Monday, August 03, 2009

Days passed like seconds tickin.
August came.
It has been awhile..


There are times i feel so helplessly manipulated by Fate. Time and time again happiness crossed my path, and yet i can't reach out. Visions of blissful future engulfed my mind, and i know life can be so much more beautiful if i'm given a chance. But no..

遇见, 却又不能与幸福总结?

Watchin her eyes betrayin the happiness she tried wearin on her smiles. Hearin her heart shatterin when the guy she bet all on turned out a scam. Smellin the salt in her tears even when we haven't met. And i can't do a shit..


There are times my heart pounds, prayin she will become my smile. If only life can be a little more merciful and spare two more souls their sorrows. Feel like givin a tight hug, tellin her everything will be fine right now. I'll never let her go..

神啊, 请给我多一个机会吧..

I wanna be in her albums too.
To smile with her.