Monday, March 27, 2006

Long time no blog.

Things have been fine. Though I�m still lost seeking for directions, my days are still alright. Haven�t been sleeping much lately, have such a shag face and fair skin. Didn�t head out for the whole bloody week. I look terrible.

Met up with buddy CG at Bishan today. Did a little shopping, and I caught Failure to Launch with him. Hey peeps, it�s a very nice movie, kept me laughing non stop. You guys should catch it too.

Had a little surprise today. Got a package. Inside I found a packet of heart candies, and it is my favorite flavor, melon. There�s also a keychain which I kept it in my drawer now, together with all my other precious letters and gifts. I�m using the previous keychain, and doubt I�ll change it until it is too worn out. There�s this cute little bear too! So cute till I don�t know how to describe it. It is a June bear, and it has the number 23 on it. Love it.

I�m so not used to this kind of sweetness. Never had anyone who will make such effort that comes from within the heart. I am touched. You seriously made my life a lot brighter than it seems.

Thanks Miss Tan.


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