Saturday, September 06, 2008

If Fate is an entity, she's really impish.

A personal definition of Fate is, it bein the chance of things to happen. Whether we grasp the moment or let it go, its another story. While things can be as shitty as the headline and its article, Fate really brings pleasant surprises too..

Like how i met my 1st twin friends?

I have no idea what i have done to deserve.
2 absolutely sweet & lovely ladies.
Their existence alone bring warmth.
Needless to explain more.

If there's ever this day i can walk alongside, you bet the guys are gonna hate me for life ahaha.

Enough of walkin in this chillin world.
Let me show somethin that will bring a smile for the day.


A short clip by Pixar, bein shown before the movie Wall-E. And yaa, you bet Wall-E is so much better. A really cute approach to romance too. Saw it in bangkok, and i don't mind catchin once more. I mean, if 10 bucks can buy a joyous 100mins of life, why not? *winks*

The fact i'm awake now typin away is really disbelievin. A moment ago i was still noddin away, after a tirin sat swim and late lunch. Partly thanks to the smses i guess. And not forgettin, the msn chats =]

Have a big Q for you all.

Does status differences strike fear in you? For example, crushin on a sweeet little daughter of 1 of the richest men on the island. You will realise, unless miracles do occur, but for a mere peasant to become a duke? At most i can work real hard and provide a comfortable life at best. But to attain riches like her father?

It is not impossible.
Yet it is not assured.
Furthermore, yaa, it takes 2 hands to clap.
Maybe i'm just someone else in her heart..

But, well, just a crush.
I've already been so teared apart.
I need love, not fun.
See how things go..

Anyway, a song to wrap things up.

Mika Nakashima. I love her vocals.
There were other better songs, but let me show this 1st.

Until next time, yaa?


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