Friday, March 10, 2006

Went out with Mom today.

We headed for Takashimaya 1st. Xx have a box of oracle cards with me and I exchanged a new set for her. Mom had a haircut too. Anyway, is it so weird for a 23 year old to accompany his Mom for shopping in town? I admit we are both casually dressed, but what is with the attention today? Especially the girls, staring as though I�m a freak. Irritating.

We went Bugis to pray afterwards. No crowd, no pushing. I prayed for many people today. No point praying for myself, because I used to do so and it doesn�t work. Anyway it will be nice seeing my love ones doing good. More than enough.

After praying Mom and I went to meet up with my small aunt and uncle for a little chit chatting. Soon all 4 of us went to another aunt and uncle�s place to gather. The aunties started their usual round of �4 colour cards�, while uncles and I watched tv and drank Champaign. Soon it was 12 midnight and here I am, just got back, blogging.

Miss Tan wore the necklace I got her today.

You know, you don�t care for someone hoping that she will care for you too. You do little things to make her happy, and her smile will be the best gift in return.

I had a surprise overseas call from a long lost friend. She really made my day.


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