Friday, August 04, 2006

Sorry bout the lack of entries recently..

Have been busy with work and flu. Seems like my body is breakin down soon with the frequent changes of workin shifts. Oh my am i really gettin old? Used to be countless sleepless nights before i can really feel the kick, and nowadays its like half a day and i'm damn dozin off already? Oh gosh..

Bein down with flu brings back lotsa memories. How someone will insanely rush back to my place in the middle of school and show me that worried face. How she will change wet towels for me and stayed with me the whole day. Same when she was down with fever and insisted on comin to my place, ended up changin wet towels for her the whole night through till i dozed off. Those are my wonderful memories for keepin.. =]

Realised there isn't anyone who will be worried anymore.. Needless to say changin wet towels..

Have not been in the best of moods. No particular reason, just feelin down. Yeah, the moody quiet me is back. Back to my old cosy shell once again..


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