Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Muscle aches!

Was at YCK gym with Samuel yesterday. Realised I haven�t been gyming since poly days. The weight I carried yesterday is so miserable. It�s a sign: Time to workout more often.

My weight went down again!

Read the papers. Read about the Budget. Realised Singaporeans are never contented. Though it�s obvious the government is trying to win over the citizens� hearts with the Budget, but it is really irritating to read about how fussy the citizens can be. They get this, they want that. They get that, they want more of that. It�s never ending.

When we are not talking about loans for life, interests, tax, and high living expenses, a Singaporean life can actually be quite comfortable. Crime rates are low, no natural disasters, and we have a nanny government looking over us all the time. They provide us with shelter, give us education, supply jobs, and save up our money. Life is too good till every one of us is taking things for granted.

I agree with SK, Singapore is actually struggling in terms of global economy. Compare with other countries and it will be so bloody obvious. We are our country�s only resource. It�s pretty hard to get foreign currencies into our country, since there is nothing much for foreigners to invest on. As for our local investors, maybe because of the habit of being overprotected at home, they usually fail trying to venture outside our borders. Honestly I pity them.

Maybe life is too comfortable for us. Maybe the government over protected us. Maybe we all grew up thinking that we will be fine no matter what happens. And maybe so, someday, all these will bring us to our downfall.

Anyway, my 2 bucks ToTo nearly got me 20 bucks yesterday. 3 numbers. *shrugs*

Oh ya, before I end, I will like to clarify something. Seems like many people had misunderstood Xx as the girl I�m so mad over with. Sorry to disappoint you guys, nope.

It�s Miss Tan la.. =P


Monday, February 27, 2006

Yesterday was really exhausting. Woke up at 7am even though the fact I had only slept for 4 hours. Went to deliver a surprise gift to dear Miss Tan. I placed it at the doorsteps, was actually quite afraid someone else might just took it away. Went for breakfast after that and got home around 11pm. It was only until 12noon before someone finally woke up and found out about the present. So pig can? My poor gift stood outside for almost 4 hours. Haha. I'm glad she loves it.

Went shopping with Charis in the afternoon. Well, someone made me wait for almost an hour? Haha another pig who can�t wake up early. Had a really fun time together, trying to snap each other with camera. So funny how so many people keep referring us as couple. Garnier was fun, testing skin and trying out products. We had ice cream! Sad we have to part so early, she meeting her family for dinner. =/

I went to meet buddy Chicky for dinner too. Had the nicest stingray and sotong in Singapore can? Jurong West blk 4xx can�t remember the exact block. The chilli, the soft meat, big serving.. Argh! I will definitely be back for more!

After dinner we actually walked to Jurong Point looking for some marriage gifts. Congratulations AiPing! Happy ROM! You are the 1st from our sec school batch to get married. Be blessed with happiness and love forever! =D

We went Bukit Batok after that and chit chatted at Mac. Buddy SK came over and 3 of us chatted non stop. Sadly our 4th buddy Calvin is at Australia studying away, enjoying life. We chatted from 9pm till 6am in the morning. Yes, 9 hours straight. Daily lives, sports, friends, our businesses, brain storming, global economy, love, those bastards, silly girls, nan ren bu huai nu ren bu ai, the silly but poor nyp girl, China market, foreign exchange, family problems, aiya, almost everything la!

Its amazing to see how 3 of us from sec school grew up and have the same goal in life. Our views and opinions on many issues are almost similar *except on love lol* and we are now striving hard to achieve what we want. Not every friend of mine are success-oriented, it just happened that we 3 buddies are. I�m very glad that in my whole life I have them as my buddies. True friends indeed.

As most of you might know, I�m in the property business right now. I have many to learn, many things to do. But I believe I won�t be doing it for life. Life is about experiencing. I�m a very curious guy. I will keep learning and learning and learning new stuff all the time. After establishing myself in this line, most probably I will start moving again. China is the 1st place that came to my mind. I might be heading to China with SK someday, since his business is over there. I�ll go take a look, learn their culture, and study their market, hoping there will be opportunities to tackle upon.

