Monday, June 12, 2006

I'd just finished chatting with one of my primary school friend. We weren't close at all during the 6 years in class, and weren't close at all even till today. Yet it feels so happy to chat about the good old times and having all the sweet memories coming back..

She used to stay a few blocks away from me. Surprisingly she's still able to recall seeing my mom fetching me home, though I started going home alone most of the time ever since primary 2. There's also this mama shop below my place, all 3 owners love me to bits. Used to play around the void deck with my buddies too, it was so much fun..

I was in EM1, but honestly my grades aren't something to be proud of. All I did was had fun, and mom was too busy to check on me. Thanks to my father, she has to work all the time. So a bad student like me who didn't study deserves one of the lowest scores in class. PSLE was only 229..

Heard alot about my former classmates. Medical schools, dentist, lawyers, all the high flyers. I'm not surprised. So many of my classmates went to schools like RV, Chinese High, Raffles Int. Sometimes I wonder if I'm supposed to be like them too. Obviously not, right?

1 of my classmates passed away. If you're thinking dying at the age of 23 is sad, think again. He passed away after O's. The worst part is I only get to know about it today. He was one of the brainy kids, I still remember he had 260+ for PSLE. Heard he did damn well for O's as well. So sad he had to leave us so early..

Enough of childhood.
I'm still sick and feverish.
Should be resting soon, blood shot eyes..


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