Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Last night was J's birthday..

And we had a crazy time! That included all the cake throwin, eggs smashin, flour pourin, bwahhahahahha! But ya, not forgettin the police chasin, I.C copyin, area cleanin, Zzz..

But what matter most is the birthday girl really enjoyed herself! =D

We actually ambushed @ her workplace in the beginning. Everyone acted to be 'busy' or 'had plans' when she ask some of us out for supper (she didn't jio me though..). So disappointedly someone thought she was going to be alone for the night. But hey when the lift door opened, there was this very nice birthday cake right in front of her! And everyone was singing Happy Birthday haha. The smile of her face at that moment, really unforgetable..

After the surprise we made our way to 1 of the HDB blocks near to her place and started our showdown hehe..

Anyway by the time i reached home it was already 5am. So after i took a bath and bummed around for awhile, off i went for work. Correct, right now 'm typin in the office yawnin away..

What i really need now is a nice warm cup of fragrant aromatic COFFEE..


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