Sunday, May 07, 2006


Woke up early in the morning for soccer today. Never had a game since donkey years ago? My legs aren't listening to me now and i nearly need an ambulance for cab. i'm so very exhausted right now and might just doze off typing this halfway.. Zzz..

Brought mom to Marina for steamboat yesterday! Supposed to be Mother's Day celebration even though its not the exact date. Anyway apparently it was her 1st time and everything's pretty funny. Though it was damn crowded and smokey but i guess everyone in the family enjoyed themselves.

My cute mom who didn't know she's caught on camera.

Neighbour's steamboat caught fire, no idea how they did that.

A scene taken outside my window. Guess dusk or dawn?

Taken by Xx at a junction in town weeks back. Lotsa TPs.

Recently got to know many of my cousin's friends. They are all nice people, but someone caught my attention. He is a good friend i can tell, but cousin told me many stories about him, he and his love stories. Apparently he is someone who keep changing gfs. The impression his stories gave me was he's just trying to enjoy himself with them. Most guys behave the same, i believe. But for his case, the girls just keep flocking to him, even though they know his expenditures. He's neither suave nor cool, but i guess there must be some factors. Well i'm not close to him so i'm not supposed to judge, but if things are true, then something must be very wrong..

Yeah i'll be meeting Charis soon next week. She's such a busy girl, have to set date beforehand. But i'm glad she didn't forget me and will still spend time getting me out. Looking forward. =]

Its the Euro Champ Final!
ARse vs Barca.
Big head vs Buck teeth.
Who will prevail?

I shall find out tonight.


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