Friday, February 10, 2006

Just had a haircut.

My hair grow damn fast can? I remembered just having a cut right before CNY. Its not even a month yet. Perhaps that is the reason why I dread cutting hair during my poly days. Imagine 3 years of studies and I never even visit the salon more than 3 times? But my hair was so damn long and ugly back then I was actually disgusted with myself.

Since young I have been having problems with hair. Dry and damaged, I still wonder where went wrong. Maybe it is the bad habit I used to have when I was still a boy, mixing all the brands of shampoo together? Anyway those who know me will know, my hair is too thick too rough too dry. Unable to style. Not even the hairdressers. Believe me.

Was at Bishan shopping yesterday.

While waiting for my 1 of my buddies (cg) for almost half an hour (as usual), I was at the VCD shop the whole time, trying to find this show called �Serendipity�. A dear friend of mine adores this show, and I was hoping to be lucky. Any ideas peeps? Need to get my hands on that soon.

Anyway, I�m condemning the G2000 male store at Junction 8. Simply pissed. The old lady treating us transparent had already made my blood boiling. And when cg asked about the pants on display, her answer made me snapped. �That display pants? Oh, it comes along with the coat and cost $190. You sure you can afford? I don�t think so.�

What the?! Do I look like a freaking beggar?! A simple red tees and jeans with my old army brooks shoes mean I don�t have 190 bucks? For goodness sake I�m earning far more than her! Whats with that attitude? Must I bring out my visa, masters, or amex before she will wag her tail and smile at me saying �How may I help you, Sir?�

Anyway cg knew I was damn pissed. Look at my face and you will know too. I hate being belittled. I hate being looked down upon. I mentioned right in her face I will never buy anything from her store. But cg was desperate for white shirts and bought a few in the end. He sounded pretty sarcastic while making payment, well, I think he�s trying to ease my anger abit. Thanks pal. Lol.

We had dinner at Caf� Cartel.

Instead of my usual Rodeo ribs, I tried having the fish and prawn platter. When the food came, I was horrified. That piece of �fish� looked like a big piece of pork lard. Not only its so fattening, it tasted so horrible as well. The flour was so thick, I couldn�t chew the meat! Made a feedback in the end.

When I got home it was pretty late. Wanted to chat with someone, but was too tired. Furthermore, she�s troubled, and seldom replies me. Perhaps it is what we call �yi xiang qing yuan�. I chose to rest.

Sometimes I wish I have the power. The power to cure. And love will be the greatest enemy I face.



Mint said...

Haha, heya Alan~ I bet you know who this is.. ;P

I came online on MSN and saw your name with blogspot!!! Hahahaha!!! Just wondering if you would let me link to your blog... =P

From the looks of it, you have quite an... "interesting" day about your shopping experiences... ~_~ Also, something about your love problems eh?

If you don't mind carrying on talking about it in ur blog, I don't mind reading it... haha!! ^_^;; Anywayz, take care!

Anonymous said...

heh, welcome to the world of bloggers! keep smiling my friend. dont fret over e hair too much! =) -yashi