Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tonight, there will be no waves of text.
What i'll share, is a vid i happen to chance upon.
Perhaps, you will enjoy it as much as i do.

Trailer of 'The Secret'.

I'll add an additional clip of Larry King interviewin Oprah, bout her past encounter with the elements of 'The Secret' itself.

It does make sense.
The winnin tile always come durin MJ wheneva i'm wishin hard.
And bad things always happen to Jeff wheneva i prophesize.

After all, the world is how we perceive it to be like.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feelin dejected..

No, i'm not depressed due to the fact it has been 6 months since the breakup. Ever since we went our seperate ways, life has never been more colorful. I had my taste in businesses, and friends became dearer than they already were. But still, there is this huge gap in my heart.

It is the lost of confidence in love..

Take a look around. Aren't close friends or relatives been breakin up one after another? Aren't couples bickerin over insignificant and irrelevant matters? Aren't divorcin, once a taboo among married pairs, becomin too much like a trend?

Aren't the quality of love been stoopin to a new low..

The thought of true love has escaped most minds these days.
"Should i not love her wholeheartedly, in case i go in too deep and get hurt?"
"Should i continue to be with him, even though i know there's no future?"
"Should i accept this r.s, because there isn't anyone more suitable?"

What nonsensical questions are those, seriously..

Why is today's love based on so many new variables other than just love itself? Since when its charm alone isn't enough to last the few decades? Please tell me that being with the person one's heart desires is still the best thing that can ever happen?

Why has it deteriorated so steeply..

I am losin faith. Gravely doubtin my chances of meetin anyone who still agrees with each passin day. Humans these days love only for physical factors. Looks, sex, money, accompany. The list goes on. Who still loves for the 2 original reasons?

She doesn't even have to be as perfect.
Just a HEART who is still willin.
And a SOUL who still believes that,

True Love,
Is bout doin anything,
To love and be loved,
Right till the end..


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So much for bein missin these few days. Its the festivals period, pardon me! Been doin alot of mahjong and gatherin and mahjong, if they mean the same. I'm still on my winnin streak, oh somebody stop me!

Just kiddin before i start losin ^^

Not an avid gambler, been playin 10-20 cents only, you do the maths ya? My best triumph was only 9 bucks in a round. The funny part is they usually went to pizza deliveries. Oh well, its all in the name of fun?

CNY, as usual, chu1 to my grandma's. It is the same annually; payin respect to my one and only grandparent, waitin for all the late-comin 叔叔 & 姑姑 to arrive, a short Q&A bout not bein attached or married, end of session. The fact my father's side meetin only once a year made us as close as strangers, and its funny to recognise their faces but not knowin any other fact. Not that i'm interested anyway.

Chu2 is the essence! Not only there were lotsa loud adults, you'll see kids screamin when they didn't get their rightful cards/tiles too! Its like 40 people crampin into a normal HDB flat with mahjong tables and lotsa poker cards around. Welcome to my mom's family, WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER! Nobody will ever feel out of place here, gambler or not =P

Surprisingly, i didn't gamble this year though. Sat through the whole mahjong session between my aunts, its the clash of the champions! Oh ya, they never once bothered usin chips. Cold hard cash, baby? You'll see lotsa red and blue notes flyin around. Thats the authentic game man, haa!

Even now i'm still rather tipsy with all the bottles of red wine between my cousys and 长辈s. Its gonna be a goood night slumber..

Oh yaa, you guys have been complainin bout the lack of photos here. I AM a photo takin person, even if i suck at it, but bad news, i can't locate my connection cord! So currently, all the photos are stuck in my mobile for good. Too bad.

Thats precisely why i've been sharin youtubes instead..

I saw this on tv!
Rather moved by his singin.
Eli Mattson.

New year, fresh start.
There will still be unpleasant events occurin.
But we ought to learn to remain cheerful at all times.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jomaine is a month old!

That little rascal who got me sleepin so less the other night with her cries, is gradually growin! I think time will fly by really quickly and she's gonna be 5 years old soon. I'll be 31 by then. Wow..

Can't imagine life after hittin the 30s.

You know, sometimes we CAN predict our own future. All we need is our logical common senses. For example, as we gradually grow older with menopause, one thing for sure, we'll all lose friends, one after another. Every single one of them are gonna soon tie the knots and start producin rascals, becomin too busy for mahjong or even for kopi right below their blocks..

And i gonna prevent that from happenin by bein such an arse to all my pals along the way, they won't even dare harbour thoughts of not comin out to meet me just for fun.

Let me share some songs with you guys.
The below two songs are from Tanya Chua.
The two MTV stories are linked ^^

蔡健雅 - 無底洞

蔡健雅 - 陌生人

Notice the lyrics?
They're really nice.
桂纶镁 too =]


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feelin blue.
Woke up really early by a customer.
Made me wanna share this song with everyone..


又一天 又一年..

LOL, such a nice song isn't it?
Must have struck the hearts of all workers out there.
88.3 or 93.3 should have played it more!

Anyway, i came across this online.

Cute huh?
Lookin at it makes me feel happy.
Have a great week everybody!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been busy these days!

Nope, not with spring cleanin. My room is still infested with lotsa foreign items not known to the room's owner. Really need to start a clean up campaign these days. If only i can acquire absolute permission to clear away anythin that hinders my path..