I�m still young. There are still so many things I had not seen before. The world keep spinning, things keep changing. But bit by bit, I shall unravel everything. My thirst for success is there, my desires high, and I have a powerful drive. I will strive.

Cherish your life. I�m cherishing mine.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yet another weekend..

Was at Seoul Garden last night with Samuel and CG. All 3 of us realised that the last time either of us visited Seoul Garden was back in sec school days. It was quite a hit back then. Memories. =]

Was pretty disappointed in the service. First of all, that mat allowed a late customer to be seated before us. He literally skipped us in the queue and asked the lady behind instead. We made a fuss trying to tell him we came earlier, but all he told us was WAIT. So we tried talking to the manager, and she kept apologising on that mat�s behalf. When she told him to apologise to us, all he did was smile. You don�t know how much I wish to smack his smirking face.

I�m having the craving for ktv again..

I�m glad my brother and future sis in law is alright again. Apparently bro snapped thinking he wasn�t good enough for her, and she�ll only suffer with him. So he somehow decided he should leave her and let her find someone better. She was so sad. How silly can he be? Sis in law loves him so much. She is more than willing to accompany him for the rest of his life, be it luxury or poverty. That�s true love, I guess.

I�m so happy seeing sis in law today. We had mahjong. I won. =D

Realised I�m in deeper and deeper each passing day. I get to msn with her every night, but I�m always staring at the screen wondering what to type. Always racking my brain and hoping we will hit off, even though we usually don�t really click. I'm wondering if its just me. I wish to understand her more. I really wish we can chat more. How I wish we were meant for each other. I wanna spend all my time with her. Mood are said to be affected by weather. She is my weather. I�m already smitten, totally. I had never felt anything like this before, going so crazy over her. This is madness..

I had just packed up my stuff for tomorrow and its goner be a busy day. I�ll set off early in the morning for my destination, hoping everything goes according to plan. It may be a sudden decision, and preparation is definitely not sufficient. In fact everything is so badly done I really wanted to call off tomorrow�s plan. But I believe its either tomorrow or never. So lets wait and see..


No worries, I�ll keep you peeps updated.


Friday, February 24, 2006


Finally spent some time and effort to change my blogskin. Saw this nice picture of Serendipity so I decided to use it as my theme. Altered quite abit of the original template, changed the fonts, size, color, tables, etc. Glad I�m still able to crack down the html codings and do much of the alterations myself. If not, my 3 years of hardwork *ahem* in poly will be so wasted. To think I�m an IT graduate. *pui*

Goner meet up with my army friends for dinner. Its interesting to see how everyone is coping in reality after ORD. We are still young. The future is still bright. Life is still a long way to go. After all we only live once. It is up to us to become what we wanna be.

Peek into the future and most probably I�ll see myself as a simple man. I�ll be a loving husband, a caring dad. I�ll see myself working hard in things I firmly believe, and free my family from financial miseries. I�ll have lotsa friends, old and new. I�ll live my life to the fullest, have no regrets, till the day I die.

Here is a question my ex loved to ask me last time. If one day I get to choose who dies 1st between the both of us, who will I pick? Stop and think for a min yourself, who will you choose? Unless she can promise me that she will not suffer without me around. Unless she can promise me she will be free from pain when I pass away. Unless I have an asset big enough to cover my love and the rest of my family for life. If not, I�ll rather she die, I�ll suffer in her place, and be with her again when everything ends..

Heard a shocking news this morning. Brother broke up with my future sis in law. She�s such a nice lady, independent and kind. I have no idea what happened, bro refused to let the cat out of the bag. I hope everything is just a moment of spur, and things will get better sooner or later.

