Monday, April 24, 2006


No inspiration to blog recently, mind occupied by many other stuff. Life is a little topsy turvy nowadays, woke up at night and sleeping in the morning. Feels like holidays again.

Went swimming days back. Realised I’m still pretty noob in the water. Most prob I won’t drown, but my free style won’t take me anywhere either. Had a good time in the sun though, skin are shedding now. Have been wanting to get a good tan. Maybe I’ll go again soon.

Watched Eight Below few nights ago. A nice touching show worth 8 bucks, especially if you’re an animal lover. The huskies are beauties I tell you, make me wanna have my own. Though the plot is simple, but there are scenes your heart will miss a beat. Go catch it, I recommend it.

Most prob will be having another ktv session with cousin later. Its fun when you’re with 1 or 2 close friends trying out songs you had never sung before. I love singing, even though I’m not David Tao nor Jay Chow. Many say I sing like Zhang Yu, not sure if that’s a compliment though. Bah.

Speaking of cousin, he is finally going to serve the nation. June is drawing near, any last wishes? Bwahahahaha *evil laugh* =P

To be honest I was pretty worried how is life goner be like when I was about to serve NS. Except for those ‘knock it down!’ and ‘sign extra!’, it turns out to be pretty fun. Though something drastic happened to me during BMT, I did enjoy myself for the rest of the time. My close friends should know, bout my dramatic breakup and stuff. Those 3 months held the most painful memories of my life. Nonetheless I got over it, and ya, felt like I had gone through hell and back again.

I still wish Min well, may her have all the happiness she sought, and the marriage be a blissful journey for both.

Days back when Xx asked me if I had ever chatted with someone on the phone till either one of us fall asleep, I recalled a lot of things. There’s only one person I had ever did that with. Chatted till so tired but yet unwilling to hang up. That was how sweet things were in the past. If only.. =]



OMG! Rainny is back in Singapore!

Don’t know why but I felt sad when you flew off last time. How I wish you’ll stay for good this time. Remember our promise, we will meet up someday..

Gosh, written so much tonight and I were complaining that I had no inspiration. -.-“


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