Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been busy these days!

Nope, not with spring cleanin. My room is still infested with lotsa foreign items not known to the room's owner. Really need to start a clean up campaign these days. If only i can acquire absolute permission to clear away anythin that hinders my path..

For those who didn't hear, i'm beginnin a little car wash job at nights. For the sake of some easy spare cash, i'll be splashin water on neighbours' cars every night! Well, it takes around 10 minutes for wipin each 4 wheels, so it should be able to brin me a proper sum at the end of each month. Wooots, i can even workout this way!

Just had a ktv session on saturday, with Bryan, Calvin, Elaine and Shufen! Sang until my voice turned hoarse, as usual. I still have so many songs i wanna sing though..

Let me share a few songs i've sung the other day!

五月天 - 你不是真正的快乐
(new song!)

五月天 - 突然好想你
(new song too!)

李圣杰 - 擦肩而过
(i dislike him, but i like this song)

小猪 - 防盗锁
(used to be Ray's ringtone lol)

吴克群 - 爱太痛
(his very down-to-earth-sad song)

I needa rush off to settle some issues,
Will update again soon.


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