Saturday, September 16, 2006

Haven't been postin.. As usual..

So what have been happenin nowadays? Went MoMo twice. A few mahjong session. Lotsa supper. But no KTV!! Thats bout it i guess..

Oh ya forgot to mention, went ICA to make my passport recently. Going Genting this coming weekend and most prob Bangkok too next october. Wantin to go Taiwan end of year, but it has been lotsa talk but no plans. Sad..

Work's fine too. In fact i'm bloggin in my office again. Some of my colleagues have left though. "People wont cherish till they lose" - this phrase is so true. Its a kind of fate that we became colleagues in the 1st place. I'll miss them lotsa..

I'm starting to take photos again. No longer the person who shun cameras or video recorders at 1st sight. No longer the person who once burnt all his photos from sec school onwards. I'm changing. Is it good news..or bad?

Some people mentioned i keep referrin back to my old past, and its not good. They say i keep lingerin on to my sad memories and couldn't move on. But is that true? I admit i was affected, but who won't? I'm no longer broodin over the incidents since a very long time ago. In fact i didn't regret over anything. Like what JingWen's msn nick says, people only learn from what they have been through (something similar)..

But i realised i really have no confidence for love. My heart was put to test again recently, but i couldn't make a decision. My heart waivered, but i hesistated. Maybe its not love in the 1st place. Maybe its the way i care. Maybe.. Maybe..

But there have been someone in my mind all along. Someone too blur to realise. I really care for her, i guess. Because when she's sick i'm worried. Because when she's sad i'm sad. Because when she's happy i'm smiling. Because when she's not around i'll frown. So am i really in love?

Even if i really am..

It'll be just 1 sided..



Mint said...

Hey Alan,

This is probably the first time I'm commenting in your blog... haha! I hope you know who this is... @_@" Miyu here. =D

Hmm... I'll tell you honestly. Since you keep asking questions about yourself if you linger in ur past alot. (If you don't want to read, you can simply ignore what I've written de~~) So I'll apologize first if I did offend you in any certain way about what I am saying.

To tell you the truth, yes... You do linger alot from the past.

Looking back on reflecting is good, but lingering in the past and not moving on will bring too much many bad memories and you, yourself will be unhappy again.

The thing you said in your blog about "people only learn from what they have been through..."

Then a good solution would be... since you've gone through all these experiences, is to look back and re-evaluate yourself. Don't linger in the past but to grow and learn from the past.

In the end, you might find out a really surprising outcome when you start evaluating yourself again. =)

So... you take care and stay happy ya! I'll apologize if I did offend you in a certain way.


Anonymous said...

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Zuko said...

can't believe you commented way back on a 2006 entry. sorry my older posts were somewhat, immature. have a nice stay (: