Saturday, July 22, 2006

Was shoppin with a friend and we were havin a great time together. Even had Ktv and was havin so much fun. Just before we were bout to head home, there is this little boy who suddenly hugged my leg. Omgosh i swear to God he's so cute! We played with him for awhile, and oh my he loved us so much.

Soon we realised he's actually lost, his parents nowhere to be seen. Brought him to information counter, but nobody came! We were so panicked then, no idea what to do with him sia. In the end we brought him to make a police report, and decided to take him in until his parents come.

Oh my, my mom was so amused at the sight of him la. Furthermore she didn't see my friend before at all, so it was like me suddenly bringing home a woman and a kid! SO FUNNY i tell you. Had a pretty hard time explainin everything. But he's sooooo cute my mom loved him to bits! Soon after he settled down, i send my friend home..

The next day we were out shoppin again! This time we were buying all the babies stuff! Hahaha its so fun la, buyin all the clothes, diapers, toys, etc etc etc! Bwhahahah so fun la. So unforgetable..

Weeks passed but still no news from the parents, we were actually gettin pretty worried. Months passed, and we were gettin so used to boyboy already. The police did tell us his actual name, but i had forgotten already. His parents seems to have fled from Singapore, unable to locate them at all. And finally, we were given a choice to adopt him, or send him to the orphanage..

We were already too attached to him la. Out of spur i even taught him to call me Daddy, and he really did! He even called my friend Mommy, and ya, by then we were already together.. This little boy seems to be like the string of fate between us.. We dont wish to lose him at all..

So we decided to adopt him! We named him Xander 杨天乐! We did all the necessary legal procedures, and he officially became our adopted son! Oh my how blissful things were? I felt so 幸福 can! There was this darlin wife whom we were so loving everyday seems to be like honeymoon. There was cute little 天乐 brought to us by fate whom we love to bits. There was my lovin mom who understands every single thing. What else can i ask for..

Suddenly i heard 徐婕儿 - 我可以忍受 playin on my handphone la. I was lyin on my bed, blanket on the floor, bolster tightly held in my arms. I woke up smilin. WAH LAO..


(PS: i didn't dream of my father.. but brother was married and stayin elsewhere..)

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