Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Haven't been in the pink of health recently..

Especially after the recent Sentosa trip. Did night shift the day before, went to the beach straight and had a whole day of fun. If you think i'm crazy, i went for night shift straight after dinner again! Woohoo imagine 48 hours straight without sleep, and a whole day of sweatin and tannin. I was like coolin down my red hot skin in the aircon office the whole night, dozin off every now and then..

Flu and fever came soon after. As i'm typin right now, i'm coughin in my office still. Last night was pretty miserable, tossed and turned in my bed, feverish and throat itchin the whole night. Didn't sleep well at all..

Took doc's med before i came to work, who knows i'm allergic to the stupid runny nose tablets, and my face swell like a pighead! My eyes became blood shot (as usual) and my face was like so hideous. Apparently i'm scarin everyone @ StarHub Haw Par, i seriously hope they won't recognise who i am..

Hate to be sick. Especially without someone by my side. Hope i'll get well soon, so the activities will come soon again..

I wanna go 4 ma lu pray pray..
Have been down on happiness and luck..


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