You know, true love doesn�t come by easily. When it is around, grab it and never let go. How many times you expect to experience it in your entire life? Some never had a chance till the day they die. Learn to cherish. I believe there are no unsolvable problems, it is just a matter of solutions. No matter how bad times can be, persevere and pull through the tide together. That will be the real true love..

I pray..

that Brother and Sister-in-Law will be together again and happy ever after.
that things will go well and Mom will not suffer anymore.
that my father finally wake up to his senses, even if he needs to be struck by lightning.
that all my friends are happy and fine, and we�ll keep in touch for years to come.
that Sammiz will have a happy life, and may she be blessed with lotsa love and sunshine.

Last but not least..

that fate and lady luck smiles at me, and I�ll be able to fall in love with someone who is willing to go through thick and thin with me for the rest of our lives.

Oh ya, world peace.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today is quite a boring day.

Didn�t head out at all except for buying ToTo. I�m not a gambler, but I do have a habit of buying 2-3 bucks every draw. Old people love to buy 4-D and ToTo isn�t it? Maybe I�m getting old too.

Business isn�t so good nowadays. Xmas, New Year, CNY. The mood is still on and the market is still sleeping. Too much demand yet no supplies. Time for a change of plans? Have to start racking my brains again. Its time to dig out the supplies. =D

Calvin goner fly back this Friday. Sad we couldn�t have a farewell. Cal, if you�re reading this, bon voyage. Enjoy life while you can over there pal. Take good care of yourself. See you soon again.

Started to chat more with Alison nowadays. In fact we never clicked. Used to think its either I�m too lame or she�s too dao. But it turns out she�s a pretty friendly girl. Its funny how I know her years back. She was only a sec school kid! But seeing her grew, through jc and now uni, time really flies. Geez I�m really getting old..

Kill Bill, You�ve Got Mail, Jarhead, Love Actually and 13 Going On 30 are still downloading. I goner have lotsa movies to watch nowadays. Ever since my Serendipity I have been searching other shows. If you peeps have any shows you missed, let me know, I�ll burn for you.

Just watched A Lot Like Love. A nice show, but watching it twice doesn�t give me the sweet feeling anymore. It took Oliver and Emily 6 years and 6 months to get together in the end. How long will mine take? Heaven knows.

Starting to have a very bad feeling nowadays. No matter how much I desire, I�m simply just a friend. Not able to chat much. Not able to hang out. Not able to let her feel the same. Day by day I�ll stare at her msn window, wondering when she will reply. I tried talking to her about all sorts of stuff, but always the usual short replies. She told me fairytales do come true. I wish too..

Its a boring blog for a boring day.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

She asked me why I like her so much. Is there a need for a reason? Must I like her because she�s sweet? Must I like her because she�s caring? Or must I like her because she�s pretty? If so I rather like her because of her altitude, her temper, and her feelings towards me. In that case I won�t miss out anything for not liking her isn�t it?

I just like her the way she is.

I wish I can fall for the ugliest woman in the world. That will be the most beautiful love of my life? I don�t deny looks may play a part in my feelings. But to me, looks is more like honey, a sweet bonus. Yet too sweet, and it attracts unwanted bees. They sting and it hurts. Because of these bees, many ended their lives without a chance to know how honey taste like. I had tasted honey and I had been stung by bees. Now, I just want to be with anyone my feelings bring me to.

I just want to be with her.

She may not have noticed, but we share so many common things. We enjoy romance movies. We love to watch soccer matches. We like the same songs. We both love our grandpa. We love our friends. We are both too hurt in the game of love. We have both seen so much in life. I dare not say I understand her. But I dare say I understand her more bit by bit everyday. One thing for sure, we both treasure love more than anything else.

I just want to treasure her.

The feelings have grown too strong for me to deny myself. It hurts, but it is as wonderful. Her single care beats a thousand disappointments. Her single ignorance kills a thousand hopes. It is a double edge sword. I have fallen too deep, be it heaven or hell. Everything else is too late. She is my everything now.

