Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've given some serious thoughts while workin hard not to fall asleep in office..

The TOP 10 individuals i wanna sing Ktv with right now:

1. 吴小姐! Its so difficult to get you out! =/
2. MissTan! Always wanted to hear her sing!
3. JingWen, but i doubt she can..
4. Nelson, my cousin whom i haven seen for months since he's botak..
5. Alicia, my dear friend, haven seen for months too..
6. Keng, kinda miss the crazy 80+ song list LOL.
7. Janice, wow how long was it since our last K with Nelson?
8. Gelynn, wow even longer since we last sung?
9. Michael, he says he sings like 曹格 -.-"
10. Silvia and co, i promised a treat after her papers. =]

Its really very obvious.. That i really have nothin better to do.. Lol..


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