Monday, April 03, 2006

Once again it has been a few days.

Recently met up with my sec school classmates for dinner. Remember the stingray I praised during previous entries? We had a feast there. It is very fun to meet up after a whole 7 years, chatting and joking about the past and stuff. Lotsa gossips lol managed to find out lotsa stuff we didn�t get to know last time. Memories.

Everyone seems to be fine. But deep inside I saw troubles in their hearts. Shall not mention who in particular, they should know who they are. I�m not a guru in heart matters, but I guess I just knew. Sincerely hope everyone will do well for years to come, and we will be able to meet up all the time.

7 years ago I used to have feelings for someone. I can still remember the pager songs, the messages, the CD, etc. I had a heartbreak during that time. 7 years later the feelings still linger, and meeting up triggers it every time. Now everyone have their own life, and I just care for everyone, just her more.

Some asked about Miss Tan, how is it going and stuff. I can only say it is just a feeling of mine, it came, and I responded to it. But I didn�t take initiative and I wasn�t convinced at all. To me, it takes 2 hands to clap, and when I am denied of answers I seek, I believe nothing is going to happen. It is a chore to love and care and hurt myself in the process. So I have decided to let go, and like the heart candies, it will fade away day by day.

Maybe I�m just a person with too many feelings.

I might be taking a trip to Taiwan soon, going for a stroll and breather. Thanks government for the 900bucks, though I had already donated 100bucks to Chen Su Lan Chidlren�s Home. The remaining 800bucks will do me good overseas.

I�ll post again soon.


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