Monday, July 21, 2008

Lack of sleep accelerates anger?

Reprimanded my mom moments ago, for doin somethin really stupid @ work. Always doin alot of silly things, but she's my mom after all. Had apologised, yet feelin so sore still..

Was on the phone till 5am.

Haven't had such a heart to heart chat for ages. When was the last time i released all my problems and emo to someone? Day by day, troubles accumulated in my soul. Really feels so comfy now, to have someone to pour my heart to..

2 person, can be so similar, yet so different.

For me & JL, we both have useless fathers. They are alive, but as good as gone. Our moms suffered enough just to bring us up, and we really heart them with our lives. Both cancerians, we are emo for our own good. We understand things easily, care for our friends, and are commited in love. We can be so lonely @ times, just because nobody really know how we feel. We just wanted to be happy..

While life has been pretty comfy in monetary sense for her mom owns part of a major travel enterprise in singapore, mine is simply torturin. The difference in our pocket money shows. Pri school: hers 10bucks, mine 50cents. Sec school: hers 50 bucks, mine 2 bucks. I have to save by skippin meals just to hang out with my friends or buy somethin nice, while she always pay for her friends. I have to share clothes with my 7 years older brother and new clothes bought only once a new year, while she has the means of buyin but just doesn't feel like over dressin. I was robbed of the chance to be vain, while she doesn't want to be. Haha..

Life can so twisted.
Why are evil people livin off this world everywhere?
Why are people born to suffer in the 1st place?

Her : If there's a god, he must be so cruel.
Me : If there's a god, he must be tryin to be funny.

Her very best friend got raped & pregnant, yet that bastard ex bf didn't even bother forkin the cash for abortion. The dad was useless too, and she has to work her ass off for cheap labour to feed the family, just because she has mental conditions which prevent her from takin common stress. Worse still, her mom is terminally ill, and will be leavin anytime soon..

My ex gf suffered the same too, forced to marry that jerk in the end. Things weren't as bad, but enough to ruin years of my life..

But i guess there's somethin to be happy bout in the end. For i have met her, a potential soul mate. I have this feelin we are gonna be the best of friends..

Su asked,
If love is important in my life.
I said,
It is more important than life..

Should the day i held riches,
With enterprises under my name,
Yet if i had no true love,
I'll feel like i have never lived before..

Money, its important in life.
Yet without cash, it doesn't mean love can't begin.
Even porridge will taste luxurious, if both dine with happiness.

But perhaps, my ex gf,
She worshipped cash more than her heart..
May she find the happiness she seek.
Without ruinin other people's family, that is..

Am already over her.
Just worried bout Pierce.
Her son, he needs more care.
And i pray, she will be a better mother.

Whoeva the next may be,
She'll be the one i heart most..
Like the song playin,
I will be right here waitin..


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Mint said...

Hmm... what's with all this chitty chatty stuff ar??

Altho I feel sorry for your friend's best friend and your ex about what happened to their situations... as these sort of things can affect a girl emotionally and physically, and what's more, is trust towards someone of the opposite gender.

But everyone's different in life. I've seen some sulk about how their live sux compared to some who live in the life of luxury. Yet the ones who live in the life of luxury complains about how much they wanted to get a flashy car, or... some famous brand bags.

I know not everyone sees the same as me, but I know... that as long as you live happy, have enough $$$ to live a life to make yourself happy, anything is better than living a sad life full of sulking, whining and complaints.

Now, I don't mean to NOT complain in life, you do complain lol, hope you're not mistaken by my point lol! =P