Sunday, February 12, 2006

I mentioned before I was searching for some VCDs. Yesterday I managed to source it online and had downloaded the clip. It is one of the sweetest shows ever..


The power of fate. The search of a soul mate. The true love. This story shows how 2 strangers got together, with the help of a pair of black gloves, a 5 dollar bill, and an old book.

I�m definitely not going to spoil the show. Watch it yourself!

I have always love watching romance movies. Especially Adam Sandler�s The Wedding Singer and Forgetful Lucy. Damn sweet can? Lets not forget about korean movies as well. Windstruck, A Moment To Remember, My Sassy Girl, each of them is a personal favourite. Be With You and Crying Out Love In The Center Of The World really touched me too, though this 2 japanese movies are not that well known.

If you fancy love shows as much as I do, you definitely won�t wish to miss those I had mentioned above. Believe me.

Love aren�t sweet for me, yet.

Those who know me well will know of my past, my stories, and my pain. But I believe it is what I had gone through, that made up who I am now. You may laugh, but I believe in true love still. Many laughed when mentioning of The One, especially guys. Many chose not to expect too much. For me, I�m searching for a soul mate. I�m too tired to get into a relationship just to fall out again. I had enough. And perhaps that is still the reason why I�m single. An empty window of 2 years. I�m still waiting..

I�m very disappointed at how things are going nowadays. Girls around me seem to get hurt one after another. And the things their guys do, unforgivable. Is it becoming a trend? Or is it just me and my friends? Right before last December I have 7 girls of mine on the verge of breaking up. I spent a lot of time consoling, comforting. Right now 3 broke up, 1 patched, and 3 still avoiding reality. I am damn sad can. Each and every one of them treated their love ones like king. Yet they were trampled upon and wasted away. Love really is blind..

I can�t tolerate an unhappy relationship. If it is so difficult being happy together, I will rather stop wasting time. I believe in compromising too. But it seems like many couples misunderstood its meaning. They usually talk about compromising, and not practicing it. Quarrels came in place of talking, and thus fights and breakups. I guess jealousy and gossips play a big part too. And, of course, trust.

Love just aren�t so sweet and simple anymore.

Well, horoscopes mentioned people born in the year of the Boar will have love luck this year. So many of my friends told me the same thing. But I�m not expecting much. After all, feelings play a very big part. Wish all the piggies Good Luck. =]



Anonymous said...

love is always blind to flaws. -yashi

Mint said...

Hehe... it's not the horoscope.. :P More like the Chinese Zodiac... ^^"

But yet again, these things, I only use them as references. But I can become quite a superstitious person when it comes to regarding about studies... hehe~

Feelings, I suppose they come at the right time... No point of trying to let yourself "expect" something, coz in the end, you'll end up feeling disappointed... which is like you just said there, not expecting much.

Hehe, as one of my friend used to say... "Never expect anything in return, if there are things that turns out the way how you don't want it to be, you'll end up disappointed. Best to hope"

I find that quite true, don't you think?

zuko said...

Very true, love is always blind to flaws..

Thats chinese horoscope to you, Mint. What your friend mentioned is true. Never expect anything in return. But sadly it aren't applicable during problem solving.

Right now, perhaps I'm just waiting for the feelings to appear. They have been gone for years.

I'll work hard. =]