bryan and i were out of the fair within an hour. Had ice cream instead thanks to the hot weather. Dinner at chinatown with Jean and my part Huixin was a thousand times more joyous. But what i liked most was the tea session after the great feast.

Welcome to the Tea Chapter.

Tea culture is more fascinatin than i assumed. More importantly, the ambience is great, they provide a chance to relax with their zen backdrop or even pleasure from playin little games, all while sippin fragrant tea. It was a great night.

Took a few photos.

Bryan and my part Huixin.

Jean and i.

A little game we played, me owned twice.

A little candid.

Buddies foreva.

I still think i'm not photogenic.
The person i see in the mirror,
is always different from the camera.

Last but not least, let me share a good show i rewatched recently.




Sunday, March 08, 2009

Took a look around.

A cramp room.
No promisin career.
Depletin saving accounts.

Are those what i've been really fightin for?

It is funny to see where i've landed on these days. Five years ago, i was still thinkin of clinchin a stable job and committin myself to corporate ladders after graduation. But a short two years four months in the army really opened me to reality. My family financial problem gave me a real good insight at my future. I gave a thought about myself, about my family, and decided that i didn't really have much choices..

That day, i made up my mind.

Several bumps entirely changed my life. I took up risky jobs which i thought i'll never ever consider. Had a few stints with property, StarHub, OCBC. Even started our very own cafe after meetin Ray. Never had i worked so hard in my life, spendin every single day in the cafe for months, cookin from mornin till night. And all were lost when a legal issue came..

I curse the landlord for her misdeed.
She bled two young men's dream dry.
All because of greed.

Since September 2008 i have been driftin, on a simple log that may just sink any day. Been eagerly pursuin the way of entrepreneurship, but everythin seems twice as tricky without my old pot of gold. Been meetin up with friends from all fields, rackin brain juice to establish anythin we can both deal with our expertise. But till now it is still disappointin with their lack of enthusiasm. There were ideas, but my partners seem unexcited. Perhaps they are still too comfortable with their predicted future..

Though i had never been much a keen student, it is still a dream of mine to graduate with honours. Without the huge family loan someone piled up when i was still servin my national service, i could be well on my way to university. But studyin became a further route to walk when holdin part time jobs will not suffice. Nevertheless, there will be this day i'll be back to textbooks and notes, like how i've been rackin up library books nowadays..

A wordy post, as usual.
Feels good dumpin all my emotions.
Especially when i'm seriously lost regardin my future..


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Friend?

Just as i am blessed to have many fine and carin pals, it came to me some nights ago that, i may not have a best friend.

Even though i hang out most of the time, for meals, kopi sessions, karaoke, shoppin, or simply chill outs, somethin still lacks within me. I don't feel complete.

What defines a Best Friend anyway?

Someone to stick to all the time?
Someone of the same frequency?
Someone who stays near enough?
Someone to share secrets with?
Or someone who thinks i'm upmost important..

To think of it,
More likely i lack a Soulmate instead.

Recent weather had been really playful.

The heavy rains caught me at the right time. Gettin stuck at home wasn't an issue, I fell sick anyway. No flu this time, just goin around coughin like a dog. I am too heated up, yellow phlegm instead of green. I even coughed blood this mornin.

But, its not that serious,
I'm recoverin steadily,
Thanks to all the liang teh that i bought.

I do hope the rainy season will clear away soon. Hardly head outdoors nowadays. Lookin forward to jump right back to my usual joggin and swimmin routine.

Like my new background?
Zettai Kareshi.
Thanks to Jeannie :P

Spent a minute takin the screen shot and fadin the pic. Hope this will do the job, since its easier to read now. No more complaints, alright?

Just Kiddin.

Show you guys what my dream girl will look like :X

Plannin out my future is really a piece of cake,
Because they are all theories.
Takin the first few practical steps, is the real pain in the ass..