I just love her.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Met Xx for movie last night.

Pink Panther. The movie drove me nuts! Applause to the director, he can�t be any lamer than this. Was shivering in Bishan GV, but kept laughing and laughing and laughing. Haven�t had any salted popcorn ever since my last broke up, it sure tasted salty alright. Salty feelings.

Damn qiao, saw Leon and some girl watching the same movie. The funny part is he kept calling out �Alvin! Alvin!� when he saw me entering. I was like wondering who�s that idiot keep shouting other people�s name in the cinema. Oops, turned out he was calling for me, with the wrong name. -.-

After the movie was supper at Prata House. I tried their sambal mutton, and it is damn nice can? So soft, totally no mutton stench. Goner order it again on my next supper feast there. Sat there and crapped for awhile before sending her home. 1st time in my life had I ever sent her till her house gates. Usually I�ll stop 1-2 detached houses away. Been quite a long time since I last walked through the street of detached houses, missed the red Ferrari I have always seen. Memories.

Realised many of my friends are still lost in life. They aimlessly wander in this huge world after escaping from the illusionary NS and schools. Being spoon fed since young, they now have to learn the harsh rules of this cruel world. They have merely been following the path paved by their loving parents. Now, reaching the end of the junction, they failed to make their own decision. Many couldn�t even see where they were headed to, thus stopping at the spot, while time ticks away merciless. Culture shock? Welcome to reality, my dear friends.

Love is the same. Between reality and dreams is just a thin fine line. I am still dreaming. The more I love, the more I care. The more I care, the more I desire. The more I desire, the more I�m disappointed. The more I�m disappointed, the more I�m hurt. And therefore, loving her becomes a pain in my heart. I know I�m just dreaming, yet I refused to be awakened. I had fallen too deep.

This spark of love, a flame it won�t be. But it will slowly burn me away, you guys will see.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today I dedicate this post to my one and only Father.

I used to be his beloved son, donkey years ago. Friends close to me would have known what went wrong. He stopped spending a single penny on me ever since primary 5.

What really happened? To be honest, I still do not know. A peek into memory lane will only make me remember about a nasty incident. It was on my grandma�s birthday, I was only primary 5, and bro was in secondary school. That day bro went for scouts camp, and apparently my father didn�t know. He went mad, blaming mom for allowing bro to do so. A heated argument took place, I only remembered mom cried so much. And from that day onwards, I hated him from my heart.

Let me give you a little description about him. Plain selfish, he only thinks for himself. He thinks that he�s always right. He thinks that he had seen the world much more than us, but apparently, on the contrary. Every debate or argument will end up having him shouting:�Argh shut up you dunno any shit!�, in chinese of course. I have not spoken to him for years. If I do, it will be the end of the world.

A little more about him. Unreasonable. He used to lock me out of the house after 6pm. His reasons, I�m in school for too long? I can�t hang around with my friends, I can�t do my homework in school, and definitely no time for projects. He was even against my decision of getting an ECA, which I did in the end, in fact, 2. But hey, don�t be mistaken, I�m not a bad student? I was in EM1 and Express stream for goodness sake. It is a wonder how I missed the chance studying in Chinese High and got into a neighbourhood school instead. Its just him and his unreasonable demands.

Did I mention he is damn stingy? He stopped spending on the family ever since I was in primary 5, even till now. It was my dear mommy that had brought me up with buckets of tears and sweat. The only money he will spend on is electricity and his own telephone bills. Don�t be mistaken that at least he pays electricity bills. He doesn�t even pay fully, the rest are always mom�s responsibility. Every Chinese New Year, angbaos will be given by mom using her own money, not his. I had not receive any angbaos from him ever since I could remember anything. Every household item, the shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste etc, are always bought by mom. Everytime we go NTUC, you will only get to see mom paying with her ATM card, and him walking around acting blur. That�s how shitty he is.

