Sunday, June 25, 2006

Life is easy, life is hard.
Time is short, time is fast.
Relationships are simple, yet are not.

In life things you cherish doesnt mean it wont leave you, things you love the most doesnt mean you wont lose it. But in life one thing about the beauty of it is to learn to give your best, so when looking back you wont say "I wish i had done better, I've made a mistake."

We learn through relationship, we learn through hurting the ones we love most. We know its wrong yet emotions got the better of us, but admitting whats wrong and loving each other more is whats more important.

Things broken can be mended, but will never be the same pieces again. There are still times when you must learn how to let go and move on. Cause spinning around and around, hanging here and there, though you might not choose to believe in the fact, it still doesnt get you anywhere.

Just believe in what you choose, who you love, be who you wanna be, and love the ones who loves you. There are nights that makes you feel lonely and wanting company, having only the dark sky to gaze endlessly upon. But when the sun rises, warmth brings hope and makes us feel happy and a new day begins again.

Anyway, who says being human is easy in the first place.


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