For those who didn't hear, i'm beginnin a little car wash job at nights. For the sake of some easy spare cash, i'll be splashin water on neighbours' cars every night! Well, it takes around 10 minutes for wipin each 4 wheels, so it should be able to brin me a proper sum at the end of each month. Wooots, i can even workout this way!

Just had a ktv session on saturday, with Bryan, Calvin, Elaine and Shufen! Sang until my voice turned hoarse, as usual. I still have so many songs i wanna sing though..

Let me share a few songs i've sung the other day!

五月天 - 你不是真正的快乐
(new song!)

五月天 - 突然好想你
(new song too!)

李圣杰 - 擦肩而过
(i dislike him, but i like this song)

小猪 - 防盗锁
(used to be Ray's ringtone lol)

吴克群 - 爱太痛
(his very down-to-earth-sad song)

I needa rush off to settle some issues,
Will update again soon.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009



畅游店商 漫天笑谈 彼此害羞地凝望
眼神闪亮 心跳奔放 一生幸福的助长

有种温暖 烙在手上 十指紧扣的征象
简单大胆 坠入情网 吻她可爱的模样




Sunday, January 04, 2009

I woke up to a call around 4am last night.

Straight away i pulled myself out of bed, got changed, and bolted out of the door. Arrived at her place several minutes later, i realised the ambulance had already departed. The house became really quiet, with only me and herself, and her big brother..

The person in the ambulance is my big cousy, Jocelyn.

She had a massive lost of blood, grew pale and faint. My younger cousy, Jessica, so traumatised by the ordeal, rang me up with a shaky voice. It was so sudden, and she was at a lost. It seemed that Jocelyn has been seein a doctor after her recent birth, and was prescribed with a whole load of medication. The bleedin began shortly after. It is still unknown whether the pills are guilty of the cause..

But i am really glad she is safe and stable this very moment.

The newborn Jomaine wasn't allowed to follow her mommy to the hospital, so Jessie and i became foster parents for one night. Pattin her to sleep, feedin every 2-4 hours, tendin to her each repetition of cryin almost every few hours. Yes, we didn't get much slumber. Jessie had long adapted to this kind of new experiences, but it was definitely my first. And i came to this very conclusion, it is no simple task of just havin a child. But her smile always smitten me no matter how tired i was..

Seems like each time we grow up, responsibility mounts.

When we were still young and innocent, love and friendship were the only worries we had. But as we reach the kind of age, work money future house kids health debts all came crashin in. And as we each take steps in discoverin new factors, it can be really suffocatin if things were not handled well..

A dear friend recently confessed bout yet another classical hitch of long endured relationships..

Isn't it contradictin, reminiscin the simplicity of love when it all started, compared to the current issues and inability to withstand certain flaws one have overlooked since the very beginnin? But i guess, love has always been a 2 person's matter. It is a team game, when one can't solo..

You'll have to think it through yourself, my dear pal.
Weigh the pros and cons from your deep thoughts.
Make a decision and no regrets..

I do suggest you decide early, than years later or after marriage.

Let me share with you all,
From the drama 1 Litre of Tears,
A song which i've always enjoyed.

Remioromen - Konayuki (粉雪)

Rushin off for some bball,
My friends are waitin already.


Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 ended with the most unsightly and outlandish haircut i ever had.

My usual salon was packed at the last minute and i had to visit the malay barber instead. NEVER will i EVER step into one again. Askin for a short trim and spiky hair, i ended with a schoolboy cut. Do they only know one friggin style?? Thank God he didn't give me a slope on the back, for a consolation..

Well, time to cave in at home till CNY arrives.

31st noon was spent shoppin at Giant and makin sushi. Had steamboat dinner at 鲜得来 with the rest of the ex-starhubbers, before proceedin to Bryan's place for a little gatherin with some sec-school mates as well. Initial plans were drinks and drinkin games, but turned out Green Tea and Coke were preferred. We only wasted one bottle of red wine from the selection of Chivas, Jean Bean and gang..

We had 2 tables of Mahjong. Stoppin for brief seconds of countdown and yellin 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!', everyone turned back to their tiles. Quite a comical sight if you ask me. By the time everythin ended, it was almost 6am. Had a quick breakfast with Jeff near our former school, and we rushed home..

I had never missed my bed so much..

Am gettin old. Late nights aren't such enjoyable times already. The #$&^*$^%$ feelin i had wakin up late noon the next day is really unbearable. I dropped dead in the evenin again, only to be awake in the middle of the night. And that was when i can't fall asleep anymore..

"So whats your new year resolution for 2009?"

The above became a really popular question for many. I have not given it a really deep thought yet, though i have a gist of whats gonna happen for the year. They are:

1. Gettin my drivin license. My advance theory had expired since 2000 lol.

2. Should results for Q1 and Q2 be optimistic, perhaps, a 4 wheel of my own.

3. Fillin up my new name card holder, which has 240 slots for my clients.

4. And perhaps Lasik for my eyes, if i'm too rich and too free.

I had accomplished half of my 2008 plans. 50% this year will be great too, namely 1 and 3.

26 years old. It is gonna be my 3rd year after completin NS. Much time and money had been wasted over the last 2 years. Can i prevent a similar blunder this year round?

Lets see how will things turn out to be.

I was reminiscin some oldies when i stumble upon this clip.
There is a reason why he is legendary after all.
Enjoy the pioneer of robotic, hiphop and pop dancin.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

I just had a long vigorous swim, stugglin to be awake.
I seriously detest my belly.
Time to do somethin..