Oh ya, he loves to threaten us with �This house is mine! If you don�t like it, just leave!� But hey, you know what? When he sold our old flat, all the money from the sales went into his stocks. The new house was bought with mom�s CPF. But I guess we just couldn�t be bothered letting him know that fact. After all we are still one happy family, without him.

Mom nearly divorced him in the past. But I was still way too young, so she didn�t. I was actually hoping she did, without him in the house is way much better. Not only I feel this way alright? All 3 of us. Nowadays we are just living day by day, till the time when one of us really cannot stand him anymore and start the bang. He doesn�t have CPF, nor did he buy any insurance. Next time if he is to be hospitalised, mom bro and I will be in deep shit trouble. Thanks to him.

I know, he is my father after all. I�m not saying I won�t be taking care of him next time? If I�m that cruel, I might as well leave the house right now. Why bother risking high blood pressure every time I hear him nag and nag and nag? I�m still human after all. All 3 of us hope he will come to his senses one day.

But sadly, we all know its never goner happen..


Friday, February 17, 2006

Being in love is really such a wonderful feeling.

You care, you worry. You devote yourself to that very special angel who holds the very key to your beating heart. Every second of the clock ticks with her image in your mind. Every time your phone rings you wish to see her name. Every message she gives makes you jump in joy. And you just can�t help but keep smiling. You are just so in love with her..

But humans are always so contradicting in everything they do. While you may love her with all your heart, you are afraid. You fear of her and you fear of yourself. Will she love you? Are you good enough? Can you give her happiness? These questions flooded your mind. Being the unconfident you, she�s like an angel in the heaven, while you�re just a common earthling striving through the unruly world. Your desire is strong. You want to be by her side. You want to love her. But you are just afraid of the future..

This single spark of love. Will it dies off at the lack of appreciation. Or will it become the strongest flame ever.

I say.. Let fate decides..

Be the flame. Not the moths.

Those whom had already watched Cassanova might remember this particular verse? Saw it last night at Bishan GV. Before the show I was guessing the show�s plot since I did not read up any movie previews beforehand. And when the 1st scene of the show came up, I was pretty turned off; it killed all hopes of an interesting movie.

But hey, it turned out to be 1 of the funniest movie I had ever seen in 2006! My friends and I were laughing right till the end. Definitely worth my 7 bucks. You peeps should go watch it too!

Haven�t been sleeping well lately. And it causes headaches I�ve been having nowadays. Maybe I�m thinking and worrying too much. Maybe it is just me. I always have a history of bad slumbers. Used to suffer from migraine. I believe the only times I can have a good sleep are when there is someone sleeping beside me, pampering me, sayanging me.. The good old days..

Couldn�t sleep right now. Head still hurts. And someone is on my mind..


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

As the date shown above, today, it is Valentines Day.

Nothing much in particular, I�m still at home. This is the 2nd year I have been alone. Let us hope there won�t be any 3rd year? The lonely feeling is starting to creep into me. Geez..

Saw Fun With Dick and Jane last night.

As usual, Jim Carrey never failed to impress me with his lame jokes. Starring as a loving husband funny dad, he found himself surprisingly promoted to vice president one day. Things were so good at 1st, but it turned out to be a business scam. From the highest point he fell to the lowest pit. From then on, you�ll see all his ridiculous stuff coming out. It is a happy ending, as usual. Worth my 7 bucks. You peeps might wanna watch too.

Had a nice meet up with one of my buddies last night. Chatted about a lot of stuff. Chatted about my problems. Seems like I had changed quite abit ever since my sec school days. I�m pretty strong if it comes to friends, career and life. But when it comes to love, I�m totally lost. Advises after advises I can give, but couldn�t advise myself. What do I really want right now? Perhaps only myself will know. It is goner take some time to figure that out.

