Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just bought a CYMA watch worth SGD800 bucks days back. 20% discount so its SGD640. Call me crazy if you want but i love it. Bought lotsa clothes too. My next target: shoes and bags.


This question has been lingering on my mind for a very long time. Its kinda like asking if the world have chicken or egg first. Every dear friend i asked gave me no definite answers. Follow your heart, wait for her, try it out, believe in fate, bla bla bla bla bla. Someone even have the cheek to tell me to wait for her, while try it out with someone else..

Bro, wtf? lol -.-"

Remember some previous posts ago i mentioned bout rejecting my dear friend P and hurted her alot? Well things have been back to normal nowadays and we're still good friends. But she's still having her problems and there's nothing much i can do for her other than giving her all the support she needs..

I have a close friend, Ir, whose ex-bf was my ex-buddy. She caught him having other girls outside, and one day finally she couldn't take things anymore, she broke up with him. And because he's such a bastard, i can't believe we used to be good buddies. End up losing contact with him for years. So now Ir and i became good friends instead. The problem now, i think she's in love with me..

She's a very sweet person, always able to make her own decisions, a very dependable person. She's very serious with work, very capable. In fact she's someone i really admire and respect. She's like honey too, always ALWAYS attracting lotsa bees. In fact any guy who come across her in their life will usually fall in love with her should they be in contact often. Do not ask me why, that is the way how things are going..

One day she simply asked if i like her or not. She hinted she wanted to try it out with me. I was really very shocked. She loves chatting with me on the phone, thats what she claimed. Saying i'm a nice guy, but i know i really am not. She's the one who came to my place and brought me to the doc when i was sick weeks ago. I was really touched by her care that time. Nowadays i'm starting to get jealous of her bees. This have never ever happened before..

The girl on my mind, J, we haven been on good terms nowadays. I did something stupid, and kinda regretted. Its almost impossible for us to be together, yes i know. But somehow i just love her, wanna see her happy, and just feel like waiting for the impossible. I know i'm wasting time, yet..

So now. That question. I need an answer..

Or maybe i should just wait for someone i will like to show up again..


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