Thursday, June 15, 2006

Everytime a pal breaks up with his gf, there will be a good chance of me losing him as a friend. Because sometimes their gfs will call and confide in me instead.

Those pals of mine have either dumped them for another woman, or simply saying the cruel 'no more feelings' verdict. When they called me and I got to learn about it, I felt so ashamed of those pals. Argued with a few, lost contact with the rest. But what I gained was priceless la, right?

No idea why, but such things have been happening to me all these years. And thanks to that, I have a few understanding good buddies whom I can chat heart to heart today. Now, who says a guy and girl cannot have pure friendship? =P

Maybe I make a better buddy to confide in, than a good bf to be with. Sophia says so.

Anyway Spain won 4-0, owning match, YEAH.

I'm still coughing away, goner cough my lungs out someday.


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