Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a misty and moonless 中秋节..

I can still remember the full moon 2 years ago. Was @ Chinese Garden with inin as it was the holdin Disney theme lantern exhibition. Supposed to bring Ryan (her nephew) along, but ended up with just the two of us. We had already broke up by then, just fulfilling the very last promise we made together..

Yesterday was quite a mess. Supposed to visit Chinese Garden lantern exhibition with YanPing in the evenin, but seems like her new job is full of challenges, she was flooded with OT. Wanted to wait for her after work, at least we can have a peep at the full moon together. But she chose to give up..

As YanPing informed me the night before she couldn't make it for 中秋节, i had decided to join my colleagues for Sentosa. The problem is i was workin till 1am the day before, and i joined Michael for supper and beer and had a great heart chat. By the time i was home it was already 4am plus. As much as i intended to stay awake and meet Jean at 8am, by the time i realised what was going on, the sun was shinin on my butt! When i look at my hp, wow it was 2pm. Apparently i dozed off while sittin on my bed..

Met JiaWen @ PS around 4pm, we agreed to have Haagen Dazs! But to our disappointment there weren't any of its restaurant in town. We went Far East Plaza instead, searchin for this very nice Tinkerbell neckie she mentioned. But again we were disappointed! Walked round and round on the 2nd and 3rd floor enterin each and every accessory shop, there wasn't any Tinkerbell at all..

Junction 8 was our next destination because of this cosy Haagen Dazs restaurant we recalled. We had Fondue! Wonderin what it is? Hmmm let me try to explain.. 3 scoops of coffee, 3 scoops of raspberry, 4 scoops of chocolate, 4 scoops of peanuts, 3 choco love letters, 2 choco cookies, few pieces of cheese cake, lotsa stawberry apple and banana fruits, and a big tub of belgian hot chocolate. SINFUL! Thats the only word i can use to describe..

World Trade Centre is a good show. Though it may not be compared to the exact disaster happened on 9/11 5 years ago, but the story brought on screen was heart wrenchin enough. Imagine only 20 person were dug out throughout the whole ordeal. The rest were lost foreva, remained only in the memories of their love ones..

There was this part of the show i was really deeply touched. When Nicholas Cage was dyin, buried under tons of rubbles, memories of his wife went through his mind. When he was finally rescued from hell, the moment he saw his wife at the hospital, he broke into tears. He told her 1 sentence. ""

It was hazy the whole day. Night was worse, couldn't see a thing in the sky. Even the beautiful full moon went missing. What a great way to spend 中秋节..


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