Sunday, March 19, 2006

Watched TransAmerica on Friday.

Supposed to meet up Xx after her classes end at 10pm, but in the end I was late again. I�m starting to be late whenever I�m meeting her nowadays, lol. Anyway we strolled from City Hall to Parklane where she went to meet up some friends at E-Games. Soon we strolled to Cineleisure again for the movie.

I was pretty surprised the seats we got were on the 2nd row up front, didn�t strike me that so many people will watch that R(21) show. It was a pretty nice story, gave me a similar feeling from BrokeBack, just less touching with less action. The only thing you get to see throughout the show is the transexual�s �thing�. Oh ya, not forgetting a couple of yandao�s butt as well.

Wasn�t in the best of moods that night. I believe Xx wasn�t either, and she was so tired. The show ended around 1 plus, and we went home straight after. Felt so lousy.

Saturday was pretty boring as well.

Slept till late noon, went cousin�s place for Lord of the Ring, rotting my time away before I got home at 2am last night. I was the only walking soul in the whole bloody quiet neighbourhood lor? There�s this school I have to pass by, so eerie. Then right beside my place is this wide open field and a mini forest, with lotsa strays howling, so spooky too. It will be funny if I�m to see a beautiful lady in red or white at that time. But I don�t think I mind, lol.

Today is home alone day, as usual. Most prob I�ll head to cousin�s place for LOTR part 3 later. Been missing the gym for days, I should be heading back on Monday. As for jogging, my last was Thursday, and I�m feeling so damn lazy nowadays. My tummy can�t convince me, how?

Haven�t been chatting much with Miss Tan nowadays, and I hate that feeling.


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