Sunday, December 24, 2006

24th Dec.
Xmas Eve.

I'm sick.
I'm tired.
I'm still in my office.

Workin till 11 tonight.
Not going any parties.
Not celebratin with friends.

I'll be alone tonight.

"How did i spent xmas years back?" i wondered.

2005 was a festival of break ups. 7 friends of mine ditched or got ditched by their jerks durin that period. So apparently i was way very busy that time, recalled havin dinner somewhere and didn't really countdown that night. I bet few of you still remember, especially if you are 1 of them =P

2004 wasn't better. Broke up with inin at Oct. Went to a friend's chalet, drank too much, and got wasted. But i remembered Cherie came down to meet me at downtown east, very sweet of her. I wonder if she reads my blog.

2003, if i'm not wrong, i went clubbin with my OETI peeps. Xx joined me and my army friends as her jerk was away in taiwan that time. Drank alot, danced alot, the usual clubbin scenes you'll see. Thats bout it.

Can't really remember the rest..

Been thinkin too much recently. Haven't been restin much. Couldn't catch a wink. Dark rings startin to appear. Pimples too. Gettin fairer and fairer. Think i goner look like drug addicts soon.

I tend to picture things too perfectly each time. Hopin for this, hopin for that. Its really very tiring. But isn't it really nice and sweet, if someone come to my workplace right now, asked me down to the lobby, surprise me with my xmas gift, plus a hug and kiss?

Well, i'm not really referrin to anybody.
Maybe it just struck my mind.

Messy Xmas everybody`

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