Saturday, December 30, 2006

Have been sick for days..

Were so sick after xmas eve i spent the last few days in bed. Saw the doc, told me i'm havin flu and throat infection, threw me antibiotics and lotsa pills to swallow. Been chewin on those, only to make myself so weak and drowsy. So, conclusion, after 2 days OFF and 2 days MC, i'm still sick! =/

Biao mei have been so nice to me. Knowin i'm sick and home alone, she came over the other day and we cooked dinner together. We've been playin monopoly too! Haha our results now is 1 Win 1 Lose! I'm so reminded of our younger days when me and cousins were always together. I so adore my biao mei lor. I wish she'll be happy and fine for life..

Very sweet of those who were concerned bout me the last few days. Really appreciate all the care from you all. What can i do without you friends? Thanks! ^^

Liv's dad passed away.. I pray she'll be strong and fine..


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Anonymous said...

Take good care... -FioNiE-