Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm so tired!! ARGH..

Sat was my off day, woke up rather early that day, went for a jog. The whole noon i was online browsin through stuff and chattin with KaiLi, until evenin i ran along to Dan's place for mahjong with my colleagues.

We played 10-20cents only, for the kick of it. Dan is the professional leh, he always have his usual game with khakis every weekend. The rest of us are like lambs to the slaughter hahaha. But that night i think my lucky star was shinin brightly in the sky la, i kept winnin and winnin! Made alot of mistakes too, so angry with myself.

This section if for those who know mahjong:
Got 1 game, the moment i open my tiles, wow very red! Only 2 'tong' and 2 'north', the rest are all 'wan zi'! And they're so nicely in order somemore! But i too sucks la, friend threw 'north' early in the game i forgot to 'pong'. Then since i missed out the 3rd 'north' i should throw away my own 'north' and 'tong' tiles, but i didn't! I keep getting '9 wan' but i threw them away! Omgosh i really dunno what i was doing until the game finish without me winnin, and Dan's Gramps was like laughin at me playin that round. Awww felt so paisei and stupid.. *bang wall*

Okay back to the story.

We were supposed to play until 11+ only, Bryan and i workin the next mornin. But then we were like reluctant to stop, so out of spur, we decided to continue! Played 4 rounds straight until almost 7am. Dan and i won! Over 20 bucks each, but we played for the kick of it, so no money was involved la hahaha. After a little wash up Bryan and i took a cab down to work le..

Wow the moment we finished our Mac breakfast, Zzz.. So sleepy! It was only 8am we were like wonderin 'how on earth are we suppose to survive till 5pm!!' The feelin is very high lor, eyes red and watery, starrin at the comp dunno what to surf also. Nearly dozed off a couple of times, immediately knock out durin my 1 hour lunch break lor. Whole day the customers who called in can hear me mumblin la, really really no energy to entertain them at all..

Seriously wished i can head home straight after work la.. But we all agreed to have a game of badminton that evenin! So i went all the way to Jurong and meet up with Dan and company again. I'm the lousiest among us la, even the girls can bully me de. After 3 hours of the game, you can see me dyin already. I didn't really play much la, but ya, tired enough..

After the game Bryan, Qiong and i went Mac for dinner, and we finally head home after that. Was already midnight by the time i reached home la. Had a quick shower, settled my stuff, already 1am+.. As soon i hit my bed, fwah.. Zzz.. K.O Game Over..

Just now woke up with a cramp on my right leg la.. So pain! What a nice way to start my day. Not enough sleep! Am goner head to work soon.. Roar..


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