Friday, May 12, 2006

When i saw MI3 last week, i thought it was a pretty action-packed movie. But after watching Poseidon last night, my opinions changed totally. From the very 1st min the wave crashed till the choppers came at the end, i was immersed with fear and adreanaline. The whole escape is so exciting that i couldn't stop thinking and pondering. A whole freaking big cruise boat sunk and only so few survived. Damn tragic. Go catch the show, 2 thumbs up.

18th goner be Da Vinci Code, 19th is Over The Hedge, while 25th shall be X-Men 3. Goner be a month of eye opening shows.

Was having soccer on Tues night when i unintentionally overstretched my left thigh. It still hurts now, can't jog nowadays. Most prob Sunday goner be another game hope i'll be good in time.

Been staying home these 2 days watching VCDs. This korean drama(KD) that i had watched, 'Hao Jie Chun Xiang', is one of my favourites so far. Sweet romance, sad life, touching love, happy ending. A far cry from those dying and crying scenes most other KDs have.

Cheng Chun-Hyang is a sweet, intelligent and talented high school student. Without her father around since the age of 2, she and her mom worked hard to make ends meet and had a happy life together. Having Korea National University as her main goal in life, she worked really hard and always get fantastic results. Life is pretty good until..

One day she met Lee Meng-Long, son of a respected police superintendent, but also a rascal who is always into fights and troubles. With a little twist of fate, they ended up having to marry each other without really any love in between..

As time goes by, feelings start to grow. But just when things are getting ripe, 2 person stepped into their love life and tried all means and ways to seperate them. They did succeed, but their love will never die..

I love the way the couple love each other. So sweet, so cute. And the way a person can sacrifise everything unselfishly for their love ones, it is amazing and something i'm envious and jealous of. No matter how painful it hurts to protect, they will do so. Just the kind of love that i seek. Or maybe, everybody else too..

Perhaps all the girls i had met me are like Chai-Ling, someone that Meng-Long likes at the beginning, yet no real feelings in between. Not those 'i will die for you' kind of feelings. In our real world right now, love is like so cheap. You can get it anywhere anytime, but you will feel that something important is missing. Everybody no longer know or understand what real love is anymore..

I'll wait for my Chun-Hyang, no matter how long it takes..

Sarang heyo..
Sarang hagei..


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