Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cherish and Appreciate..
Everyone and Everything..

Just 2 posts ago, i mentioned how i dread deaths..
Yet currently, i have 2 wakes to attend..

Nicole Mok and Lin Mei Yan.
Both sweet and beautiful ladies.
Both are my secondary schoolmates.
Both from the same class.
Both met with car accidents on Friday night..
Both left us on 290808..

Nicole passed on in US. Her body will be flown back on Monday. We will be attendin her wake on Tuesday evenin, Singapore Casket, Ruby room..

As for Mei Yan, we will be headin down tonight. She passed on with her bf, car smashed into a tree at very fast speed. It was really very tragic. It came on the papers. This will be the link to the news..

But i was thinkin, at least they left together, havin each other for company. I really can't imagine the situation, if only 1 of them survived........

So, perhaps, it was a blessin in disguise.
They loved each other right till the end of their time..

There are no words to describe my feelins right now.
I'll let this song do the job..


Friday, August 29, 2008

Had ktv the other day!

It has been really long. Visited the latest Partyworld @ Liang Court. Pretty room, beautiful spot lights, and big LCD tv for searchin songs. Really sang our lungs out!

1 of my fav songs,
张智成 - 很想你

But parkin @ Liang Court is really expensive, almost 10 bucks for a few hours. Doubt will frequent, unless i have cravin for japanese food or the double scoop Gelato ice cream i had back then =P

Speakin of music vids, i was reminded of a song from many years back. It was durin poly years when i 1st saw it. Was pretty embarrassed back then, i nearly cried in class!

Yaa, its that sad.
An mtv from Kiss.

I have always wondered if the lady took care of the guy in the end. I think she will, for they were in love. Its his eyes that she has anyway. I would have done the same..

Seriously, not much mood to blog recently. Must be the bangkok trip, still in holidayin mood. Or perhaps, i just don't have the feel anymore, stayin in this room..

Shall blog again when i'm emo.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mandai Crematorium..

A place we won't wanna be? Each time we step into that forsaken place, cries will be heard, tears will be dropped. We'll all lose someone precious..

Joe flew back days back for his dad's funeral. I cancelled my mornin appointment to join him in the wake. Not much words exchanged, his heart was weary. Just a few pat on his back, hopin everythin is ok. And the heavy rain, it wasn't pleasin..

Quiet it was at the crematorium, till the furnace door opened. As the wooden coffin made its way, cries were loud. Even a stranger who had never seen the person journeyin to the neither world, dropped a few tears. I earnestly bowed. It wasn't an easy sight..

Life is just so friggin fragile?

Not only that we may just pass on anytime in our life, but the aftermath, bringin so much sorrows to everyone else. Though we all have to resign to Fate, when we need to go, we need to go. But, it just aren't somethin pleasant..

So, shouldn't we Cherish even more? Our families, our friends, our love. Nothin can be said when its all too late. Shouldn't we work harder with our goals, our dreams, and our life? Rather than whinin bout hardship, problems, and over a stupid worthless guy?

Someone just told me she's tired of livin last night. Asked her to take a visit at the hospital. HOW MANY TERMINALLY ILLED PATIENTS WOULD LOVE TO SWITCH PLACE? I mean, they are not even given a chance? I am damn sure they are ALL SO WILLING to exchange their short lives for our insignificant problems. Yet, someone as healthy as her, wished to end her sufferins? Give me a break..

Buck up ya.
Aren't we all fightin hard for our own happiness..

I will love to enjoy every moment i have,
With someone i truly love.

I dedicate yet another fav song of mine,
From yet another fav movie,
To everyone else readin my blog now.

Do turn on the volume loud.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm BACK..

I'm a thai who come sg only for business trips and will return back home every month to enjoy.. ROAR!

Body is in sg, but why is my heart still stayin in Bangkok? Why is it so attractive over there? The customer service is simply top notch, everyone bow & smile to me. The shoppin malls, some easily top our very own Paragon or Vivo. The youngsters there are also duper vain & trendy, all so good lookin & pretty. 99% of them don't wear specs, made me threw mine in hotel since day 1. And believe me, all were so shocked when they tried chattin with Ray & i, but realised we aren't thai. Ahaha.

I totally miss the thai massage i had every night. Needless to mention bout food. There's this fried chicken roadstall near our hotel we bought each time we passed by, way better & cheaper than KFC! Their cabbies are soo skillful too, each drivin like Daytona lol. Chatuchak is a nice place, where i would really love to grab some little puppies next time i visit. THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE!! Anyway, we guys didn't do much shoppin other than for his gf. Cleared almost all the shoppin malls by Day 2.

Oh, we caught Wall-E! Such a nice show, but thats not the point. The cinema! Its so much more grand than sg's! Such cozy seats & cheap tix + popcorn LOL! We also had a dental appointment near our hotel, teeth cleanin is only bout 30bucks! Bought a thai magazine too, featurin some of their famous celebrities.

