Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spinocerebellar Degeneration Disease.

For some unknown reasons, the nerve cells in the cerebellum are slowly degenerating. As time passes, the body will cease to move freely. Soon, you won't be able to stand and will require the use of a wheelchair. It will then be difficult to write and talk. Eventually, activities are totally restricted. And you will fall asleep one fine day, never to wake up again.

How will you feel, if you have this disease?
Will you still look forward to the future?
Will you break down and lost all hopes?
Will you be able to accept the cruel fact?
Will you still be able to smile?

Humans usually don't appreciate things until all became too late. Unknown to many, there are a few unlucky ones struggling to cherish. Fate have played a cruel joke on them, giving too little time to fulfill too many wish. They have no one to blame for their limited life, maybe only God if there is any. Not only they aren't able to have a normal life, to be a burden to their love ones, to be discriminated by all others, to have all dreams shattered, to have no future, living on is simply too heart breaking. Yet, to live on is the only wish that they will ever wish for, even if its only 1 day more..

When was the last time i watched a jap drama and had my eyes sore red? That would be almost 5 years ago. I could still remember i was so touched that tears just came down by itself. Today, i finished all 11 episodes of a new jap drama. Never had i ever cried my heart out watching a show. To be honest, i really lost count how many times my tears flowed. Thanks to the show, my eyes are super puffy and swollen right now. Perhaps its like the title of the show, i had cried "1 Litre of Tears"..

Humans have declared the 7 Wonders of the World. But haven't all of us overlooked the simplest things? Isn't being able to move a wonder? Isn't being able to talk a wonder? Isn't being able to think and feel, a wonder? To me, to be able to feel is the most wonderful thing. It gives me alot of thoughts. It tells me alot of things. It even showed me miracles..

Some people tell me i'm emotional, and i am proud of it. To live on in this world without feelings, that will be very sad indeed.


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