Sunday, April 30, 2006

Went Partyworld yesterday.

Met up with Elaine and GB in the noon and we sang at Clementi. Had a great time singing new songs, and trying those I had never attempt before. Enjoyed singing duets with Elaine. But perhaps I might have sung a little too many songs, the duo did'
t sing much. Can see Elaine was tired, and GB didn't really want to sing. Oh well..

Sadly, after the singing we went our own separate ways. GB went home to study, and Elaine went home for dinner. I wanted to meet up with Charis, been long since I last met her, but she's tired. Hope I'
ll meet up with Charis soon. Sweet girl. Anyway I met up with Xx instead at Bishan. We had Café Cartel, a little shopping after that, and she went to meet her friends at the end. Sigh..

Really wondering how she is doing nowadays. Missed her..

Recently saw The Wild. Hey, it's a damn funny show! Can't compare to Ice Age 2 definitely, but I dare say it is the 2nd funniest! Especially that stupid koala bear! Go catch it man lol. By the way I watched 2 shows today, Hitch and Cinderella Man. Both are nice, if you haven't watch it yet, do get the VCDs? Can always get me to burn for you too.

I sound a little monotonous today. Well, it has been a boring day.


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