Kept seein these 2 young ladies on tv & lotsa other magazines.

Such a cutie! I pray my future daughter is gonna be as pretty xD

Last but not least, a friend we made in thailand.
Aren't she pretty?
But, ahhaa..
She's a ladyboy!
Believe it or not!

I'll start linkin vids again in my next post. Wanted to post the 'Bunny Magic Show' before the start of Wall-E movie, its friggin cute & funny. But youtube removed the clip. Zzz..

Thats all for today..


Thursday, August 14, 2008

An old nice song to share.

And Hermione is the only character i like in Harry Porter. I'm honestly not a big fan of the movie series either. Heard the books were way better.

Am pretty tied up recently, no time to blog. Have been settlin issues @ my shop, tomorrow will be the last day. Friday evenin i'm flyin off Bangkok, so guess its another few days before any updates. Till then?

Oh ya, i'm home. Moved back an hour ago, not totally done with unpackin. Really don't feel like so. It seems i'll be packin up and movin out anytime again. Almost laughed when i saw my bed. It laid there, for a year. Why am i back to square one..

Recently made a really sweeet friend. Never thought i'll msg her @ first, but she turns out to be someone i really enjoy chattin with. Hope this good moment gonna last a little longer than usual..

Quite alot in common. Both cancerians. Both love doggies. Both enjoy 'Phantom of the Opera'. She promised she'll watch with me when it hits sg again. I can't wait..

And this particular song, is my fav in the movie version.

I shall return, on 18th.
Take care, dear pals.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Perhaps, the saddest song on earth..

Watch him play.
Hear him sing.
See him cry..

This song is a long lost memory of mine.
ZiA made me recall by chance.
And i'm glad it is back on my mind, after so many years..

It was durin army days, facin the aftermath from the break up with Min. Walked into HMV one day, saw this new single with the title 'Last Song'. I bought it without even listenin..

Their normal version is guitar based, much heavier, but the lyrics striked through my heart in an instant. Now, watchin this great unplugged performance, readin the lyrics as he sings, really got me very emo, just like before..

The lyrics in the clip are abit different from what i remembered. If only i still have the singles with me. But its still bout the same meanin, nonetheless..

What a nice song..

I went back home days ago.

It has been, almost a year? Time really flies. I still remember the day i stepped out of the door, with my clothes and stuff. Now, the house has such an unfamiliar smell..

My room doesn't look the same anymore. Gone are my pillows, my blanket. Even cupboards are empty. Lookin at the empty space, i really wondered..

Maybe, i'll forget everythin.
Maybe, i'll forgive everyone.
Maybe, i'll just move back home..

Was feelin feverish and fluish.

Even so, i still went for a bball session with Ray, Carol and YongTang hours ago. Had a good sweat, hopin i'll get better. But seems like it was in vain, my nose is still runny..

Oh well, it was a good exercise. We had too much crabs for dinner anyway. The pincer was BIGGER than my palm, and i'm not kiddin. Should have taken pics =/

I've resumed my past routine of 100 pushups a day once again, added some squat exercises for my calfs and thighs too. Half hearted though, gave myself an excuse to skip today's since i'm sick ahaha. Was thinkin, since i no longer have to bury myself with shop, no r.s to enjoy, soo much free time. I might as well stay healthier..

My career with Ray's biz is like a growin bud. With a little more hardwork, i'm sure i'll be able to pull it off. Am already seein some of the cash, it'll be a good experience and chance to store up financially, especially after losin so much for my closed steamboat cafe..

There is this sayin,
每个成功的男人背后, 都有一个女人..
(Behind every successful man, there will be this woman)

I beg to differ.
It should be,
每个成功的男人背后, 都有一个好女人..
(Behind every successful man, there will be this good woman)

But too bad, maybe i won't succeed yet. For, i have not found that really nice companion, who'll support me whole heartedly, and love me with all her life..

The last r.s with Jolyn was absolutely rubbish, not pointin faults, just a total mismatch that shouldn't have begun. For Inin, i gave up first for her happiness, can't blame anyone else. And Min, i can only say it is our Destiny..

Suddenly, it just strikes me.
Even though i felt someone in my heart.
I seriously wonder who's next.

May she be the last of my life..


Friday, August 08, 2008

Cousy sent me this song & i totally fell in love with it..

Leona Lewis is a darn pretty lady.
Bleeding Love is a darn nice song.
Need to explain more?

But i chose FFX/X2 over her original MTV.

FFX is still my favorite game. It has the best story ever. For summary, one day Tidus was sent to the future unwillingly. Met Yuna, and decided to accompany her on her journey to attain more powers in order to battle 'Sin', a monster that had killed loads of souls for centuries. It wasn't long, before he realised she'll die after usin the attained power to defeat 'Sin'. And she finally got to know that 'Sin' is actually Tidus's father, in a twist. They both fell in love still..

