Thursday, March 09, 2006

Today is my cousin�s wedding.

Remember the cute little girl whom is always in my baby photos? Yup, she is the beautiful bride today. A year older than me, my beloved biao jie is finally walking down the aisle with her one and only hubby. May their marriage be blissful and happy!

I took a lot of photos with my cousins today, but only managed to take those few with my phone. So I�ll upload the rest once I got hold on them. Think I down more than 10 glasses of red wine today, so my head is a little heavy right now. Lotsa good food too, I�m getting fat.

Burning sharkfin. Just pour some wine and light it up. Our family style of eating.

Its such a wonderful feeling walking down the aisle with your love one. To me, the feeling of getting married is like �I�m finally yours�. Thinking about spending the rest of our lives together alone will make me so damn happy can. Think I goner be so touched at my own wedding next time.

I simply love weddings.


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