Sunday, May 28, 2006

Woke up to a heavy raining Sunday.

Weather was cool, the breeze made me feel good. Watching the raindrops falling, it somehow showed me a beautiful scene. There were a few little kids playing in the field below, and I envied them, reminding me how old I am..

A piece of the sky.

Was out with Phyllis and Qiwei on Thursday. Both i knew for quite some time, especially Qiwei, my childhood buddy since pri school. Ages had passed since i last met both, so it was a really happy day. Though aimlessly walking around in town, we had a great time chatting and listening about our lives. We even sinned at NYDC, huge choco drinks and delicious 'fattening' mudpies. Simply can't resist..

That night i went to meet up with cousins and their friends for X-Men 3. Cool show, expected plot, with a few unexpected twist. Didn't expect Cyclops to die so early in the show. Didn't expect Xavier to die. Was expecting Pheonix to be prettier, lol. Well, it was rather nice nonetheless. I just hope there aren't X-Men 4, cause that old man Magneto had his power back at the very last scene..

Friday was pretty stagnant, stayed home to finish my shows, and reading my recently bought book. Remember the sad jap drama I blogged about previously? Came across the real life victim's diary, and I was quite attracted by it. So here am I nowadays, trying to read all the chinese words, and luckily I'm pretty good with it. Went to cousin Nelson's place and stayed overnight, watching DVDs and stuff. Got home the next day around 11pm, bathed, chatted on msn, and slept soon after..

Feel like going overseas soon. I want to go on a trip, relax myself, gather my thoughts. I want to see things that can't be found in Singapore. I want to learn more about life. Hope I will be able to find a good partner for all these trips. Will be better if it is a group of friends..

I am interested to learn the Sign Language. Checked up the courses @ Singapore Association for the Deaf, and found that the cost is damn steep. It will take one damn long year to finish all the stages of the course, slow and expensive. I was expecting something more pleasant..

Well if anybody is interested to join me, let me know? Be it Sign Language, or be it overseas trips.

Its goner be a long week soon.


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