Saturday, June 24, 2006

Was so happy but tired last night..zonked out before I can even think of blogging =P

Met an old pal for bball in the noon. Wow 6 years of not playing is really taxing lor? Feel so old already, lazy to jump lazy to run. Still won the other kids la, though some are taller than me -.- but our madness sec school training last time is uncomparable LOL..

Sec school friends threw a party for me @ CCK Kbox that night. Had fun singing and laughing together, made lotsa noise and jokes. Initially was quite sad, because there's this person I admire, told me she couldn't make it to the party. But then halfway through she suddenly appeared right in front of my very eyes! Even brought along a cake with her. Was so dumbfounded la, my expression should be quite funny that moment. Thanks to CK too, they both planned it beforehand. Really sweet surprise..Thanks =]

Many friends think she has a temper, very 'fierce'. But to me she was never angry, its just a way she express herself. She may look hard on the outside, but deep inside, I know she's just as delicate as most of us. Someone with lotsa feelings..

My birthday cake! 1 candle only because someone say too old no need so many -.-"

Good things don't usually come alone.

Got home around 2am. Was trying to find my remote control for the lights in my room, then I saw this very HUGE white postage on my desk! The very 1st person that came into my mind, was her. I'm so happy, she surprised me once again..

The BIG BIG postage =D

Can see the words? =P

There's always a postcard in each surprise she gives.

Not many knows my favorite sweet..but she knows =]

Last but not least..

She bought me a wallet..

I am really very happy to see her present. Though I told Alison birthdays aren't bout presents, but seeing all these made my day even better. Even my brother bought me a cordless phone for my room. Bwhahahhaa. Maybe its still bout presents after all LOL =P

My new cordless phone!

I'm really blessed to have so many sweet nice and caring people around me. I had a really meaningful 23rd birthday. Thanks for all the wishes and gifts. Thanks for everything.


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