Sunday, July 16, 2006

Realised i havent been bloggin for almost 10 days. Have been busy. Nothing much, just work, bowlin, ktv, mahjong, movies, dinner, shoppin, camp, friends, buddies, meetings, and stuff..

KaiLi is going Bintan in a few hours' time! Oh my i goner miss her.. Pray her fever will be long gone before she can even board the ferry later.. Takecare!! >.<

My colleagues are a bunch of crazy folks. I'm only a few weeks old @ my workplace but we're already so mixed and fun together. Omgosh so many of them are good singers, makes me feel so tiny @ ktv hahaha. Just had mahjong awhile ago, and unlucky me lost to all 3.. Geez..

Am headin to a funeral tomorrow morning, colleague's dad suddenly passed away. That night we were still smilin and laughin, even wanted to go Dbl-O but i pulled out in the end. Who knows the very next day this would happen..

Life is so fragile can? Few mornins back i was smsin my friend bout this lady who met mishap at the junction near my place. Were on my way to work and the next thing i realised was her lyin on the road. Few of us helped out ursherin the cars away, while the driver was checkin on her until the ambulance came. Its quite sad how SO MANY people can look mercilessly @ us like monkeys in the zoo. Never help never mind, why keep starin? What, are we puttin up a performance or somethin? Cb.. Really made me feel like scoldin vulgar..

Seriously.. 人生短短几十年..
要就珍惜现在.. 想做得就去做..

Hahahaha ok maybe i'm too harsh with that. But it hurts to see friends giving up life so easily. Especially when the hiccups they had are such mediocre stuff compared to so many. They love to complain bout how bad things are. Once or twice is still alright, but endless whining and yet not doing anything bout it, what good can it bring? It really get on my nerves some times..

I may sound depressed at times, always talkin bout sad stuff, but that is me. I love sad songs. I watch sad shows. You can say its a god damn sick fetish. But at least i'm never a person who can't move on. I dont brood over spilled milk. So those who never seem to understand this part of me at all, maybe now you'll catch a glimpse..

It really aches my heart seein dear friends drownin in sorrow. They're like birds who hurted their wings, though healed, yet not wantin to soar the sky anymore. Please, you won't wanna get stuck on the ground for the rest of your life. You won't wanna starve to death. Fly, and there'll be freedom and life on the other skies. And you'll never be alone, we'll all be flyin side by side..

4am soon, i better have my rest.


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