Well, my Valentines plan screwed up today, weren�t able to gather all the singles as planned. Work, school, projects and exams. They are really big spoilers. When Singapore goner state Valentines as a public holiday?

A friend asked me along for ktv, so I�ll be off in 30mins time. Well, at least I�m not goner sit my ass at home starring at this screen for tonight. If you�re reading this today, something must have gone seriously wrong. Take care ya.

Happy Valentines.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Before I continue, let me clarify something. The below content is only for the eyes of guys and girls 21 years old and above. I�m not to be held responsible for anything, alright? So unless you really wish to read on, STOP now.


Still reading? You perverted peeps! LOL! (Just kidding)


Recently, I had just received a disturbing video clip at my email. The title, �Poly Student Caught In The Act�. Obviously I will not reveal the school�s name to protect the school�s reputation and my own interest. I don�t wish to get into court cases for slandering or diminishing other�s reputation do I?

So what is the content about? Well, apparently 2 person were starred in this clip. First will be the poly student, and secondly, her bf. Able to guess whats coming? Yes, they caught themselves on video. While having sex.

God! I swear they are only around 18!

At the beginning, I thought it was just another porn gimmick to make all those perverted guys horny while fulfilling their erotic fantasies. I didn�t even expect them to be Singaporeans. However, my cousin told me otherwise. She is from his school, currently a year 2 student, and she�s a friend�s friend of his. I was so damn shocked. Apparently, I realised it had become a very big hit in the school nowadays. Everyone is spreading the news; it had become hard not to hear of it.

I feel very sad for her. A moment of folly, and I assumed it is the stupid guy�s idea? Now imagine the whole school saw her having sex with someone else, caught on video. Worse still, it is not even censored. I'm not sure
if she is aware of this big issue. If so, I seriously have no idea how is she going to continue life like this. My heart goes out to her.

Some people claimed it is her bf�s doing. Some mentioned it is a girl who has always hated her, happened to chance upon her hp, and spread the clip around. Either way, I find the whole thing pretty ridiculous, and it is so silly to store such stuff in hp. Once I heard from my other�s cousin�s hubby, who is working in the police force, that they recovered a lost hp, and while trying to figure out who�s the owner, he happened to chance upon a self made clip as well. Apparently the owner was found and did come to recover her hp. And the look on her face, priceless..

Well, I believe we are all grown ups now. Having a private sexual intimacy with our love ones is what we will all enjoy doing. Recording may not be wrong, however, please handle with care. As for underage sex, well, good luck to those kids. I will only pity the girls, for it is always the guys� fault.

Last but not least, I regretted deleting the clip.



Sunday, February 12, 2006

I mentioned before I was searching for some VCDs. Yesterday I managed to source it online and had downloaded the clip. It is one of the sweetest shows ever..


The power of fate. The search of a soul mate. The true love. This story shows how 2 strangers got together, with the help of a pair of black gloves, a 5 dollar bill, and an old book.

I�m definitely not going to spoil the show. Watch it yourself!

I have always love watching romance movies. Especially Adam Sandler�s The Wedding Singer and Forgetful Lucy. Damn sweet can? Lets not forget about korean movies as well. Windstruck, A Moment To Remember, My Sassy Girl, each of them is a personal favourite. Be With You and Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World really touched me too, though this 2 japanese movies are not that well known.

If you fancy love shows as much as I do, you definitely won�t wish to miss those I had mentioned above. Believe me.

Love aren�t sweet for me, yet.

Those who know me well will know of my past, my stories, and my pain. But I believe it is what I had gone through, that made up who I am now. You may laugh, but I believe in true love still. Many laughed when mentioning of The One, especially guys. Many chose not to expect too much. For me, I�m searching for a soul mate. I�m too tired to get into a relationship just to fall out again. I had enough. And perhaps that is still the reason why I�m single. An empty window of 2 years. I�m still waiting..

