Thursday, August 17, 2006

I hurted someone real bad recently..

P, she's been a very special friend of mine for 6 years. Seein her grow up from a sec school little girl to a mature and pretty undergrad, its a kind of fate that brings us together in the first place. She's kind caring and understanding, the kind of sweet girl who deserves a really nice guy. Not me..

Perhaps i treasure our friendship more than anything else, i broke her heart. We really had a great time together, but i simply couldn't commit. The feelin just isn't right. I have made things clear, and hopefully we'll both stop bein so confused anymore..

There's this girl on my mind..

J, though she aren't the exact reason why i didn't accept my friend, but i have fallen deep for this girl. She didn't really gave me a very good 1st impression, but funny how i find out she's actually the one i seek. We just seem to click emotionally, sharin the same kind of feelin towards things. I can feel it whenever she's down or sad, even if she puts on a smile for disguise..

She's in love with her boy.. Though the guy didn't treat her good, she's still so nice towards him, always givin in.. But i'm very sure there'll be a point when she couldn't take it anymore and burst.. I'm not expectin anything.. But when that day comes.. I wish i have the means to look over her and take care of her.. Dote on her the way she have always yearn for.. Even as a friend..

Seein her happy is enough for me.. I guess..


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