Friday, June 23, 2006

And so the day arrived..

Was out the whole day, tiring. Went for an interview at StarHub, 99% sure I'll be selected. Though the interviewer made me wait for more than 30mins, she did give me a pleasant time. I shot her with lotsa questions, got even. Haha..

Good pal CK came to town specially for me, was quite touched. So we had dinner, walked around PS a little, and I accompanied him home. After dropping him off at Jurong, I went to meet Xx at Bishan for movie. Long long journey..

Just My Luck. Damn sweet show can? Its pretty funny too, and you can really learn how unlucky a person can be. So be glad ya, though without ample of good luck, at least you dont get bad luck all the time..

The clock struck 12 when I was on the bus home. Just sent Xx home, so was taking a journey back home alone, and it was pouring. Quite funny, no feelings this year. Its like any other day, nothing special, nothing new. Some nice friends remembered and called or smsed, really glad to have them around. Maybe its such days that we'll realise who's really nice and who's not? Haha nvm just kidding..

Whats so special bout birthdays anyway. Everyone else go around celebrating it with their friends or gfs. I don't really care, except for the time when min, inin or others will celebrate for me. But I do like surprises though, love how they can surprise me every single time..

I still feel birthdays is important in another way. Its the day I'm born, thats right. But its also the day mom suffered to bring me to life. So I dedicate today to my mom, for bringing me to this world, and bringing me up all these tiring 23 years. Thanks mommy..

Maybe I'm sad.. Sad at the fact the person I hoping to remember, didn't..


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