I�m very disappointed at how things are going nowadays. Girls around me seem to get hurt one after another. And the things their guys do, unforgivable. Is it becoming a trend? Or is it just me and my friends? Right before last December I have 7 girls of mine on the verge of breaking up. I spent a lot of time consoling, comforting. Right now 3 broke up, 1 patched, and 3 still avoiding reality. I am damn sad can. Each and every one of them treated their love ones like king. Yet they were trampled upon and wasted away. Love really is blind..

I can�t tolerate an unhappy relationship. If it is so difficult being happy together, I will rather stop wasting time. I believe in compromising too. But it seems like many couples misunderstood its meaning. They usually talk about compromising, and not practicing it. Quarrels came in place of talking, and thus fights and breakups. I guess jealousy and gossips play a big part too. And, of course, trust.

Love just aren�t so sweet and simple anymore.

Well, horoscopes mentioned people born in the year of the Boar will have love luck this year. So many of my friends told me the same thing. But I�m not expecting much. After all, feelings play a very big part. Wish all the piggies Good Luck. =]


Friday, February 10, 2006

Just had a haircut.

My hair grow damn fast can? I remembered just having a cut right before CNY. Its not even a month yet. Perhaps that is the reason why I dread cutting hair during my poly days. Imagine 3 years of studies and I never even visit the salon more than 3 times? But my hair was so damn long and ugly back then I was actually disgusted with myself.

Since young I have been having problems with hair. Dry and damaged, I still wonder where went wrong. Maybe it is the bad habit I used to have when I was still a boy, mixing all the brands of shampoo together? Anyway those who know me will know, my hair is too thick too rough too dry. Unable to style. Not even the hairdressers. Believe me.

Was at Bishan shopping yesterday.

While waiting for my 1 of my buddies (cg) for almost half an hour (as usual), I was at the VCD shop the whole time, trying to find this show called �Serendipity�. A dear friend of mine adores this show, and I was hoping to be lucky. Any ideas peeps? Need to get my hands on that soon.

Anyway, I�m condemning the G2000 male store at Junction 8. Simply pissed. The old lady treating us transparent had already made my blood boiling. And when cg asked about the pants on display, her answer made me snapped. �That display pants? Oh, it comes along with the coat and cost $190. You sure you can afford? I don�t think so.�

What the?! Do I look like a freaking beggar?! A simple red tees and jeans with my old army brooks shoes mean I don�t have 190 bucks? For goodness sake I�m earning far more than her! Whats with that attitude? Must I bring out my visa, masters, or amex before she will wag her tail and smile at me saying �How may I help you, Sir?�

Anyway cg knew I was damn pissed. Look at my face and you will know too. I hate being belittled. I hate being looked down upon. I mentioned right in her face I will never buy anything from her store. But cg was desperate for white shirts and bought a few in the end. He sounded pretty sarcastic while making payment, well, I think he�s trying to ease my anger abit. Thanks pal. Lol.

We had dinner at Caf� Cartel.

Instead of my usual Rodeo ribs, I tried having the fish and prawn platter. When the food came, I was horrified. That piece of �fish� looked like a big piece of pork lard. Not only its so fattening, it tasted so horrible as well. The flour was so thick, I couldn�t chew the meat! Made a feedback in the end.

When I got home it was pretty late. Wanted to chat with someone, but was too tired. Furthermore, she�s troubled, and seldom replies me. Perhaps it is what we call �yi xiang qing yuan�. I chose to rest.

Sometimes I wish I have the power. The power to cure. And love will be the greatest enemy I face.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hello Peeps.

Oh my, how long has it been since my last blog?
3 long years my friends.

So what made me start all over again?
Thanks to all my dear friends who keep nagging at me. *you peeps know who you are lah*

So.. now you guys get to read my gossips again.. satisfied?
Lol.. you peeps really have nothing better to do.. *shakes head*

Every journey starts with the 1st step.

I guess the same goes for blogging.

Stay tune, and you shall unravel all mysteries of my private life once again.