Sad story.
Tears rolled durin its endin.
You'll understand after watchin this.

A little extra info. Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle durin the journey. He told her, whenever she's alone or needed him, she just have to whistle. He'll always be there for her..

I remember teachin my ex how to whistle too.
But this is not important, ahaha.

I used FFX for the vid, partly because of someone too. A friend i hardly get to see online, but really cherished each conversation we had. Though we only knew each other weeks back, its really nice to have someone to have a goood chat with. Especially after knowin she enjoys drawin too..

She showed me her drawins of Yuna.
Am not goin to post her drawins without permission,
But they are really nice..

Below will be some of my own drawins that night.

Aren't very good at drawin features.

Another blur picture.
I still prefer faceless.
(Please ignore the numbers)

My new friend, Jeannie!
I thought it really resembles her.
But sadly she didn't seem to appreciate it faceless..

Ahaha, who might this guy be? =P

Last but not least, the piece of paper i drew on.
Think i shall keep this somewhere.

I still have lotsa to blog bout, as usual. But i guess that will be all for tonight. 2am soon, soo tired. Someone approached me on the street, am comin over for a talk bout insurance tomorrow. Guess i better sleep..


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Time to introduce my blog's theme!

'A fortunate accident'
Isn't it such a lovely word?

Nope, this is not a new show, 8 years old, but i still heart it lotsa. Its a crazy story bout 2 strangers met up by Chance, havin such strong chemistry and yearnin for each other, but both attached in reality and belonged to different worlds. They let Fate decides, by doin alot of uncommon things to challenge their Destiny, only to get seperated. But things never ended that night..

I love the part where Sara challenged John to take different elevators and choose a storey of their fancy, to see if they'll still meet up by Fate. Both chose my favorite number, 23..

I'm not goin to be a spoiler, catch the show yourself.
Its a MUST-SEE, kay?
99% of you people readin my blog will love it!
1% most prob bein GUYS, lol..

There's somethin i've been lookin for a very long time.

A small treasure box,
That can only be opened with 2 keys.

Imagine, with it i can keep all the memories and happiness with my sweetheart, only to be opened when both of us wanted. We can even keep individual secrets, only to surface years down the road, when we think its time to let each other know. It'll be like a little time capsule, within lies all the monuments of our love..

That is,
If i found the box, and
If i found someone worthy..


This is 1 of my MUST-SING song in ktv.
Meaningful lyrics.
Thought i should share.























Saturday, August 02, 2008

Maison Ikkoku..

How many actually know bout this anime/manga?
It was one of my all time favorites.
Saw it durin secondary school life.
I still yearn to rewatch these days..

A story bout this under-grad residin in a place called Maison Ikkoku. He met this beautiful lady who became its housekeeper one day. It was love @ 1st sight. But it wasn't long, before he knew, that she was a widow..

2:25 to 2:50 was where she saw a familiar scene.
She had kept her ex hubby's doggy by her side all the time.
And for a moment, she thought she saw him once again..

4:13 to 4:32 was when the under-grad proposed,
While piggy-backin her father.
He promised to take care of her foreva..

I remember there were a whole loads of other touchy scenes. Like how he swore in front of the ex hubby's grave, to take care of her, and to love her, sayin he won't want to replace him in her heart. She was hidin all along, and was really touched..

Well, other than lotsa other comical scenes, Maison Ikkoku is a pretty neat (and old) anime especially nearin the end. Used to rush home from school just to catch it on tv durin saturdays.

If only i can find its DVD nowadays..

Sunantha is flyin Taiwan in a few hours!
Always envyin her, for all her frequent holidays.
She promised to bring back somethin!
Her smiley faces, ahaha.
Bon Voyage! xD
*Leave me a tag when you read this =P*

Tomorrow's gonna be the discussion between me and my leasor.
Lets hope everythin will go on smoothly.
May them provide me with enough compensation.
Saves me from takin legal action..

Monday's gonna be excitin too.
Meetin my 1st client under Ray's biz.
He is really such a nice friend.
Literally helped me with everything.
He's my self proclaimed best buddy.
I seriously owe him so much..

Anyway, if i manage to clinch the deal,
Its gonna be bout 500 bucks profit.
May it be a successful 1st step.
Pray for me..

Let me introduce another person.
Someone who is important in my life too.

Utada Hikaru..

She has been my all time favorite singer.
Followed her since her 1st few albums.
Was sad she got married to her MTVs director.
And yaa, it is still my favorite song, First Love.

Her birthday, 19th Jan 1983.
5 months older than me.
Though Capricorn, her birthdate is so near to Aquarius.
Thus explained the song.
She'll never forget her first love,
And am always lookin out for him, foreva..

This vid has nice translations, saves me from typin.
Hope you guys will enjoy.
She sang with such feelins..