Thursday, March 16, 2006

It has been awhile.

I am fine. Been spending days trying to ease my mind, finding solutions to the problems I face. Solved a few, others still pending. I�ll see what I can do.

Life is full of tests and obstacles. Reality is pretty cruel. Things always happen. And it is how individual handles the situation that makes the difference. Many couldn�t take the torment and blame God, fate, or even destiny for their problems. They had never blamed themselves though, for it is often their own wrong doings that bring them their downfalls. They simply couldn�t realise things until it is all too late.

Humans are pitiful. They always contradict themselves. As a bystander, they can give the most wonderful advises ever. But as a victim, they often fall into the deepest of pits, drowning in their own sorrows and pain and misery, never to rise again. No matter what we bystanders can say, words are merely a form of encouragement and guidance. The actual route is chosen by the tormented souls themselves. Be it the road to happiness or destruction, it is their own decisions. No one can interfere.

Many think smiling through the hard times is merely faking happiness. But I�ll rather work on smiling than sulking through my life. Learn to isolate problems and tackle them rather than crying over spilled milk and still crying. To me, it will take more courage smiling than crying.

Find meaning in life.


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