Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First of all..

Thanks for all the concerns bout mom. She's feeling much better now, today is the last day of her MC, and she'll be free from work until coming Sunday. Thank goodness..

This early noon, there was this damn BIG bee flying around in my room. It scared the highlights out of me la, appeared right in my face, nearly fell from my chair. Thought I chased it out with my pillow and I closed all my windows. But who knows this evening when I tried putting on my berms, I got freaking shocked! Lotsa soil, and 4 crawling green yucky worms!

Mom said its the bee's hive. I just wore the berms yesterday, and the windows were closed all the time till this noon. So I assumed it had worked very fast, building up the nest while my windows were still open. It must have been so sad when I closed the windows, seperating it from its hive.

Yesterday I travelled all the way down from Sembawang to SengKang, just to have a late late lunch. And the reward: Someone made me Oreo cheesecake! So happy! Favorite! =D

Time really flies.. So fast.. Friday coming soon..


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