Friday, September 29, 2006

Decisions were never easy i believe..

Was at buddy's mom's pub last night to chill out. Had a great laugh crappin with the guys. While the drinks were rushin down my throat, my mind was spinnin. Aren't drunk, just going through a load of things. Had a quiet peaceful stroll alone near my place before headin home. Finally, my mind had settled..

First of all, i'm sorry for decidin without her consent. Told Ir we are just goner be friends. We kinda lack the spark that will blaze us right to the max. Yes, there were happy moments, but somethin is missin. Can't really describe what, just a feelin, somethin isn't right. To be frank, i'm not sure if i'm suitable for her, but she definitely won't feel happy with me. I'm not the kind of guy who can make her laugh and smile, like her bees. Am tired of hearin the word 'tryin', am not interested at all. Naive i might be, but please let my next flame be someone i can really settle down with for the rest of our lives..

Secondly, i'm givin up. J has her boy in her mind, i'm nowhere near. Yes, feelins for her won't just get blown away by the breeze, i'm still concern and worried in any ways i should be. But i'm pretty sure she'll be fine, she's goner have a happy life. Let me be the good friend she can have, with all the usual care and concern she's obliged to receive. I'll pray she'll be smilin forever..

So, conclusion, i still prefer being single!

Who knows, there might be another 'the one' whom i seek out there somewhere.

Someone whom i can click emotionally..
Someone whom will be happy with me for eternity..


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just bought a CYMA watch worth SGD800 bucks days back. 20% discount so its SGD640. Call me crazy if you want but i love it. Bought lotsa clothes too. My next target: shoes and bags.


This question has been lingering on my mind for a very long time. Its kinda like asking if the world have chicken or egg first. Every dear friend i asked gave me no definite answers. Follow your heart, wait for her, try it out, believe in fate, bla bla bla bla bla. Someone even have the cheek to tell me to wait for her, while try it out with someone else..

Bro, wtf? lol -.-"

Remember some previous posts ago i mentioned bout rejecting my dear friend P and hurted her alot? Well things have been back to normal nowadays and we're still good friends. But she's still having her problems and there's nothing much i can do for her other than giving her all the support she needs..

I have a close friend, Ir, whose ex-bf was my ex-buddy. She caught him having other girls outside, and one day finally she couldn't take things anymore, she broke up with him. And because he's such a bastard, i can't believe we used to be good buddies. End up losing contact with him for years. So now Ir and i became good friends instead. The problem now, i think she's in love with me..

She's a very sweet person, always able to make her own decisions, a very dependable person. She's very serious with work, very capable. In fact she's someone i really admire and respect. She's like honey too, always ALWAYS attracting lotsa bees. In fact any guy who come across her in their life will usually fall in love with her should they be in contact often. Do not ask me why, that is the way how things are going..

One day she simply asked if i like her or not. She hinted she wanted to try it out with me. I was really very shocked. She loves chatting with me on the phone, thats what she claimed. Saying i'm a nice guy, but i know i really am not. She's the one who came to my place and brought me to the doc when i was sick weeks ago. I was really touched by her care that time. Nowadays i'm starting to get jealous of her bees. This have never ever happened before..

The girl on my mind, J, we haven been on good terms nowadays. I did something stupid, and kinda regretted. Its almost impossible for us to be together, yes i know. But somehow i just love her, wanna see her happy, and just feel like waiting for the impossible. I know i'm wasting time, yet..

So now. That question. I need an answer..

Or maybe i should just wait for someone i will like to show up again..



而是选择哪一条路.. 你才不会后悔..


Tuesday, September 19, 2006












Sunday, September 17, 2006

My silly partner forced me to do this silly thing during work..

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head, without reading the questions below.

1. HuiXin
2. Jean Liew
3. Chiew Keng
4. Dan
5. Bryan
6. JingRhui
7. James
8. Michael
9. Pris
10. Jean Lum
11. Jason
12. Nura
13. WeeWee
14. Moneca
15. Bivi
16. LiLian
17. Jagjit
18. Kenny
19. JunMin
20. Winnie

How did you meet no.14?
First met her during my interview. Well, apparently she is my BOSS!

What would you do if you never met no.1?
I'll live a better life =D

What would you do if no.20 and no.9 dated?
Wow... that will be entertaining...

Did you ever like no.19?
Yeah why not, she's a cute funny friend LOL

Would no.6 and no.17 make a good couple?

Describe no.3.
Fun loving, Out going, LOVE KTV!!!

Do you think no.8 is attractive?
Over my dead body.....

Tell me something about No. 7.
He was someone i used to hate most......during BMT.... he's a PTI

Do you know any of 12's family?
Nope, but they should be as nice as her! =D

What is no.8's favorite?
Girls......... what else........LOL

What language does no.15 speak?

English and Malay

Who is no.9 going out with?
Always seen with LiLian, and maybe her bf? keke

How old is no.16 now? Hahahaha thats easy 23 same as me!!

When was the last time you talked to no.13?
Awhile ago lor, when she bought me tea =D

Who's no.2's favorite band/singer?
She love the song "我可以忍受"

Would you date no.4?
Why not? my good brother leh keke

Would you date no.7? Hahahahaha.. for bball match maybe.. and definitely supper too.. but we are both GUYS

Is No 15 single?
Married with kids

What's no. 10's last name?
Jean Lum's last name..... Lum lor!

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with no.18?
Unless i turn gay.... which wont happen in a million years

Which school does no.3 go to?
Used to be Ngee Ann Poly.. now not studying liao lor

What's your favorite thing about no.5?
He will be there when his friends need him

Have you seen no.1 naked?
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Haven't been postin.. As usual..

So what have been happenin nowadays? Went MoMo twice. A few mahjong session. Lotsa supper. But no KTV!! Thats bout it i guess..

Oh ya forgot to mention, went ICA to make my passport recently. Going Genting this coming weekend and most prob Bangkok too next october. Wantin to go Taiwan end of year, but it has been lotsa talk but no plans. Sad..

Work's fine too. In fact i'm bloggin in my office again. Some of my colleagues have left though. "People wont cherish till they lose" - this phrase is so true. Its a kind of fate that we became colleagues in the 1st place. I'll miss them lotsa..

I'm starting to take photos again. No longer the person who shun cameras or video recorders at 1st sight. No longer the person who once burnt all his photos from sec school onwards. I'm changing. Is it good news..or bad?

Some people mentioned i keep referrin back to my old past, and its not good. They say i keep lingerin on to my sad memories and couldn't move on. But is that true? I admit i was affected, but who won't? I'm no longer broodin over the incidents since a very long time ago. In fact i didn't regret over anything. Like what JingWen's msn nick says, people only learn from what they have been through (something similar)..

But i realised i really have no confidence for love. My heart was put to test again recently, but i couldn't make a decision. My heart waivered, but i hesistated. Maybe its not love in the 1st place. Maybe its the way i care. Maybe.. Maybe..

But there have been someone in my mind all along. Someone too blur to realise. I really care for her, i guess. Because when she's sick i'm worried. Because when she's sad i'm sad. Because when she's happy i'm smiling. Because when she's not around i'll frown. So am i really in love?

Even if i really am..

It'll be just 1 sided..