Friday, October 13, 2006

Was @ Woodlands Partyworld with my colleauge Keng.

Non stop 4 hours of singin yellin shoutin rappin laughin wadeva you name it. Imagine 80 over songs in our list within the 1st hour waitin to be sung, and we only managed to clear till 30+ ejectin halfway throughout each and every song. Had a crazy fun time!

Watchin 天国的嫁衣 made me think alot.

1st of all, 王心凌 wasn't as detestable as i had imagined. The role she played really understands other people's heart very well. Obviously such a person doesn't really exist in our world, but yup dramas always make people imagine bout perfect things. "If only...bla bla bla", i'm so sick of hearin it..

2ndly, the love and r/s in this show is kinda common in real life. For eg, 明道 is the perfect guy, treatin 王心凌 as good as you can imagine. However she simply couldn't feel anythin for him, and God knows why she fell in love with the 'Rich Man' (can't be bothered with his name, heard he's a SG model). So end up 明道 kept helpin 王心凌 with her r/s with 'Rich Man', while sufferin all the pain of givin away his own sweet love, alone. And the r/s between 王心凌 and 'Rich Man' is foreva on the rocks..

Doesn't the situation sounds awfully familiar? 99% of you peeps must have friends or whoever sufferin from the same story. If you're under the 1% group then either you're lucky or you're just not that sociable haha..

Anyway enough of the show. I'm startin to get tired of the plot, though i'll love to watch more of 王心凌. She's really damn sweet (her character in the show) and i just can't help but notice her expressions and body languages lol..

你最想沟通的人.. 和你沟通不了..
你最想见的人.. 却见不到..
Its really very disheartenin..


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